'Chamisa is also an illegitimate leader'

HARARE - MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is not qualified to accuse President Emmerson Mnangagwa of being an illegitimate president because he (Chamisa) is also illegitimate, Thokozani Khupe, leader of the breakaway MDC has said.

Through her spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni, Khupe said Chamisa is guilty of what he is accusing Mnangagwa of.

“When he cries of putting the country back to legitimacy and the respect to the Constitution, he is talking nonsense because he could not respect his own internal constitution of the party.

“He is not a legitimate leader, so he can’t go and challenge the legitimacy of Mnangagwa yet he himself is fully aware that he is a constitutional delinquent,” he said.

Khupe said Chamisa’s conduct indicates desperation and hunger for power.

“The young man seems to live in his own parallel world. He doesn’t appreciate that he needs to hold himself to a higher or at least the same standard as he expects of others.

“Juxtapose his claim to the presidency of the MDC claim to the constitutional imperatives of the MDC and you’ll begin to realise a delusional young man obsessed with power and fame,” she said.

She said Chamisa’s claim that he won the election is delusional as he did not have evidence to prove it.

“After his election challenge at the Con-Court now the whole world knows that there’s no basis to the claim that he won with 2,6 million votes but for Chamisa honesty, decency and classy are foreign concepts so he has mastered the art of demagoguery and he’s milking the nativity of his unsuspecting followers to the fullest,” she said.

Chamisa has been challenging Mnangagwa’s legitimacy citing that he rigged the July 30 election result.

Chamisa and Khupe have been embroiled in a leadership dispute that has seen their factions engage in bloody battles and party breakaways since the death of the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

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Khupe and spokesperson, be reminded that the MDC Constitution allows its National Council to make decisions in between Congresses. In this regard the NC made a decision not to wait for Congress in order to have presidential elections(also there was very little time left before the July 30 date). National Council consisting of all provincial chairpersons sat and elected Chamisa... so your claim of illegitimacy is hogwash meantto please your sponsor zanupf.

Sinyo - 1 October 2018

Sinyo, you are a liar,the same mdc constitution has a provision how the issue of the presidency has to be handled after the demise of a leader,of which the same is not vested in the powers of the national council

addmore gudo - 1 October 2018

Now that other presidents of the alliance have decided to keep the alliance as their party where was Chamisa elected to be the president of that new alliance or the rest are still keeping their positions in the loose alliance, otherwise this and other events make Khupe statement beg for answers.

Senior - 1 October 2018

ndozvinonetsa kana Zimbabwe yose wakavhoterwa nevanhu 45 000

tendai - 1 October 2018

Nelson Chamisa is not a legitimate MDC leader that is a fact that cannot be washed away. He is popular but the way he assumed the presidency was undemocratic, unconstitutional hence illegal. He lacked pollitical will to call an extra ordinary congress to allow others to challange him. That was unwise

Tafadzwa - 1 October 2018

That Chamisa WeMajecha defecated and urinated on the constitution of MDC is not in dispute or doubt. On the other hand, ED was elected at congress (ZANU PF) and went on to assume national leadership on the basis 50.6 % outcome after the July 30 national polls, which is well over the mandatory constitutional threshhold of 50%+1 vote.

Vumani - 1 October 2018

That Chamisa WeMajecha defecated and urinated on the constitution of MDC is not in dispute or doubt. On the other hand, ED was elected at congress (ZANU PF) and went on to assume national leadership on the basis of a 50.6 % outcome after the July 30 national polls, which is well over the mandatory constitutional threshhold of 50%+1 vote.

Vumani - 1 October 2018

Nero was voted by the masses of Zimbabwe, what about Khupe how many votes did she garner, that shows who is legitimate and illegimate, let the people show by ay of following not assumptions.

Kufandada - 1 October 2018

People like Gudo can bark all they want but the fact of the matter is that the MDC leadership cascading down to the grassroots all approved of Chamisa's Presidency.If Khupe still insists that she is still the MDC leader,let her challenge Chamisa at the congress and see if she will get a single nomination.She is now happy to be used by a zanu pf president who took over power through the barrel of a gun.It is as clear as daylight that after being in power for only a few months,Mnangagwa or any coup leader for that matter would not just give away his ill gotten title in such a short time hence the need to rig the elections by any means possible.Khupe has now displayed her true colours for all to see.She is siding with a leader who was at the fore front of murdering her kith and kin in Matebeleland because of a few pieces of silver.Shame on you Thoko!You are nothing but a cheap biological being ready to be used for anything no matter how horrible as long as you get something from it.No principles at all.

Luke Munya Bikaldo - 1 October 2018

Ana Khupe. Idyai mari ye ZANU-PF SHIT PARTY makanyarara. You are so daft that you did not see Chamisa taking the reigns of the party after the demise of Dr Tsvangirai? Why was Mudzuri and Chamisa appointed iwe uripo. Show of no confidence in you. Kana kuzviona tigere hedu VP Khupe. Who would want to be led by such a person like you who cares nothing for the majority of long suffering Zimbos except yourself. Amai do an introspection. Nyika even if you were given the leadership maiikwanisa here nekupusa ikoku. You have been in bed with ZANU-PF for a long time. Enjoy the marriage while it lasts

V - 1 October 2018

Chamisa is illegal, he should be jailed together with his corrupt council. They re all consters.

Thula - 1 October 2018

Chamisa aka Nero or whatever is an illegitimate leader and that tag will hang on him like an albatross. If his MDC had resolved that legitimacy issue at Congress, Zanu would have been history by now. Chamisa is driven by thirst for power and glory, see how hard he fought the election outcome, even without adequate finances and evidence to rely on. I know this guy from Poly, he is too consumed by his ego and personal glory. If he can't reason thru, he employs nefarious and thuggish means. PEOPLE of Zimbabwe vanowona!! And alas, this Chamisa will be clutching at straws for a long long time to hang on to his illegitimacy !!

Will Blackman - 1 October 2018

Democratic leaders step-down after losing both the parliamentary and presidential election. Love or hate him the young man is not a democrat. He will leave MDC is a worse crisis from broke to zero financially!

Mufaro Sibanda - 2 October 2018

Advocate Chamisa is the legitimate leader of MDC alliance andDr Khupe you are the legitimate leader of MDC-T. Both you are legitimate leaders of two different political organisations. MDC Alliance might have to register their party as political party only.

Retius Chifurira - 2 October 2018

Chamisa is the legitimate MDC T leader - the national council endorsed him after Morgan ' s passing on. Then the MDC Alliance also chose Chamisa to lead them at the just ended election so that makes 2-endorsement for the young lad. Then millions voted for Chamisa that makes a third endorsement in a short space of time there is no better way to legitimacy. Now those who are for Khupe must remember that 2-years before Tsvangirayi died Khupe had already seized to partake in any MDC T meetings or business she isolated herself and only resurfaced after Morgan's death hoping to lend the big one. That self-isolation that she did was her biggest undoing and she must blame herself not the MDC processes or the being of Chamisa

Sinyo - 2 October 2018

Nelson Chamisa is a legitimate leader of MDC and Khupe is a leader of MDC T, how does Khupe opine on Chamisa legitimacy in a Party she is not a member of? Members of MDC know who their leader is and if she has no clue, then she should ask

Samaita - 2 October 2018

But what all people know,irrespective of what they choose to say & even Chamisa's own supporters is that Chamisa was installed improperly at the presidency of the MDC-T Chamisa faction;the proper route was to go via a proper extra ordinary congress after Tsvangirai left where open contest could made,as per the former party's constitutional provision;National council had no such powers.The acting person could have been easily Khupe as her other two counterparts were unconstitutionally imposed by Tsvangirai

addmore gudo - 2 October 2018

Khupe can go hand with her Zanu PF. She nothing but a used condom,bullshit. Leave Nelson alone and keep recounting the paltry 40000 votes you got at the last plebiscite.Idiot.....

Muzukuru WaMachekera - 2 October 2018

khupe kutanga kumiramira Tsvangirai ashaika kunomutora body yake kuSA kuti anzi ndiye mutevedzeri wake when Tsvangirai appointed Chamisa na Mudzuri handi anga awona kuti Khupe arikuramba alliance here because she had grudge na Welshman na Biti kuti vakambobvirei mumdct saka vakadzoka vanosvikotora mapost that's why she manage to lure Gutu and Abednigo so even National council yaizomuti ndiye mutungamiri sei our aisada unit with the former members vakanga vawirirana kuti tirwise muvengi tiripamwe and zanu ndozvainoziva zvekupatsanura vasina muono sana khupe ivava and they thought achaenda nechaunga kwaabva kosara kusina vanhu but akaratidzwa pamaelections kuti bhowa haisi nyama mapoling stations mazhinji kuwana zero hake naMujuru wake shame the other thing she is not even a member of the mdc alliance she is Mdct if she continue say Chamisa is illegitimate leader which means she is a member of alliance so she is seeking a Congress ngaabude pachena kana achida zvekudzoka but as long she is still Mdct leader she must mind her own business ve alliance ndovatinoda kunzwa vachiti chamisa ibva kwete vamwe vane mapato avo vanorwei

Innocent - 2 October 2018

is she the same woman who got less tha 20 ppl at her rally in Hre .she is really a silly woman

fati - 3 October 2018

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