Mnangagwa, Chamisa plan collapses

HARARE - Prospects for dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa now hang by the thread in spite of attempts by western power brokers to get them to smoke a peace pipe, the Daily News can report.

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hanya nani chidhoma chokwa chivi

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 26 September 2018

Nelson Nero must not talk anything with ED they is no reason to do that .let ED talk to Malaba who gave him stolen power

Diibulaanyika - 26 September 2018

There is really no need for any of the two to talk to anyone because there is no legitimacy crisis and there is both a locally and internationally recognised government in place.

Mhofu Chaiyo - 26 September 2018

Peace talks!? Who is at war, and with whom? Some reporting is just too sensational!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 26 September 2018

Lwt Mr Mnangagwa speak to Malaba and his bench to understand what the word Fulcrum and Pithe means since they declared him the winner in open thieving of the century Dont accept this Chamisa if you do you have betrayed the 1999 revolution declared at the unaguration of MDC

NADA PACHIPUTUKEZI - 26 September 2018

Dambudziko redu maZimba nderekutaura kwatisina kuswera. I hope Fungi Kwaramba you have much more to report on how your "peace pipe talks" have been scuttled. In every election anywhere on earth there will always be a disgruntled losing side. Chamisa has to prepare for 2023 elections (if he will still be relevant by then). President Mnangagwa and his government have no identity crisis.

Daniel 5 - 26 September 2018

How many times does The Daily News reporter want to be reminded that his job is to report objectively and only after verifying facts? This is unnecessarily retrogressive!

Mbongozidana - 26 September 2018

Chamisa et al have adopted the Trump strategy of repeating lies (that he won by 60% counting phantom papers that he promised to reveal but failed to do so in court) so that eventually Chamisa himself gains fake legitimacy whilst deceiving the gullible who now blame ED for their own failures. Manje ED hapana zvamunomuita. Hazvina kunzi Mwari vanoita zvamunoda but ndivo vanoisa maLeaders. Read the bible. Saka hukurai zvenyu kusvika maneta. How can you people have others killed on the streets because you want the gravy train of a GNU so badly. This time there is nothing like that, the cabinet is in place saka whether you like it or not ED votonga. Your protested and carefull crafted propaganda will not get you into governament.

Rani - 26 September 2018

Chamisa and his cronies can go hang. Zimbabwe is for the Zimbabweans and we have voted ED into office. We dont need that dude to lead this country because we are capable

Michael - 26 September 2018

Which talks are you taking about the president is in USA and negotiations if any are to start when he comes back stop selling your paper using lies as headlines be objective and speak facts not propaganda you are now like Herald and ZBC

DAVID - 26 September 2018

The alleged 'talks' were ED's personal project zanupf as a party never sat down to authorise such dialogue. ED was trying to lure American possible investors, a futile attempt indeed coz those investors are very much aware of the 'elephant' in the house that is ZIDERA. Also the Americans are also alive to the fact that ED will change his hymn immediately he departs NY. Finally ED's government is already so bloated our little economy cannot sustain it and the players he is choosing will not grow that economy either. A formal Opposition Institution will gobble more thousands burdening the fiscus.

Sinyo - 26 September 2018

My feeling is Chamisa must not agree to work with Mnangagwa.. They won the elections and on that basis they must rule. ED knows very wel that he is not legitimate and wants to crate that ligtimacy by inviting Chamisa. Tsvangirai did this. he won the elections and the looser Mugabe invited Tsvangirai to become the Prime minister which was a window dressing post. If ED won he should be able to rule with no problems. At the moment the oppositon needs to work on a series of things to make sre the peoples vote counts because this is likely to be the same in the next elections.ZanuPf is cheating by using structures that have been deployed with zealots so that it can maintain power.ED must rule. He won. Chamisa must stand away

zvghubhu ngondo ngondo - 26 September 2018

Those who want Chamisa to rule, please i have no good news for you. You shall have stress and die early. There is no way revolutionary people of Zimbabwe can allow a puppet of USA to rule Zimbabwe, especially an uncouth yound lad like Chamisa. There is no ay you MDC can win rural vote, with all this seed distribution programmes in place. A law laying 55 yars as the minimum age of a president will also be in place in time for 2023 elections. Chamisa will be 45. kikikikiki

Danayi Pazvagozha - 26 September 2018

A proper resting place for the MDC-A is in the offing, come 2023.

Wasting Time - 28 September 2018

rani ED wamudisa asi uri kudya uchiguta ,kufarira nanga neinobata amai.wanyanyodyei nei,wafarisa mhani

yatsva kombonii - 29 September 2018

Those who are very happy that ED is rulling need to know that they will never get a cent from him. Your parents and relatives are suffering out there while you are saying ED pfee. I personally feel there is no reason why Chamisa should oin EDs government for various reasons.1. ED won the elections and therefore let him rule. 2. Chamisa oining Eds government is risky because we have the experience from Tsvangirai and 2008 and Zanu Pf want to repeat it.. 3. Zanu can rig elections but the economy will give them the correct lesson bcause they wl not rig it.4. ED knows he is illegitimate thats why he is advocating for taks in other words he needs Chamisa for his system to work.. In return Chamisa must make certain demands 1. Desolve Zec and fire Chgumba 2. Reallign all the laws to the constitution. 3 The media laws should change and show plurality.5.. The people in the diaspora should be allowed to vote and ED should not want remittances from them when they are not voting.6. POSA,,AIPPA should go. Chamisa should not rush to go in.He should give him time and nguruve iinozvibika nemafuta ayo

Zvighubhu ngond ngondo - 1 October 2018

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