Ex-Finance minister sued over land levy

HARARE - Mazowe Rural District Council has dragged ex-Finance minister Christopher Kuruneri to court for failing to pay over $20 000 for land development levy.

According to court papers, the Mazowe Rural District Council is the applicant, while Kuruneri and Gomorenzou Estate are the first and second respondents respectively.

“The first defendant (Kuruneri) is an occupier of Gomorenzou, a certain piece of land situated in the district of Mazowe and in terms of the statute is mandated to pay land development levies to the plaintiff (Mazowe Rural District Council).

“The second defendant (Gomorenzou Estate) is an occupier of Ascotvale of Bedford Est 3 of Belford, a certain piece of land situated in the district of Mazowe and is mandated to pay land development levy to the plaintiff for that respective land which they occupy.

“The Land development levy is charged in accordance with the Rural District Councils Act (Chapter 29:13),” the court heard.

According to court papers, it was further stated that as at January 31, 2018, the defendants’ arrears stood at $20 677, 44.

“The plaintiff attempted to serve the defendants with a letter of demand but the defendants refused to accept service of the letter of demand.

“The plaintiff has been forced to approach this honourable court for recourse and has been put out of its pocket in pursuing the defendants for a debt of levies put in place by statute.

“Despite lawful demand, defendants have failed, neglected and or refused to effect payment in the sum of $20 677, 44,” the court heard.

The council is now demanding the amount owed together with interest at the prescribed rate of five percent from January 31, 2018 until the date of the payment of the amount in full.

Kuruneri and Gomorenzou Estate have not yet responded to the application.