Nelson Chamisa faces arrest

HARARE - Government will not hesitate to arrest MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa if he proceeds to swear himself in as president.

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God loves you

Nhe Nkela Wene - 11 September 2018

This boy is way possessed of wanting to be president at all cost. He is sick in the head and we sick and tired of his stupid tricks. He spoke of organizing street protests and the public said no now he wants to take oath on the street. Kanopenga aka on this we will recommend him to be arrested

Pfeee Mazinyo.Com - 11 September 2018

Chamisa must now put his pride behind him and act maturely.The actions he is proposing will further delay unity and progress.Grow up

BJ - 11 September 2018

What kind of faith chamisa yekuti unofunga kuti unogona kudzura imba nemawoko ako kuti upfuure irimunzira yaurikuda ? , Chikiristu ichi ? , chimbotora horodhi wehama..famba.

Majuru anoruma ukapinza musoro - 11 September 2018

Tell your fake GVT that we are going ahead with our programme to install Nelson Chamisa as people's President

fox - 11 September 2018

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) and many groupings of like minded organizations and people elect Presidents to lead them and no one has a problem with that. It is all part of structuring the human society and environment, it is evolution in its broadest sense.

ADF - 11 September 2018

Pse munini'ina Chamisa, swallow your pride for the sack of povo. Kupinda kwako iwe chete chete handiko kwoga kunounza chikafu pamatfura evanhu. Kana chikafu patafura chichigona kuunzwa na who ever can, then let it be. You are putting more value on your self than the nation. Pse don't disturb so that we can fully concentrate on bread and butter issues. The political game is over for now.

Mhanduwe - 11 September 2018

gvt yacho inenge yashaya zvokuita nekunetsana nebenzi

itai - 11 September 2018

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kari kuda kutsvaga relevance nemileage kana kasungwa mapenzi anokasapota oita noise kuti zvinzi nepasi rose muZimbabwe hamuna peace. Kupusa kwevanomutevera kwakafanana nekufa because they think kuti zvino panichisa ZANU PF forgetting kuti hakuna shop yakanyorwa kuti mdca or ZANU PF. Once things go bad we all suffer the same way like what happened 2008. So you then wonder as to what kind of people who supports such an idiot who dont even care about your life. People like adf and fox are on paid tickets to cause havoc and they will not even suffer the concequencies as they are well funded together with chanyiswa. Chanyiswa is planning to stage a show off demonstration through doing unlawful things so that he get arrested and his so dull supporters will get into the streets purporting that chanyiswa must be released. He knew he couldnt organize people to get into the streets as per his initial plan, thats why he want now to do illegal things so that he gets arrested and his organizers of violence will then lead hiding with his arrest. These fools are not even clever they act so stupidly thinking they are intelligent when they are the worst fools on earth.

shunguhadziurayi - 11 September 2018

Chamisa won the elections. Evey one knows it. ED is president of zimbabwe but Chamisa of president of the people of zimbabwe.

CEE - 11 September 2018

Now it is clear to all that the boy is just a power-hungry political dunderhead. Check the way he tried to bulldoze himself to the MDC-T presidency. Does he really think he can try that with the presidency of the country? He lost the battle for MDC-T presidency, lost the parliamentary elections, lost the presidential elections, lost the concourt challenge, and now he is clearly losing his mind... He is deranged and power-hungry and this makes him a danger to society.

Greyhora - 11 September 2018

chamisa is a prosident for zim he has won this election mr Crocodile if he was wise he could have include him in his cabinet zanupf are the power hungry who abuse people to win election

david - 11 September 2018

Everyone has a freedom of expression and that includes those who support the most stupid power hungry fool. Chamisa is making noise to better himself and not the people at heart. The truth be told Chamisa is danger to Zimbabwe because it's all for himself and gives damn shit to Zimbabwe. If he dares he will be arrested. He lost to Dr Khupe and ED so he must shut up

Pfeee Mazinyo.Com - 11 September 2018

musiyei aite zvaanoda zimbabwe haisi yenyu mega

chemutengure v - 11 September 2018

Chamisa must look for a job or go to the USA for further education. I am sure Trump will give him a scholarship.

Ndiani Ndiani - 11 September 2018

Chamisa is right , he won the election and everyone including Luke, Emmerson and Priscilla know that fact. That's why Luke admitted in court and said but elections are not won by numbers but by facts, which is stupid, so why count votes then.

Mike - 11 September 2018

Chamisa is right , he won the election and everyone including Luke, Emmerson and Priscilla know that fact. That's why Luke admitted in court and said but elections are not won by numbers but by facts, which is stupid, so why count votes then. Saka Chamisa anofanirwa kufara iye akabirwa here, even the majority of Zimbabweans are not happy because they chose him to be president but criminals refused and now saying forget it and lets move on. ED for rural presidency only and Chamisa Urban and rural futi.

Mike - 11 September 2018

Chamisa must be given a long rope to hang himself. chete chete. He is losing relevance by each passing day, and wait you will see. Very soon he will be forgotten in similar way to Robert Mugabe.

gore - 11 September 2018

While I like the youngman, it's time to count your loses and move on. You are still very relevant, we need you to police the present new Gvt but you can only do it by being progressive. Don't push yourself towards irrelevancy, the world is watching. Age is on your side, this is the time to now build up from where Save left, if you play your cards right, who knows in the next 5yrs,... Mess them up now and you may never recover. That is where Save knew when to let go and fight on in the right way, for the people. Unfortunately the world has never been fair but you still have to live in it. You going to have to be, grounded, clever, mature and shrewed man. Look at ED , he was hounded and hounded and hounded by Grace, Bob, and the G40, but due to his maturity and shrewedness he still managed to come out tops, love him or hate him. You need to think man, don't be greedy and think with your emotions, you only shoot yourself in the foot.

Den - 11 September 2018

Well said Den can't add more. This Chamisa boy cannot push for war nekuti Hondo hatiide it takes lives, cripple economy and infrastructure. Chamisa politics is like a football game and the referees decision stands. You have to at all costs ugly and clever and lucky. So you try next time nekuti this time ED outplayed you in all quarters so boy life goes on. Ukaita husviru wosungwa and your political career can end here easily as 1,2and3. Wozoti hatina kukuudza takabvako mfana. Life is never fare

Pfeee Mazinyo.Com - 11 September 2018

My brother Chamisa don't push things just wait for God's time because our God told us that kurwa ndekwangu so just admit kurohwa uku we will meet you 2023 kana Mwari Vakatichengeta.

Macwevally Thompson - 11 September 2018

When you say Chamisa won and everyone knows it , who is this everyone ? What we know is ED beat Chamisa all systems out and the whole world also knows the same fact . Pengai zvakanaka muzive kwekupengera . Ku Engutsheni hospital ndikokwekupengera .

Hayibo - 11 September 2018

Chamisa is suffering from a Pathological llying disease called Pseudologia fantastica and mythomania, a behaviour of habitual or compulsive lying. The independent media and social media has been making him to believe in his own lies that he was going to win, and that he eventually won. The poor man is now deep down and trapped this abys being choked by his own lies. He needs serious medication. Those around him, purporting to like him and the media are doing more harm to him instead of letting him wake up and smell the coffee. He is now insane, just like the last days of Hitler when he continued ordering ghost armies. This is what is happening to the foolish young man who iis a megalomaniac, power hungry. He thinks he is the best. He even said if ED won just 5% he was going to give him his sister. So what happen to the bet. His own lies pathological lies resulted in him loosing the concourt case . He believed he had evidence but alas it was a dismal performance by his lawyers. Where is the Godliness in him if he is indeed a Pastor. Does this portray the 'Godisit' mantle he was constantly brandishing. Shame on him! Shame on his advisors There is a Shona adage which says never tolerate and appraise an insane man, since he will dance himself striping naked and put shame to those ululating and encouraging him. As for the so called independent press, yes we know that such stories raise your sales but be ethical and reconsider the divisive element implanted and the retrogressive behaviour you are taking for the nation. Take the young man for medical treatment!

SOCRATES - 11 September 2018

Even ED himself know that he did not worn the election. ZEC had elected him not the people of Zimbabwe and for your own information anything that is not legitimate will never deliver. Just watch the space.

Amalinze - 12 September 2018

chamisa boy uri mu denial mfana dai wadzikama usati wazvifumura....chengera biti uyo arikuuya kutokutorera chigaro cheku MDC T icho wakabira Khupe naMudzuri

ndini - 12 September 2018

He needs psychiatric examination.

Munemo - 12 September 2018

What Chamisa needs now are two things: (1) To realise that those who pull strings of power from behind have settled on ED regardless of the various irregularities that were exposed during season, (2) Chamisa needs to start focusing on 2023. To begin with, he has to deal with organizing his party by sorting out theParty name issue, the fall out with Khupe, and the mother of all issues: - reform of electoral laws.

Norest Chandokupisa - 12 September 2018

Socrates, Socrates, Socrates! Do not cry more than the bereaved themselves. Do not treat Chamisa as if he a demon from outer space. Do not behave like those who were demonizing ED when he had skipped the border only to start pretending to be like his best buddies once he had taken over power. Let Chamisa exercise his right as an opposition leader and as a Zimbabwean. Do not treat him like a pest or an animal. He has more than 2 million followers who cast their votes. This is not a joke. Better advise him to cool down and look for soft and non-confrontational options instead of labeling him a terrorist.

Norest Chandokupisa - 12 September 2018

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