Bold Chamisa faces arrest

HARARE - Government will not hesitate to arrest MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa if he proceeds to swear himself in as president.

This follows a declaration by Chamisa over the weekend that he would convene an assembly on Saturday that would swear him in as president and proceed to announce an alternative cabinet.

However, Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs minister Ziyambi Ziyambi told the Daily News yesterday that the law enforcement agents would not hesitate to arrest Chamisa if he takes the presidential oath.

“The Chief Justice is the one who is mandated to do that (swearing in). It’s a serious breach of the law. He will be arrested for that,” said Ziyambi.

“It is unfortunate that he can’t accept reality and move on as an opposition leader. We need to be united as a country…He thinks he can break our laws and get away with it. We are a serious government, we can’t allow people to breach the law and cause the suffering of innocent Zimbabweans. We are going to arrest him if he does that. Those who are mandated to maintain peace and law are ready to arrest him.”

Chamisa would be following in the footsteps of Kenya opposition party leader Raila Odinga who was sworn as the president despite losing elections to Uhuru Kenyatta.

Political analyst Gladys Hlatshwayo said the move by the MDC Alliance was a clear indication that the country’s largest opposition party does not recognise the current government.

“The impact is that Zimbabwe’s crisis of illegitimacy will continue,” she said.

“At the centre of this crisis is a perception that our national institutions such as the judiciary and the Election Management Board are so weak, partisan, captured and there to serve just a few.”

Hlatshwayo said the obtaining situation in the country’s body politic makes it difficult for any party other than Zanu PF to capture state power and therefore breeds a lot of resentment and anger resulting in such moves.

Piers Pigou, senior consultant at the International Crisis Group, said by remaining defiant Chamisa thinks that he could force government to accept some of his demands.

“Perhaps Chamisa and his team are hoping they will secure some concessions by going down this route as their ally Raila Odinga did in Kenya last year. Possibly, he will add more problems on Mnangagwa’s legitimacy issues but it is difficult to see who in the outside world would support this move in the absence of a smoking gun around electoral fraud assertions.”

“In the absence of external support and uncertainty as to how many of Chamisa's electoral support base actually support such a move, it is difficult to assess the cost benefit of such a move and what the MDC Alliance actually hope to achieve. One is left wondering would they achieve,” said Pigou.

He said the MDC must remain vibrant until 2023 so that the ruling party will agree to some of their demands.

“Zimbabwe needs the MDC Alliance to be a critical but also constructive monitor, evaluator and analyst in the reform reengagement and recovery process. This must include addressing the array of issues that prejudiced the opposition during the election. This will be essential in the run up for 2023, which the opposition should already be strategizing around,” added Pigou.

Another political analyst Maxwell Saungweme weighed in saying the move will not have much effect.

“Mnangagwa is a president under a disputed election and therefore has some some legitimacy issues, but that ends there. No one doubts that Uhuru is Kenya's president, even if Raila did exactly the same thing Chamisa is doing. After all both Chamisa and Mnangagwa claim to have over two million votes out of a population of 13 million people, so the question and claim of legitimacy by both them is a bot stretched and a mirage.

“Swearing himself in is a script borrowed from Raila in Kenya and the outcome is as predictable. It will face the same fate Raila's inauguration faced - high sounding political stunt with minimal effect for its intended purpose. Maybe learning in politics is not doing what your friend did and failed.”


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and ziyambi let us also tell u we are ready to die for him

g40 - 11 September 2018

chamisa go back to school why do u run away from reality of loosing elections . you only wanted yourself to win. you are so idiotic and myopic

progressive zimbabwen - 11 September 2018

I think Chamisa is losing it now, he is behaving like a child as this has been one of the accusations against him. He is failing to acknowledge that he proved it to the whole world that the last elections were rigged by Zanu PF and ZEC, it is an open secrete. What he is supposed to start doing ahead of 2023 is to start fighting for reforms to be done now and now not tomorrow. He is wasting his time to thnk that Munangagwa will come off the seat, what will remove from there. Just look at how he has strategized in the security sector, kana Chiwenga haachisisina door, he can not touch those guys anymore, kkkkk, sorry munin'ina, go back on the cross roads and form a new strategy. I did not like what ZEC did according to my own opinion but i have come to accept the situation. Give ED the chance to rule and your turn will come soon, lets work together to put things right for 2023 for the good of our people. Kana akagona over the period, lets give him his second term in office, kana apaedza then he must go. as is I think let us not rob our children brothers and siters who lost out to their life benefits during Mugabe's time.

Matingindi - 11 September 2018

I think he has to go live into exile because he is going to be destroyed

Pfeee Mazinyo.Com - 11 September 2018

I think Chamisa lies when he says he is a man of God. A man of God is not selfish like him. Chamisa clearly knows he lost the election but is determined to ensure ED fails as President . We all watched the court process, Chamisa did not have evidence that the election results were manipulated in favour of President Mnangagwa. NDCA people must chastisise him instead of siding with him. Chamisa is power hungry like Adolf Hiter.

B. Maricho - 11 September 2018

This man is trying to gt arrested to stay in the headlines and relevant. He is not helping Zimbabwe in any way by continuing his agenda to be President.....

Gail - 11 September 2018

This Chamisa is now a nuisance. We now need to move forward and continuing to give him space in the news and papers is simply not right. Wonder whose agenda he is trying to fulfil??

tese - 11 September 2018

The world knows Sir you frustrated whole process of an appeal. Since the majority have lost faith in the judiciary so is the world investors. What are you doing to Cholera outbreak bearing in mind its the norm in Zimbabwe? For the sake of progress call a spade a spade and stop cheating people. You will be remembered in History Books of Zimbabwe of being a cheat and fraud. God will charge you in the end for oppressing the poor.

Eddy - 11 September 2018

The copycat has a lot to learn. He is into a political caldasec . The Goverment has two options ingore the facade or teach him to respect the rule of law. The MDC will gain self-destruct into further splits and 2023 will be a walk in the park for ZANU. The chap is not even a legitimate President of the MDC as his faithful have still to decide at a Congress. He is not a democrat even elected councillors can not exercise thei right to choose mayors

Mufaro Sibanda - 12 September 2018


JOJO vuka - 12 September 2018

Our so called pastor politician should stop his Absolomic deranged motions to illegitimise President Mnangagwa. Sometimes you are more relevant and wise when you keep quiet. MDC Alliance duly elected and sworn in MPS like Biti, Sikhala should do the obvious - crack the whip and restructure the party leadership and throw out the baby Chamisa with the bath water. He ursuped the throne and does not deserve to be leader of the MDC. Wava kutinyaudza mupfana!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel 5 - 12 September 2018

Chamisa wants power at all costs, even if the country sinks in the process. He wants to cause anarchy, make the country ungovernable, prolong the suffering of the masses with calls for sanctions as long as he he is not in power. His will be a legacy of failure if he persists with his destructive agenda. The opposition has a role in a healthy democracy and he must champion that role rather than pursue power at all costs. What he is now doing clearly demonstrates that he is not deserving of even being the leader of the opposition, let alone state president. To hell with your politics of destruction and lust for power Chamisa!

Greyhora - 12 September 2018

You may call Chamisa this and that but the question of legitimacy has not been solved. First it was a biased ZBC, then came a corrupt and partisan ZEC which ran a fraudlent poll , followed by corrupt and captured judges without shame, judges who would ask for proof and primary evidence from a hungry man for him to get some food. Judges who would tell you to bring a dog that bite you as primary evidence, judges who even failed to declare the actual number of votes gannered by the thieving Zanu pf in the presidential polls. Thieves murderers who shot innocent people on 1 August 2018, thieves who stole Dzamara alive, thieves whose hands dripp with Gukurahundi and 2008 Murders of innocent Zimbabweans. Shame on you

DZIMBABWE - 12 September 2018

Chamisa akakunda sarudzo akabiiridzirwa ne ZEC. ZEC ndiyo yaingobiira Tsvangirai makore ose a pfuura. Zvekuvhota hazvishandi izvi.

NPF Youth - 12 September 2018

Chamisa lost elections period. Kungotaura kwangovawo kutaura but you lost. We hear you have appointed three VP's ndiyo lean structure yacho iyoyo. Walk the talk mufana.

Munya - 12 September 2018

Kamisa ari kuda kuridza ngoma nedemo akagara papfumo ncaa

Eddie - 12 September 2018

anoda kusungwa ombononyengwa nemacondemned prisoners kuchikurubi. He must be thrown behind bars and send to Chikurubi prison. Just lock him and dont give him bail since he is a threat to peace. He is already losing relevance. Plus parliament on its first sitting must start the issue of age limit for presidential candidates to 50yrs.

gore - 12 September 2018

Life with ZANU is like hell as you will suffer for the rest of your life for sin committed on earth. lmagine if it persists like this is it not he'll life. Medicine not available ,cash not available workers suffering irrespective of where you work , a stagnant economy without direction. So what are you saying when your fail for 37 years....................

zvedu - 12 September 2018

of course he maybe be sounding paranoid why don't you let him do what he think is the best I smell a rat when they promised to arrest him if he continues with his plan"but " if it doesn't have effect as some of you claim here why does it bothering you guy if he is crazy let him be but I think he knows what he is doing. As for those who are saying he lost and he must accept and move on you know nothing the election was stolen daylight even Malaba mentioned elections doesn't being won by numbers but by facts what does that mean.leave this boy alone you can move on as you said you are doing as long he is not killing anyone because he doesn't have a gun to do so let him do whatever he think he is right

Innocent - 12 September 2018

Let Chamisa continue with his fight for democracy. There was massive manipulation of the election results and rightfully so Chamisa must make a lot of noise to register his displeasure. Call him names but I think he has a point. Figures were not tallying and if ZEC knew their figures were accurate, could have proved it since they have all the records. The court session was an already concluded after some rehearsals prior the sitting. Mad as you may think he is, but remember more than 2million people voted for him and that should be seriously considered by any President who claims to have people at heart. It is common knowledge that Zanu pf has failed to run our country and that is why people emphatically rejected them at the just ended polls whose outcome was manipulated by zec and endorsed by a biased court. The court session exposed our country badly, because it clearly demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that there is no separation of powers in our country. Investors as we may understand will not risk and invest in such a predictable environment. Mnangagwa cannot be trusted by anyone given the November 2017 coup which he masterminded, now is the manipulation of the electoral outcome. The situation in our country is very bad and for us as people to ignore is something which i can call highest order irresponsibility on our part as a people. All parents should be worried about how their children will survive in a country which has no opportunities. It is a fact that some people in our midst are benefiting from the current and previous regimes. but the question is for how long are you going to benefit? Are your children going to benefit after your departure from this earth. We need a Government which respects the rule of law not a Government which does not.

mukarewekwachivicharo - 12 September 2018

I thought this was a free country? Chamisa has been beaten by cops before and is not scared of them like some of the bloggers who have no a single vote to their name. Cowards hiding behind thievery, blackmail and murder and talking of 2023 - it's a lifetime away how do you know if you will still be alive then and whether there will be any difference? Mental poverty has no cure.

Sagitarr - 13 September 2018

musatamba nemadhodhi pasina mvura,moda kusunga munhu akavhoterwa nevanhu hamunyari here

Chamboko Mdhidhi - 14 September 2018

Interesting how people always declare we are prepared to die for this and that and tozokuona moda ku crosser ma boarder. Isnt this "honourable" paper busying itself kutinha stupid pastor into oblivion muchimukuza kuti brave this brave that makatarisa achitaura stupid things. Ask Raila Odinga who is his mentor, hazvishande zvaari kuda kuita. In any case I bet you he will never dare do it, but enjoys watching how his "mass supporters" fall for his tricks. Ndimika munomuvhaidza muchiti ane ma keys api? Ekumba kwake hongu anawo kwete amunofunga kuti anawo. Gore rino muchadzidza. this period of denial yarebesa veduwe udzai mamwe ma Bishop eku church kwake vamunamatire, rava demon iri.

mambo Ndishe - 18 September 2018

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