I'll be sworn-in as president on Saturday — Chamisa

HARARE - Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, told a rally on Saturday he would hold an assembly that would swear him in as president this week, just two weeks after President Emmerson Mnangagwa was inaugurated for a first, five-year term.

This comes hot on the heels of a Constitutional Court (Con-Court) ruling on August 24 that Chamisa’s opposition (MDC) Alliance had no case, with Zanu PF frontman Emmerson Mnangagwa being sworn in on August 26, as president.

Chamisa told MDC supporters in Chitungwiza that he is going to name his Cabinet in the coming few days.

The youthful politician’s symbolic challenge could lead to fresh confrontations in Zimbabwe. Chamisa risks jail for treason if he takes the presidential oath.

“We are going to hold our 19th anniversary next week (this week) Saturday and the leadership of the party said during that event the people’s president is going to be sworn-in by the people who voted him,” Chamisa said.

“When I am sworn-in, I will take my own way and Mnangagwa will take his and we will see who the real leader is.

“I told Mnangagwa let us meet and resolve the issue. He refused saying he won the election but I am going to make life difficult for him.

“There is no stability out of rigged elections. There is no economic stability out of a rigged election the world over it never happens.

“If you say you are ready, as your leaders we are ready to lead. Legal route does not declare Mnangagwa a winner.”

Chamisa seem to be following the script of Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga who defied authorities to go ahead with a ceremony to swear him in as “president of the people”.

He said “in the next few days we are going to form an alternative government.”

“We are not going to have a shadow cabinet because we are not the opposition, we will have an alternative Cabinet not a shadow Cabinet. It is an alternative Cabinet because we won the election,” he said.

The youthful opposition leader said his Cabinet is going to have few ministers.

“Our Cabinet is going to be lean, we don’t want deputy ministers, they are useless, these are jobs for the boys and girls.

“We don’t need to have deputy ministers because they cannot act as ministers. We are not going to appoint corrupt people; we are going to appoint 15 cabinet ministers only.

“We want to prepare ourselves because we won the elections. This issue is not going to end until the real results are declared. I tell you this is not going to end.
They stole children’s jiggies (children’s snacks),” Chamisa said speaking in vernacular.

This comes as political analysts last week said the determined bids by Chamisa and some Zanu PF bigwigs to bring down Mnangagwa were now effectively dead in the water — after former president Robert Mugabe and veteran opposition kingpin Eddie Cross put paid to these quests.

Addressing mourners at his Blue Roof mansion in Harare, following the recent death of his wife Grace’s mother — Idah Marufu — Mugabe urged Zimbabweans to wholly embrace Mnangagwa as the country’s undisputed new leader.

“There was an election. Zanu PF was represented by Emmerson Mnangagwa and (Nelson) Chamisa represented MDC Alliance and results came out saying the person who won was Emmerson Mnangagwa, and I said zvava mugwara zvino (everything is now in order).

“We have accepted the result and we hope that we will continue respecting the will of the people.

“The gun does not and should not lead politics,” he said — sealing Mnangagwa’s leadership of the country.

Until his successor’s inauguration last month, Mugabe had done all in his power to derail Mnangagwa and the ruling Zanu PF, including urging Zimbabweans to vote for Chamisa in last month’s hotly-disputed presidential poll.

Speaking at the same memorial service on Thursday, Grace — who had been in Singapore receiving treatment when her mother died, prompting Mnangagwa to scramble for funds to charter a plane to bring her home for the burial — also praised the new Zanu PF leader for showing “love” towards the former first family.

“VaMnangagwa comforted me. If it takes my mother’s death for us to restore our old friendship, then let it be.

“VaMnangagwa loves us. He knows we love him too. We pray for him because it is God’s will that he is president of the country,” she said.

Theresa May’s comments in South Africa that (Emmerson) Mnangagwa was elected as president and then with German’s minister of Development Cooperation announcing that their government was again open for business with Zimbabwe, sealed the issue, Cross said.

“Thirdly, the new president, for the first time, is asking the whole country for help to secure the future and he has extended the hand of reconciliation to the opposition.

“I am deeply disappointed that the MDC Alliance seems to have turned its back on these initiatives and instead have continued to make the assertion that this was a ‘stolen’ election and that Chamisa is the legitimate president.

“Not only is this futile, but it also threatens further violence and instability when what we really need is national unity and an agreement to put our differences aside in a concerted effort to deal with the tough issues that confront us in the next five years,” Cross added.

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You think you will make life difficult for Mnangagwa. Dont fool yourself. The pple who will fill the pain are the pple you claim voted for you. You are more dum than I thot Chamisa

matiya - 10 September 2018

Tanyiswa ngaambozviedza, this is Zim, ambozvowonera pa mhuno sefodya

Chihota - 10 September 2018

Chamisa is becoming an embarrassment even to himself. As a sour looser, may the authorities please let him swear himself as President of his phantom country and completely ignore him. He is making himself irrelevant by the day by the stupidity he displays. All he wants to do is to provoke the authorities into action and then cry fowl to the international community. Please let him be the fool that he wants to turn himself into.

MR COOPER - 10 September 2018

British colonies are the same mybru. They dont see us but themselves vapambepfumi. Both EM and NC are lost people. Our country is not yet free.

Rusununguko Gwenzi - 10 September 2018

Had hoped that some reality would have sunk in by now, but ALAS! this Chamisa is getting more delusional by each day.. This is typical of REBEL outfits, they are so much fixated on winning at any cost!! Their cause is not clear to many except themselves. Ncube, Biti, Mangoma, Sikhala et al all rebelled against Tsvangirayi, but look where they are now! Mugabe, Grace, JMoyo, "rebelled" against ZANU ideals, and became enemies of the PEOPLE's ideals and goals. ALL THESE REBELS thought they had found a safe haven in MDCA, but now slowly, each one of them is being exposed, and PEOPLE are beginning to see thru the their nefarious agenda. Chamisa's cries of rigging are a ploy to cover up his nefarious and thuggish traits. Its all vain, "RINE MANYANGA HARI PUTIRWI". MDCA IS A REBEL OUTFIT!!!

Will Blackman - 10 September 2018

Chamisa is behaving like a dissident and he doesn't know whether he is going North, East, West or South. In the end he will know which direction Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison is.

Ndiani Ndiani - 10 September 2018

Go ahead, follow the Odinga route

Gift Mwapangidza - 10 September 2018

Go ahead chamisa .they dont call you Wamba dia Wamba for nothing .show these zanu thugs that they cannot ride on our backs for eternity this time vatamba nevafana vesmoko vachasura chando chete iro rino gore

bvanyangu - 10 September 2018

@Will Blackman, I like the REBEL outfit label - In the same group like the Lord's Resistance, Army, RENAMO, UNITA, Boko haram, Janjaweed, and Interahamwe to name a few. You nailed it man and made my day

willo - 10 September 2018


Clephas - 11 September 2018

We agree with you that elections were rigged but the route you are taking now is dangerous to say the least. The more vocal you become the more you are going to be isolated. If you are not careful , you will be forgotten soon.Listen to the voice of reason.

chimuti - 11 September 2018

Chamisa is delusional. His MDC mps attended the swearing in ceremony for all elected mps - it will be a sad day indeed for him to look over his shoulder to see who is following him and see none. Bambo makadyliwa siyanai nezvepolitics - Zanu PF yakakuororai - you under estimated what you were up against. Why did you get in the ring in the first place if you knew the fight was rigged against you. For one who claims to be a lawyer and a pastor to say "the legal route is not the only" clearly shows you are losing your marbles with each and every day. Mudzimai wake nevakuru vekwaChamisa hamunga udza mukomana here kuti akakundwa. Dare repamusoro soro rikatsinhirawao. Hapana chinobuda nekuhumana kwaNerison. Hapana achada kumutevera zvejambanja zvake anoda kufira mahara. Munin'ina wava kupinda nemwenje mudziva (iyo ngwena irimo hayo)

Daniel 5 - 11 September 2018

It's time to let it go, what are you really trying to accomplish . Other than making a fool of your self and the M.D.C.A you have five year's to restructure get your house in tip top shape and work on maintaining your stand , the way you are handling the situation now is detrimental not only to yourself but to your party as a whole. the Government need to get on with there plan's and prove to the Nation that they are capable of improving the lives of every Zimbabwean, its time you worked together to unite as one we cannot have this continued division in the country now is the time for all Zimbabweans to come together unite and rebuild our country together for our future generations .

terence charsley - 11 September 2018

#the elections were free and #PFEEEEEEEEE

CERLO 12 - 13 September 2018

Chamisa effort sto become president are starting to becoming monotonous. I am not a Zanu-pf supporter myself, but most of us have come to terms with the fact that we lost the election...he should also do the same thing himself

nhingi - 13 September 2018

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