No progress without Chamisa: War vets

HARARE - The country’s boisterous liberation war fighters have called on MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa (pictured) to close ranks with his nemesis, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying a divided house will not stand.

Mnangagwa was confirmed winner of the tightly contested election by the Constitutional Court (Con-Court) last week, with 2,4 million votes, representing 50,6 percent of the votes cast.

He defeated his closet rival, Chamisa, who polled 2,1 million votes (44,3 percent).

Chamisa had approached the Con-Court, alleging the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had rigged the polls to the incumbent’s advantage.

Even after the superior court’s ruling, Chamisa has “respectfully” rejected the verdict.

But speaking to the Daily News yesterday, the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (Znlwva) Victor Matemadanda urged Chamisa to accept the outcome and join Mnangagwa in government for the sake of progress.

Matemadanda said it was the war veterans’ belief that the country could only move forward if Chamisa accepts Mnangagwa’s invitation to work with him.

“However, working together starts with the loser recognising the winner as the legitimate president because that is what happened when (the late MDC leader Morgan) Tsvangirai formed a Government of National Unity with (former president Robert) Mugabe.

“Tsvangirai was adamant, initially, but he calmed and accepted that the country needed to move forward; that is what Chamisa must do because there is no development when the leaders are not pulling in one direction,” he said.

Matemadanda said amassing over two million votes for a first timer was a no mean feat for Chamisa.

He said the MDC Alliance leader must start preparing for the next elections because if he does that well enough, there was a strong possibility of him making it next time. “Age is on his side so he must just work to keep the momentum,” he said.

The Znlwva secretary-general, however, said the 40 year-old MDC Alliance leader should strive to be an honest leader.

“He needs to just be truthful and honest so that he keeps his support base as opposed to saying I can do anything for the sake of power,” he said.

The next plebiscite is due in 2023 by which time Chamisa will be 45 years old.

Earlier, the war veterans’ leader had courted the wrath of the MDC Alliance leaders’ sympathisers when he declared that former Finance minister Tendai Biti and Chamisa should be treated as the country’s enemies for allegedly joining forces with ousted Mugabe.

Addressing the media in Harare last week, Matemadanda was quoted saying while it was not Znlwva’s business to interfere in the internal affairs of MDC Alliance, they believe it was up to the real MDC to stand up and reclaim their party from Biti and Chamisa.

“They are working with Grace and Robert Mugabe. It defies logic that on November 18 Chamisa was with us, condemning Mugabe,” he said.

“We removed Mugabe for them, we removed their monster but today the same MDC is going into bed with Mugabe. What does the real MDC say?

What does the Dzamara family think of Chamisa?

“Mugabe is not supposed to be even alive, most of his age-mates are dead, and I don’t know how Chamisa refers to him. His ancestor perhaps? He is now in bed with him.
“Mugabe has become a saint and darling to Chamisa. That’s treachery.

That’s why we say he should not get support from the real MDC. Those who voted (MDC secretary-general Douglas) Mwonzora against Chamisa for SG at their last congress must now stand up and throw Chamisa into the political dustbin.

“We urge them to democratically elect a successor to Tsvangirai.

Chamisa is now like his new found mentor,  Mugabe — violent and autocratic.”

The MDC Alliance angrily reacted to Matemadanda’s sentiments describing them as “reckless, irresponsible and disgusting”.

In a statement, the alliance said it was aware of the ill-intention of the “renegade grouping of these so-called war veterans to intimidate the Judiciary before the constitutional hearing and trial proceedings of the electoral fraud application filed by the MDC Alliance.

“The timing of the press conference and the vile utterances by the conveners smacks of a dirty scheme by Matemadanda and his cohorts to influence the outcome of the court and subvert the will of the people of Zimbabwe”.

Comments (17)

true chamisa and ED must work together zanupf cannot develop zim on their own here war vets have a point consider this ED this will prove you are a man who is prepared for real change not for zanupf only but for zim

david chibwe - 28 August 2018

That is not the best way to gain political power, rigging and then invite the winner to say accept that you lost NO NO. Zanu pf thinks they are very clever because they keep on repeating history for them to survive. It was bear cheques in 2006 - 2009 and the economy nose dived, now bond notes and the economy has fallen once again after Tsvangirai instilled confidence in 2009. Now some in Zanu Pf know that they alone, cannot lift this sinking ship and after rigging an election they want Chamisa in again so that they can survive once again. My advise to Chamisa is to start working putting in programmes that stick his party together, NEVER JOIN THAT JUNTA GOVERNMENT. IF CHAMISA JOINS THE JUNTA GVT LIKE WHAT TSVANGIRAI DID, HE MAY KISS OUR VOTES GOOD BYE.

budha - 28 August 2018

Some of these people just need to keep quiet. Why do you give these people, Matemadanda and Mahiya space to speak. They have nothing to offer except to cause division between Zimbabweans.

The Beautiful ones are not yet born - 28 August 2018

ZANU PF say they have two thirds majority let them do the miracle of lifting the economy. What do they need Chamisa for? Handei President makahwinha.

K. KAMURIWO - 28 August 2018

This really shows maturity Cde Matemadanda.The War Veterans should invite all the churches together and the Chiefs and invite the Presedent Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Presidesnt of the MDC alliance President Nelson Chamisa and then should discuss together separately and reach a solution for our country, we might waste a lot of good opportunities if these two dont come together for the good of our country.The solution is in Zimbabwe not in China nor in Britain.Please lets be realistic and move our country forward,President Mnangagwa needs the support of all zimbabwe ans. Lets be constructive than to be selfish l see a dubai in zimbabwe if these two zimbabweans come together.May God Bless our Nation

Sam Varaigwai - 28 August 2018

"NO PROGRESS WITHOUT CHAMISA"! My foot, its like saying "NO INAUGURATION WITHOUT CHAMISA". Pliz ana Daily News, stop inflating the ego of this egocentric maniac. Ndimi murikumukwidza ndege yemashanga ne gutter journalism yamurikuita iyi. Your reporting is telling people that if Chamisa can't have it, then no-one else should have it. Tell the PEOPLE the truth, LIES WILL SINK YOU!!

Will Blackman - 28 August 2018

Rigged election results with Chigumba's assistance, Dismissed Chamisa's Country Court Application WITH PUNITIVE COSTS, now they want to pretend to be saints, NO my President Nelson. They won the election, resoundingly and surely Chamisa is irrelevant, ngavatonge voga they are all capable. Bullshit.

John Chilwa - 28 August 2018

"no, my president nelson" - Unless if one is sunk in the facade of lies masquerading as Pastor and Advocate. The history of the rise of Chamisa is not anything one wants to note and teach young generations to come. The seat of Kuwadzana was won by Learnmore Jongwe who died under unclear circumstances. Then Chamisa stepped in. Tsvangirayi dies under controversial leadership fights in MDC, and Chamisa steps in with Bible in hand. Fake Pastor!! Would Mbuya Tsvangirayi have fought this young pastor if indeed his hands and heart are CLEAN?

Will Blackman - 28 August 2018

I have problems with guys like Matemadanda, he say something today and the next day he is saying something different. Zimbabwe will never go forward with such people. Mnangagwa must fix the economy as he promised. But remember ZIDERA has locked him not Chamisa.

Amalinze - 29 August 2018

No progress because Zim missed an opportunity to have a serious re-engagement with the international community when they did not do the reforms that the USA prescribed before the July 30 election. Any country that is slapped with US sanctions is shunned by the rest of the developed world. The US has its focus on Africa now to challenge the Chinese grip on African economies. The UK is focusing on Africa now after Brexit in 2019, Theresa May is on an African tour now, has snubbed Zim for SA then Kenya and Nigeria those 3 are the critical economies for investment according to the British. Trump is hosting the Kenyan head and has pledged billions in investment. Our esteemed ED is still looking East and headed to China on Friday that is a shear waste of taxpayers money.

Sinyo - 29 August 2018

Chidoitai tiwone maiti ndimi munozvigona heyo nyika revive economy as you said. Its easier said than DONE.

Toyitomato - 29 August 2018

They might have rigged the election, but they will not rig the economy !!

Changamire Dombo - 29 August 2018

You are so foolish some of you mdca supporters. Why do you think being an opposition you are at war? So you mean to say we have to hate each other and fight like we did with smith? I thought opposition means opposing bad things being done but according to you mdca supporters it means we are enemies. That's why God will never allow your party to rule because there will be genocide once you are in power killing all ZANU PF supporters. We are all Zimbabweans guys. That's why you heard our President saying he don't like such slogans as pasi nanhingi, and throughout the campaigns those slogans were not heard anywhere may be serve for very isolated cases and by people who don't understand that we are all Zimbabweans and we need each other no matter we differ on political opinions and directions. Working together is good not for ZANU PF supporters alone but for all including you in opposition. If chamisa doesn't want to work with ED for the good of the country that will not affect only ZANU PF supporters, but everybody in this country. Hey njere shoma dzinotikwadza vakomana. Ndanyara hangu.

shunguhadziurayi mangarayi - 29 August 2018

It's crazy that some people still claim the election was rigged without giving substantive evidence. The truth is, Zimbabwe is moving on. We meet again in the 2023 election! The DailyNews deliberately manipulated the war veterans' message to keep Chamisa relevant. The headline is so misleading, but that's DailyNews for us - at the other extreme of the Herald!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 29 August 2018

No progress without Chamisa???? War Vets but you were busy castigating him if you knew his strength then one wonders why you campaigned for his nemesis????

Shepy Tarzy - 31 August 2018

Progress is being hampered because of common election rigging. In fact the Country , democracy and rule of law was sold out 1980. The country never had an accountable government since 1980; it has been dictatorship, repression, abduction and looting of resources ever since. Because ZANU PF have lost legitimacy to govern they are resorting to rigging with the help of ZEC which is made up of ZANU PF supporters. The judiciary are ridiculously unethical. Investors won't invest in such environments. Play fair and win fair then talk of unity government people will understand. The ongoing cash crisis will continue because of a hostile environment.

Eddy - 2 September 2018

Eddy 100% correct

maita pfee - 4 September 2018

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