Chamisa in crucial meeting

HARARE - The national council of the MDC party led by Nelson Chamisa is meeting in Harare tomorrow to map the way forward, amid indications that it may roll out crippling demonstrations against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

Party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora confirmed to the Daily News that the MDC’s highest decision-making organ outside congress will convene its first meeting tomorrow after its presidential hopeful lost his case in the Constitutional Court (Con-Court) on Friday.

He said: “Yes we are meeting but get full details from the president’s office”.

Last week, Chamisa told mourners at the funeral of former minister of Housing and Social Amenities Fidelis Mhashu that the national council would meet soon.

The 40-year-old opposition leader had hoped to overturn Mnangagwa’s victory in the Con-Court, but his case was dismissed with costs last Friday.

He told journalists in his first media briefing after the Con-Court judgment that he respectfully rejected the ruling, before his party escalated its case to the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights.

Chamisa said it was not the duty of the court to confer legitimacy.

“I respect the Constitutional Court but I have problems with their findings. Chief Justice (Luke) Malaba made it clear that it is not the duty of the court to confer legitimacy on any particular candidate.

“He said the legal door was not the only door to happiness and democracy.

“There are many other doors, and the political doors are going to be opened very soon using our Constitution,” he said.

On Sunday, Chamisa snubbed Mnangagwa’s inauguration, dealing a major blow to the Zanu PF leader’s call for peace and unity.

A number of opposition party leaders from other fringe political parties attended Mnangagwa’s inauguration, among them Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T.

Chamisa’s absence was a huge setback for Mnangagwa in the sense that he leads the largest opposition party in the country.

Countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States have called on the protagonists in the Zimbabwe crisis to dialogue and break the political impasse.

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda told the Daily News yesterday that apart from the meeting of the MDC’s national council, his boss was also consulting with the people of Zimbabwe on the way forward.

“The president is always meeting the people. He is meeting the people every day. He is engaging the people on how they can defend their votes,” Sibanda said.

The national council is the MDC’s highest decision-making body in between congresses, comprising 198 members drawn from the national standing committee, national executive and members of the National Assembly, among several others from the provincial structures of the party.

Comments (11)

This guy should stop giving people false hopes! It seems like he does not know what election mean? You lose or win!

DZOHKA - 28 August 2018

the editor is a zanupf man these people were robbed that we know even zanu pf knows editor muri dofo pamacomments

DAVID - 28 August 2018

Hunzi amid indications that they might roll out crippling demonstrations against Mnangagwa. Really? Guys lets get real here for a start.

diaspora - 28 August 2018

@David. Stop daydreaming. The goon was given a chance to prove his case and he failed dismal. And stop the nonsense...I know you will try to label me as a zanu person. I am not.

Qiniso - 28 August 2018

The issues of legitimacy are issues of perception.Section 59 of the Constitution says that, "Every person has a right to demonstrate and to present petitions, ....peacefully" If this is not guaranteed or handled properly then perceptions around legitimacy can become prominent.

ADF - 28 August 2018

Yes.. Chamisa is right.. Zanu will try to divide and confuse his party by giving negative comments made by unknowns.. Thokozani Khupe is a case in point..she has no relevance in politics and yet she gets headlines...kkkk... And..unless the ice cream vendor who dishes out poisoned ice-cream is found and tried..i suggest Chamisa should steer clear of zanu pf..let them eat their own ice-cream wapedzane vega .. This open for business talk is just that..mere talk...for gullible outsiders.. Zimbos know better

C. Kandez - 29 August 2018

this is the end of Chamisa,he tried and failed so he has to accept a the outcome and let peace prevail in our nation.he has to go back to his offices "harvest house" and start to put house inorder.

truth - 29 August 2018

"Truth" Harvest House might soon be Zanu PF property if Chamisa fails to settle Zanu PF's ConCourt ruling legal bill. Then there is ZEC's bill, not forgetting Chamisa's own legal team (unless the case was pro-bono). I am following the MDC's crowdfunding exercises with interest. If their members just paid membership fees the party would not be going around with begging bowls. Noticiably if the same fund raising enthusiasm had been in an MDC initiated investment project they would be reaping off the dividends. But as it stands all the money they are raising is going into Zanu PF's pockets. $3 million does cover some political milage! Chamisa should read the story of David when Saul was king and most importantly Absalom when his father was king - he does read his bible doesn't he? The ConCourt ruling stands and the country should move forward and not be held hostage by a small group of people on an ego trip. God bless President Mnangagwa. God bless Zimbabwe.

Daniel 5 - 29 August 2018

What Zim needs is a states man quality leader not a politician - activist. As a Christian, Advocate and leader of coalition Hnr Chamisa needs to understand the times and seasons. Zim is in a transition phase, that needs all hands on the wheel for it to complete that turn. lets stop all this emotional sobbing and court fights which yield nothing for the nation, and we can all come together and fight for this nation. 2 million plus pple voted for Chamisa and as per that same election 2million plus for E.D. which means if Chamisa abstains from that 2million plus is betrayed by him and must some how continue to struggle without their vision being realized for the 4+ years coming. Hnr Chamisa this is time for you to get that experience of wht it takes to run Zim. its not black and white, they are alot of grays and other unknown colours that you have to learn from these man who are there now so that when your time comes you can do better....

tony - 29 August 2018

Kkkkkkk. Who has time and energy to participate in Chamisa's protests after all reasonable people were let down by his legal team's poor showing in the Con Court!? He might have been robbed, but he just failed dismally to prove it!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 29 August 2018

The people want peace and to improve our situation, not demonstrate so that Chamisa feels important. Its over only a child cant see that, he needs to grow up.

John - 30 August 2018

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