America pushes for Zim dialogue

HARARE - The United States of America has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his political rivals to respect the rule of law, and to work together to enact necessary reforms that will prevent future poll disputes as was witnessed in the July 30 harmonised elections.

This comes as opposition leader Nelson Chamisa did not rule out yesterday the chances of him embarking on mass protests against Mnangagwa’s hotly-disputed victory in the plebiscite — a day after his party had appeared to accept, albeit grudgingly, Friday’s ruling by the Constitutional Court (Con-Court) which dismissed his bid to have the Zanu PF leader’s election victory nullified.

In a statement, the spokesperson of the US State Department, Heather Nauert, said Mnangagwa and the opposition should work together to end acts of violence and to engender respect for human rights.

“The United States remains concerned over politically-motivated human rights violations and abuses, and acts of post-electoral retribution in Zimbabwe.

“Violence and unlawful activity should not be part of the political process, and those responsible for such transgressions must be held accountable.

“Human rights and fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of expression and association, must be respected, and victims and witnesses of human rights violations and abuses deserve protection,” Nauert said on Friday.

Mnangagwa was credited with presiding over arguably the most peaceful election process in post-independent Zimbabwe — where for the first time the opposition was able to campaign freely in rural areas which are traditionally strongholds for the ruling Zanu PF.

However, the peaceful environment was marred by deadly violence which broke out in central Harare on August 1 when opposition supporters clashed with police, leading to the deaths of at least six people following the intervention of the army — which used live ammunition to break up the ugly protests.

Following the protests, the opposition also asserted that suspected security agents had been involved in retributive exercises in which they targeted senior MDC Alliance officials and polling agents — following the insistence by Chamisa that he had won the presidential election.

All this was seen by observers as harming Mnangagwa’s quest to mend years of Zimbabwe’s political and economic isolation by Western governments.

Prior to this, analysts had said the 75-year-old Zanu PF leader had done enough to project himself and his administration as being significantly different from the ousted Robert Mugabe — who was accused of despotism and running Zimbabwe into the ground.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has extended sanctions on Zimbabwe, in the aftermath of the poll dispute, as well as the ensuing damaging allegations of human rights violations.

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Jojn Gwizo - 27 August 2018

The election is over. Its time to work to re-build Zimbabwe. Thuggery by whatever political complexion must not be made fully aware law and order will prevail. The Commission on the violent protests must be instututed and those responsible for lose of life and property brought before the courts. Zimbabwe cannot recover in chaos. The Patriot Front of revolutionaries must use the five-year mandate to repair the ecomony and our once beautiful cities. The Two -Thirds majority in parliament is enough to build a New Zimbabwe. God bless Zimbabwe and its people! Long live the President and our congratulations! Welcome Second Republic!!!!!

Mufaro Sibanda - 27 August 2018

Keep on hoping my friends, there is no second republic yet if you have people like Chiwenga who think that the people of Zimbabwe can be slaughtered like goats for political mileage - forget it.

Baba Mary - 27 August 2018

people have tried to move on a lot of times after independence we moved on after gukurahundi we moved on after 2008 short and long sleeves we moved on after 2013 rigged elections conducted by nikuv we moved on 1 August massacre and you still saying let's move on how low long are we going continue moving on while things are not well with us and the moving on is only being a sympathy to those who are heartbroken because of their right stolen and you keep saying let's move on like always cheating you partner and say let's move on

Innocent - 27 August 2018

Zimbabwe can not and will not transform as long as Zanu/Zec PF thinks that Zimbabweans are not human beings and could not think for themselves and ZanuZec pf are the only custodians to do whatever is necessary for everyone to live in Zimbabwe.Death is nothing when it has happened to your next door,but at your doorstep it is worth off praise. Is this how we must progress as Zimbabweans?

Sandy - 27 August 2018

All is not well. The country is divided and it needs someone who is able to unite Zimbabwe, someone who do not have blood in his hands. Yes , we can say lets move on but moving to which direction. The current dispensation is the same as the Mugabe's. Cheating and lying is their DNA.

Amalinze - 27 August 2018

In the same way people of mdca want to think they are victors and victims of rigging I want to think the opposite is very true. It is only that people have the love of their party that they turn a blind eye to its wrong doings and always blame outsiders. I strongly know that the demonstrations on 1 August was well calculated after realising that chamisa was going to loose the election. It was so timed that their handlers quickly hide behind a finger calling for the extension of sanctions. And this is what chamisa really wanted so that the people continue suffering and he can say it is because of ZANU PF. If the truth was to be told the actual victim of political rigging is ZANU PF. Sanctions were put in place to make sure there is discontent among citizens against ZANU PF clearing the way for mdca to get into power by torcher, with the blame put on ZANU PF. There is no one who is blaming those who perpetrated the violence on 1 August, all the blame is now on Mnangagwa and those who caused it are now preachers and sympathisers of the victims. But if there was no such a demonstration and the looting and burning of other people's properties no life could have been lost. People shall realize too lately how this chamisa is dangerous to their lives.

shunguhadziurayi mangarayi - 27 August 2018

ladies and gentlemen shall I call you to order .The ills in our motherland are far from over and the ushering in of the so called "new dispensation " does not help the our cause .The fact that the Zanu pf government did not level the political field prior to elections means that it is not prepared to tolerate differences and is not committed to the cause of democracy.How can Zanupf say it won the election in a tilted political fied that only favoured itself?Whatever they say Zimbabwe is not yet democratic and in fact has became an apartheid state ,protecting only the interests of Zanu pf followers and apologists.Where is Itayi Dzamara, Where is Rashiwe Gudza and what happened in Matebeland and most recently what happened in the CBD in Harare is it the correct way to handle protests by your own citizens whom you purpot to love?Whatever the case may be Zimbabwe is still under a junta ,a mafia that has been classified by the UN report as looters of the Drc and Zimbabwean dimonds .There has been no change in a country where resolutions continue to be by blood and iron rather than by democratic means.Whatever we are not yet free !

edd chihamb - 27 August 2018

Just to correct. Shungu, pliz note that the US extended sanctions on Zimbabwe well before the shooting in Harare.

Stevo - 28 August 2018

Amalinze to blame sanctions on poor economy and corruption is absurd. Because how did sanctions steal $15 billion, unfriendly economic policies, unaccountability.

Samaritan - 28 August 2018

There is a new dispensation. People overplay the politics and especially with backing od USA which cares less about our food and jobs. They were our oppressors yesterday and all of a sudden are human rights champions. the only using us. what politcs when there is no jobs etc. We need eceonmic reforms first and politics to follow. No daily interest in politics but a decent livelihood. why waste our time. mdc lost seats badly. chamisa lost badly now there is rigging. he wanted the presidency at all costs. dont be used.

Tjilisamulu - 28 August 2018

America, if you love us, just do this one thing for me, and i know you have the capacity to do so. Remove sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Jonso - 28 August 2018

At least Americans love Zimbabweans and are keeping sanctions till sanity prevails. After South African lawyers were denied work permit to represent MDC Alliance court petition one would have thought African leaders would boycott inauguration of ED in protest but not so. Now these Commissioners are coming who got them work permits.......? ......Moral and ethically decay

Eddy - 31 August 2018

@Eddy - 'At least Americans love Zimbabweans' - I don't know where you live or how old you are but if you lived in North America like I do you'd know that Americans don't really love Zimbabweans - or Africans for that matter. Extension of sanctions is proof of that. If you were born in Rhodesia like I was you would know that Americans initially found it very difficult to impose scantions on Ian Smith's Rhodesia because it was a white govt. And now they are telling you about human rights violations? Why so selective? Is it all about the seizure of white farms? I will tell you that elections in Zim were far more free and fair than in Rwanda or Uganda... where you have dictators that are friends with the US. Why no sanctions there?

Buns Tinobvina - 31 August 2018

Buns thanks for the post. We have a lot of fellow Zimbabweans who need a lot of enlightenment. There are a lot of the people out there who believed the blatant lies that were peddled by the likes of Chamisa and Biti. Hunzi truckloads of cash are 'idling' at the border just waiting to roll in when MDC wins. If this is not criminal then I don't know what is not. Do the Americans(Trump) love Zimbabweans? Of course if you believe the Chamisa and Biti ( I hear that these esteemed politicians are also Advocates) then you are bound to believe the 15 billion dollar promise by Trump. Dream on guys and check your BPs regularly because you have been led down the garden path.

diaspora - 1 September 2018

The election is over lets work to improve our country

Tichaona Mhembere - 3 September 2018

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