Outrage over war veterans' rant

HARARE - Zimbabweans yesterday reacted angrily to war veterans’ push for members of the opposition to remove Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti as leaders of the MDC Alliance.

The former freedom fighters attacked the two saying they were in bed with former president Robert Mugabe. Addressing the media in Harare on Tuesday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda said  Biti and Chamisa must be kicked out because they lobbied for an extension of sanctions by the United States of America (USA) which obliged them.

The war veterans also laid into Mugabe who they claimed is now siding with the MDC Alliance leadership and promised to march to the Robert Mugabe International Airport to change its name back to Harare International Airport.

Although they have previously claimed to be apolitical, specifically after being removed from the top table by Mugabe in 2016, the facade is now coming off and war veterans are now openly chanting Zanu PF slogans while at the same time belittling Chamisa, who was only two years old when the protracted liberation war ended.

“The MDC Alliance is not moved by such grandstanding and empty threats by an illegal grouping of charlatans bent on confusing court proceedings and shattering the dreams of the people of Zimbabwe. They do not want a fair hearing of the MDC Alliance electoral petition,” the MDC said in a statement.

“The MDC respects the gallant heroes of the war of the liberation-— both the deceased and the living —who fought for the right to universal suffrage of one-man one-vote which a few like Matemadanda misguidedly seek to overturn and disrespect.”

MDC said the unfortunate utterances were meant to influence the Constitutional Court’s outcome.

“We are aware of the ill-intention of the renegade grouping of these so-called war veterans to intimidate the judiciary before the constitutional hearing and trial proceedings of the electoral fraud application filed by the MDC Alliance.”

Children of the Zimbabwe War Veterans Association (Cozwa) said their parents are being misrepresented by a few “opportunists.”

“To them, democracy is democracy when it suits their interests, to them Zimbabwe will only be Zimbabwe when it is only their interests protected.

“As children of the real liberation heroes and heroines, we are saying the ‘few war veterans’ should not misrepresent the voice of the struggle for independence. We strongly believe they are out of order and need to be reminded that sanctions are a creation of violated human rights. ”

Zimbabweans also went on micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to express their disappointments with war veteran’s utterances.

Constitutional law expert Alex Magaisa said Matemadanda is “confused”.

“When you listen to the likes of ... Matemadanda berating Chamisa for allegedly grabbing power, you would think ... Chiwenga and his troops were playing cops and robbers with Mugabe last November,” Magaisa tweeted.


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Poor Corrupted Matemadanda is now singing for a new car. Matemadanda should and must be reminded that the Freedom Fighters, Our Heroes who died in battle, were fighting for " ONE MAN ONE VOTE"

Sekuru Ndoronga - 23 August 2018

these few war vets are real confused we understand age is also affecting these grandfathers who should be encouraging peace not intimidation go home mr war vet and tell storties to your grandchildren we know you are confused after destroying zim

DAVID - 23 August 2018

These old grannys are a confused who are making noise for selfish reasons=a cabinet post, a post in the politburo. Why all of a sudden become interested in MDC business; if Chamisa grabbed power then what did ED do? I hope the govt stops paying you the monthly grants etc. Zim was liberated by all and everyone. It is time that war vets stop acting like the Messiah. A small group of power hungry vets are painting a bad picture of the rest. Inasmuch as vets are supporting Zanu pf Mugabe can also support whever he wants despite the fact that he became president riding on the zanu pf ticket. many people have quit zanu pf and later bounce back so let everyone support what & who they want without being intimidated.

Gheo - 23 August 2018

A blatant liar,he thinks we are kindergattens thats cheap politics.they have been in bed with Mugabes for over 45years

canny - 23 August 2018

What is Matemadanda and Mahiya talking about Chamisa/Thabani Mpofu and Tendai Biti does he not realise that this election has brought so many G40 individuals back to ZANU PF than last year in November 2017 so he is talking rubbish can he comment on that issue G40 back via Parliamentry seats kkkkk at times they dont think these guys they just waffle

G40 - 24 August 2018


prof vuka - 24 August 2018

Matemadanda and some of the few misguided so called war vets must just shut the hell up!Does he think, in his cotton picking mind that Chamisa has the power to tell the USA to extent sanctions on Zimbabwe even if all is well in Zimbabwe?Can USA be so dumb to an extend of waiting to be told by Chamisa to extend sanctions on Zimbabwe?How can one be so naive to even think that just one word to USA and sanctions are extended on Zimbabwe?If thats what Matemadanda and some of the Zanu pf stoogies think,then Zimbabwe is doomed to have such a person of Matemadanda's calibre as a cabinet minister.In fact he doesnt even qualify to be a burial society chairperson.The zanu pf government extended sanctions on themselves by ordering the butchering of innocent citizens who were exercising their constitutional right to protest as enshrined in the Zimbabwean constitution and apportioning blame on the MDC Alliance leadership as if they are the oneswho controls the army. The extended sanctions on themselves by conniving with ZEC t subvert the will of the people.

Luke Munya Mabika - 24 August 2018

I think its wise for these war vets to a have a positive energy towards political issues. What they should note is that zimbabwe is still a democratic country that everybody should feel free despite they culture, race or religion, you dont have to criticise the former president for siding with MDC Alliance. he is a human being just like you all, war vets. no one has the right to silence anyone but we have the right to ignore an idiot. basically these war vets are enslaved by political incorrectivenes

cuthbert - 24 August 2018

Kkkkkkk Matemadanda singing for a plate of sadza, vanga vafa nenzara varume ava. I don't blame you coz wakungotaura nepaunofanirwa kunyarara

olga - 24 August 2018

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