Chamisa submits more 'evidence'

HARARE - MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has furnished the Constitutional Court (Con-Court) with more damning “evidence” of alleged electoral fraud by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), the Daily News can report.

In the latest testimonies lodged at the Con-Court, the MDC Alliance’s chief election agents recounted their chilling experiences at the hands of alleged State security agents who appeared to be taking instructions from Zec.

They told the court in their signed affidavits that they were threatened with death if Zanu PF was to lose the elections held on July 30, forcing them to flee from their homes.

Most of them gave their accounts from their hiding places.

Before making good their escape, they claimed to have been visited by suspected army officers who threatened them with death.

It was specifically demanded that they should append their signatures on V11 and V23 forms, which they had been initially denied access to by officials from Zanu PF and Zec.

A V11 form is used to record results at polling stations and is signed by all agents of the contestants while the V23 collates polling station results within a ward before they are forwarded to Zec’s National Command Centre.

Chamisa is pulling out all the stops in his attempts to overturn the July 30 presidential poll result.

Zec declared that Zanu PF presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa won the election by 50,8 percent, but Chamisa described the results as fake, claiming they were rigged.

In court papers, the MDC Alliance’s chief election agents said they were not given an opportunity to sign V11 and V23 forms, observe and participate in any way in the post poll process, only to be summoned and visited later by the suspected security officials who then demanded that they should sign the forms.

“We did not see, neither were we given or signed any V11 or V23 forms. All this was done by Zanu PF and Zec officials without our input. All the agents for Zanu PF were headmen and village heads who moved around homes making threats and distributing food aid and inputs to people,” MDC Alliance’s chief election agent for Chiredzi North constituency, Mahohoma Matumba, told the court.

He said he later received a message from a Zanu PF headman on August 3, 2018, seeking him to visit the polling station to sign V11 forms that he had been denied access to on the election day.

Matumba said he refused to sign the forms and has since fled from his home and is in hiding.

Another chief election agent for Gokwe Kabuyuni constituency, Misheck Nyoni, narrated how Vice President Constantino Chiwenga came to address a rally in the area sometime in June.

He said people were forcefully ferried by lorries, to attend the rally.

“At the rally, we were told in no uncertain terms that we would die if Zanu PF lost and that there were recording machines in the ballot booths and village heads would be watching and writing down everyone’s name.

“At Mutiura polling station, I saw four village heads and headman Charumbira and war veterans acting as polling agents. I confronted them and we had a heated altercation. They refused to leave and Zec polling and police officers said they had no power to do anything,” he said.

Nyoni said he later fled from his home after one of his children told him that soldiers had come looking for him.

Lizzie Munozohamba, who was the MDC Alliance’s chief election agent for Gokwe North constituency said headmen and war veterans were used as polling agents by Zanu PF in her area.

She said during vote counting, Zec’s presiding officer and Zanu PF agents rejected valid ballots cast in favour of the MDC Alliance, adding that she was approached at home by people wearing army uniform demanding V11 and V23 forms from her.

Munozohamba claimed she refused them entry and fled to Harare soon after they had left.

Another chief election agent for Muzvezve constituency, Jacob Jacha, said they were denied entry into the polling station while voting was in progress.

“They (agents) were only allowed in after 10:00hrs despite the polling having started at 07:00hrs. They were being told they had not been accredited and when we raised the issue, we found out that we were all properly accredited.

“I received deaths threats and messages on the 2nd of August 2018 reminding me of the injuries and abductions that had happened to me in 2008,” said Jacha.

Precious Chapanduka from Chiware Village in Karoi, said Zanu PF used intimidation tactics in her area.

“They (Zanu PF members) were telling them (people) that if they vote for MDC there will be war. At 6pm the youths came again asking for polling station agents that were for MDC Alliance. We were then barred from signing the V11 forms.

“The unknown MDC Alliance polling agents were beaten up with sticks and were accused of being sell-outs,” Chapanduka said, adding that when she went home, she found a group of Zanu PF youths waiting for her.

Chamisa is asking the apex court to consider “mathematical violations” because all the “constitutional and statutory violations” and counting discrepancies “were meant to and did unduly favour the first respondent (Mnangagwa).”

He is arguing that the violations go to the root of a proper and credible electoral process.

“These are accordingly irregularities that cannot be ignored. These are irregularities that do not arise from mistakes,” he said.

“I submit that the evidence placed before the court shows gross irregularities which affect the validity of the election and its outcome. That being the case, I submit that the entire process must be declared invalid and accordingly set aside,” added Chamisa in his court papers.

Zanu PF is filing its opposing papers today before the Con-Court, challenging Chamisa’s submissions.

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Fake evidence from in existent people. Chamisa said he won by 60% but now he says people were intimidated to vote for Zanu PF. Where is the evidence showing that he won? He should have challenged the vote in each contituency presenting actual evidence rather than statements from fake people 'in hiding'.

Buns Tinobvina - 15 August 2018

@Buns Tinobvina; Chamisa has every right to contest in any court in Zim. How do yo know that the evidence is fake? It has been a culture in Zim that the army, war vets and headmen intimidate people to vote for Zanu pf-remember 2008? So let the court decide and determine the validit of the evidence. If people are intimidated that works in the favour of him who is intimidating meaning that the election ceases to be free and fair

Gheo - 15 August 2018

@Buns don't worry about the 60% that is already before the courts, this additional, in case you missed the headline and went to comment. This additional evidence brought in, chakachaya gore rino Zanu dololo

Chen Chikezha - 15 August 2018

Chamisa can produce any kind of evidence to show the Con-Court that election were not transparent , Free and Fair . Sanctions are upon us , No hope for mature investment , Remain isolated because of the few that benefit ?

Tuna - 15 August 2018

@Gheo - It's fake because the accusers are supposedly 'in hiding'. They re faceless, inexistent people. The intimidation is supposed to have taken place a long time ago but only seems to surface now. As an afterthought to bolster a weak case. Where was the MDC when all this intmidation was taking place? But Chamisa 'won' 60% - why should all this matter? Show us the votes!

Buns Tinobvina - 15 August 2018

@Tuna - I don't know where you are but if you're in Zim, enjoy the sanctions. You seem to be welcoming them. I left Zim more that 30 years ago so this will not really affect me materially. Until Zimbabweas learn to love country over party affiliation, they languish in poverty and backwardness. IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON. What strikes me is the election manifestos of both Zanu PF and MDC were relatively similar in terms of business and investment. So there is nothing material to fight for here apart from personalities.

Buns Tinobvina - 15 August 2018

claim to be educated ZIMBABWEANS when a party win 2 thirds majority is it possible kuti the main presidential candidate loses kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk munotosekwa mhiri kwemakungwa kuti makapusa kubeliver vapfana ava varikutambirisira nyika nguva vachishandiswa nevarungu .... varungu ivavo pakafa TSVANGIRAI MAKAVAONA HERE SHAME MANHINGI HERE IN AFRICA MAKAONEPI NYIKA INOENDA KUNOKUMBIRA ZVIRANGO ZVENYIKA SORRY MANHINGI SHAME ON U

S.R.K - 15 August 2018

.. - 15 August 2018

The truth which can never be erased is that Chamisa beat ED hands down. Even ED knows that, Chiwenga knows that, the lawyers representing ED know that, Zanu Pf supporters know that, everyone in Zimbabwe knows that Dambudzo was beaten Hands down by Chamisa. I AM PROUD TO CALL CHAMISA THE TRUELY VOTED PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE.

Bonganilishe - 16 August 2018

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Sibanda - 16 August 2018


Mhandu - 16 August 2018

Mnangagwa thinks he can fool the people, we are of age and know the truth, SHAME to leaders who cling where they are not wanted by the people. ED is a failure because he lacks the support of the people, after all he lost this election, if not for that power hungry soldier.

Handson - 16 August 2018

I am a Zanu Pf supporter but I did not vote for ED, why, because I knew he is not capable of turning around this economy and there are plenty in ZANU PF like me, so the truth is ED lost the election, that result announced was rigged.

budha - 16 August 2018

For the idiot that says the 2/3 Majority shows Ed won if the American Presidential Election was based on numbers like ours is Hilary Clinton would have been President of the USA right now yet the Republicans would still have the Majority on Constituencies.

Seguru Dombisha - 16 August 2018

I find the level of intelligence of some Zimbabweans with access to the internet and social media so shockingly low, or they are just not very well educated! I find bizzare and absurd that some people claim to argue "factually" on a platform like this one, yet they have never seen the door of a law school, let alone, been to a Law Court! I respect other people's views here as the Public Opinion Court, but should be let to be just that, because only the Court of Law knows the correct verdict!

Mhofu Chaiyo - 16 August 2018

Chamisa is a crying baby,after saying we have anti-rigging devices now you are claiming takarigwa kkkkkkk ungaende kuAmerica kunouya nema sanctions uchitadza kuuya necampaining materials,dai America yaida mdc yaivapa rubatsiro rwezvekukambenesa hino yakavanyima ndokuratidza kuti irikuda kupamba hupfumi hwedu hino isi tinoti pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuu

ED PFEE - 16 August 2018

chamisa dai akasiyana hake nezvekunetsera maresults nekuti paachazoda kudzoka kuMDC T achaiwona yaenda naTendai Biti,uye Chamisa ngaambowana nguva yekukura mupolitics.

ndini - 16 August 2018

For the record, I am neither MDC nor ZANU(PF). I am just a patriotic professional Zimbabwean languishing in the Diaspora and wishing our country can get back to its glory best. I am of the generation when we truly enjoyed a free Zimbabwe(the 1st 10 to 15 years after Independence). In our student days at University of Zim, it was like a 5 star hotel where we had sumptuous 3 course meals. Mai Kazembe used to run the catering then. I never even wanted to go back home then. Such was the enjoyment of being at Varsity.Enough said about going down memory lane. I respect opinions said from both sides of the political divide. Such opinions are normal. However, regarding the petition by the opposition, I wish to weigh in with my small contribution. Numerous utterances(not necessarily proven) have been made through social media about alleged shenanigans at the polling stations austensibly to authenticate the alleged rigging by the ruling party. Now, I am not a lawyer but surely, are these utterances not "sub-judice" and, in addition, is this not information which is supposed to be presented in court? Further still, who is supplying this information, given that this is info which is supposed to be with the relevant lawyers? If this information is indeed authentic, why is it being peddled in the public domain before being tested in a competent court of law? One can only deduce that an attempt is being made here to sway the public opinion before the matter is actually heard in court. Interesting times indeed.

kane moyo - 16 August 2018

zanu is a long living devil full of un trusted thieves and murderers who force people to defend their rights, but for now God revealed their devilish deeds through Chamisa our chosen Joshua to lead us to Canan. Godisinit.

summer - 18 August 2018


NELSON - 18 August 2018

ZANU PF is so compromised that any progressive Zimbabwean who desires real change that delivers would not even consider ZANU as an alternative. ZANU PF lies with impunity, murders with impunity, recycles leadership past their sale by date. ZANU PF cannot see beyond its nose. The dead wood in leadership is obsessed by being called chefs and being overfed in a starving nation. ZANU PF has zero accountability culture. Any Zimbabwean clamoring for ZANU PF is against national progress, a helpless egoist (empty ego), not fit for the purpose of rebuilding the shattered nation. A party with no ethics at all, empathy for the suffering masses zero. Luckily a country cannot die like a business otherwise Zimbabwe would be deceased by now. Enough is enough, we want change that puts food on the table!!!

Taneta Nezanu - 18 August 2018

@Nelson, You are a liar, we are many Zimbabweans who voted for Zanu PF

Wasu - 21 August 2018

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