Chamisa scuttles Mnangagwa's inauguration

HARARE - MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is set to scuttle president-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration, which had been scheduled for Sunday.

This follows an announcement by his lawyer Thabani Mpofu yesterday that the Alliance would be filing a Constitutional Court (Con-Court) application before the expiry of a seven-day deadline within which all electoral challenges must be lodged before the superior court.

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jojo vuka - 9 August 2018

will he? whats the wait for. if you gonna do it just do it already

kelly - 9 August 2018

The MDC alliance are just lying to the nation saying the have evidence of rigging. Stupid immature politicians, .If there is the truth the bible says it will set you free.but if you don't speak the truth you will surely be condemned .Your wrongs MDC was that you have been trying to send fake news on social media for a long time thinking it will assist you to increase your numbers, but you lacked wised to plan for post election scenario.Its time you just disband your party, give other opposition parties a chance

chamunorwa - 9 August 2018


jairos munemi - 9 August 2018

The guilty are afraid. The law of the land gives you 7days to dispute & 14 days thereafter to reach a judgement i think. Its premature & naive of the junta to set Sunday as inaguration day when a challenger has already given you notice that they will be challenging. The Chief Justice cant pre-empt the case by swearing in ED. All this could have been fixed if ZANU aligned ZEC actually did things correctly to deliver an uncontestable result. How do you have people contesting and not being on the voters roll, or getting zero votes in polling station where they have voted and their spouses and families have voted? it just doesnt make sense.

Galore - 9 August 2018

I think Chamisa is wasting his time, ED won cleanly. Chamisa arikudyisa ED sadza rine jecha sekuvimbisa kwaakaita.

B. Maricho - 9 August 2018

Let the Con Court decide. Chamisa is doing the legal correct thing. Let the court clear the air so that the winner and loser can then forge ahead. Only Zimbabwe will the the ultimate winner. Remember what ZEC was doing - quoting the law every second but choosing which laws to obey.

Sagitarr - 9 August 2018

The whole credibility issue as well as legitimacy lies with this challenge for both ZEC and MDC. If the MDC does indeed have creditable evidence of malpractice, then ZEC have their work cut out and they must resign. On the other hand, if the MDC does not have evidence and they are just clutching at straws and holding the nation to ransom, to the extent of having innocent people killed in their defense, then that is the end of them as a political party. Whichever way, someone will be greatly exposed here!!!!

MR COOPER - 9 August 2018

If all the insults and verbal diarrhoea we are emitting on each other were prayers for peace and prosperity I think Zimbabwe would be a better country

bugwa - 9 August 2018


PAPAWEMBA - 9 August 2018

Stupid and childish boy on a time wasting escapade.

jacklisto - 9 August 2018

Lets pray for our country,that day the devil wanted more people to die but by the grace of God more life was preserved.

TINASHE - 10 August 2018

I don't think ed zec and the court are thinking the way you are thinking by say he is wasting time they didnt say anything about the delay because they know the law it's only us who doesn't understand how it goes that's why we are saying why is he waiting I think we will get it later why rushing as is we know anything

Innocent - 10 August 2018

Mapfupa angu achamuka !

Changamire Dombo - 10 August 2018

Father God, we repent for the sins of our nation, for our lies, lives that have been lost for senselessly - those who instigated the violence and those who gave the command and pulled the trigger. We repent of our indifference, for making life tougher for fellow Zimbabweans - directly or indirectly by action or talk. At this critical time in our nation we pray that the Holy Spirit will bring healing, peace, tolerance, forgiveness and restoration of our economy. We pray for compassionate, mature and visionary leadership, for making and women of character and intergrity to take their rightful places in leading the country forward. We pray for national healing, over our past hurts, historical imbalances and mistakes - for President Mnangagwa and Chamisa to rise above petty politics and work together to heal our polarised nation. May the plans and purposes of God prevail in our nation and all the overt plans of the devil to be brought to nought. May Zimbabwe's rich resources benefit all Zimbabweans and the world. Above all we pray for wisdom, for accountable servant leadership. May fragmented family, community, regional and national relationships be healed. Let peace, justice and prosperity ring out from Zambezi to Limpopo, from Forbes border post to Victoria Falls, from the State house to the church house - to the shack that will soon be upgraded! Zimbabwe will be the jewel of Africa again! In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Daniel 5 - 10 August 2018

Economy ichanetsa mwedzi ichatevera zvekuti vachanyara kuti chii chavarikuita. Musavimba nema bhuritishi chaanoda mabasa mashoma nemari hobho....uye hurumende yavo inogona kuchinja anytime kopinda vasingadi kuwona zanu. Uye kuchaita dhirauti inotyisa makore anotevera , just get ready for such problems whoever anozviti mutongi wenyika....hazvisi zvinhu zvekurwira. Good Luck.

Mhondoro Premium IPA - 10 August 2018

Britain and USA want puppet government to rule such they will follow their tune ...terms and conditions. Chamisa is ready to sell Zim to them for his personal financial gain not ordinary people. We know it. Chamisa LOST the election ..He is very much aware of that, however Britian and Trump are promising him lots of personal cash if he cries loud. Grace will come in as vice ...thats when pple will see what a traitor Chamisa is. Unfortunately its all in his dreams and will never come true. NO POWER SHARING DEALS. Chamisa can go DIE if he wants. HE LOST ...FULL STOP. This means END of MDC.

the truth - 10 August 2018

Why not wait and you politically polarised guys. If he has a case then we will see, if he doesn't we will still see. Why use abusive language. Whether lodging or not that won't bring food to your table. He is doing what brings his to the table.

Genzo - 10 August 2018

who has not sold out for personal gain? ZanuPF killed our parents and relative ngekukurahundi and destroyed the country over 38 years and sold the country to China. So let us see the other sell out Chamisa maybe he is better sell out and maybe we can get a little better. tired of selfish ZANUPF

mina - 10 August 2018

Chamisa has the right to appeal the election results as enshrined in the constitution.These guts stole the election.Why do they continue to terrorize pple if they won won fairly.MaZanu Pf imbavha

Gudo Guru - 10 August 2018

chamisa must be very sensitive of his advances ...people mighjt suffer more. why cant he relax wait for another day. 164 seats zanu pf anotonga aniiko. what can he say and be accepted

chava martin - 11 August 2018

I think zec is the biggest mistake of all time for zanu pf.. The way some of these figures were presented, and the glaring discrepancies apparent therewith, and the atrocious figures that came out of thin air to swell Ed's winning margins... Eish..It's an embarassment for anyone to think they could get away with this kind of stupid act... Long live Zimbabwe...

C. Kandez - 11 August 2018

Chamisa is gonna takeover the country. Don't temper with Chamisa you fools. You've rigging results since Mugabe's period. Now the tables have turned. Those who go to church and believed in God, celebrate for your God has answered you. CheckOut: Zimbwe Opposition leader Chamisa calls Zimbabwe election 'fraudlent' - BBC News

junk_yard - 11 August 2018

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