Zimbabwe's Presidential results: ZEC

HARARE: Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba has announced the presidential election result that is as follows: 

Emmerson Mnangagwa: 2 460 463 votes - 50.8%

Nelson Chamisa: 2 147 463 votes - 44.3%


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Chigumba is a bitch

Makhosi - 3 August 2018

You cannot feed a family on votes so when an economy heads for hell its time to plant some food and feed some goats. PSR , subsistence farmer, Australia.

Peter Spencer Ravenscroft - 3 August 2018

chamisa said that if he loses he will quit let us now see whether he will do that given that he loves power more than he loves himself. bottomline is that his promises were more romanticism than ed's that is how he lost. he is too autocratic, arrogant and a motormouth and immature ndiyani anoda zvakadaro at the helm of the country?

mukhovhe wa tshilidzi - 3 August 2018

The democratic process produces winners and losers. Some may feel that the election has been rigged and its their right to challenge the result but do it in accordance with the law. It is time the MDC Alliance shows some political maturity and act in a manner that is respectful. The stunt that MDC Alliance tried to pull at ZEC today was unwarranted and disgraceful. Let us all join hands and help in the building of a better Zimbabwe. The election was free and fair it is time to move forward with the community of nations. It is my hope that cooler heads like Va Mudzuri coral the young man and lead. Viva Zimbabwe.

order - 3 August 2018

Chamisa said, if ED gets 5% of the VOTE he will give ED his sister.... ED might not divorce his wife, but maybe he will make her his mistress, out of spite.

Lies - 3 August 2018

5 more years of hell , misery and unemployment is proudly brought to you by zanu pf...

Ken Sharpe - 3 August 2018

The pre-election environment was the real issue. Claiming victory is a standard MDC actic. It will never work. You need to win hearts and minds with policy and solutions.

Garikayi Samanyanga - 3 August 2018

Shame to Mnangagwa, as people of Zimbabwe we know inside our hearts that he is not our President because we did not vote for him. The hunger for power in Mnangagwa and Chiwenga is self destructive. To the investors we say, bring your money to people who steal votes, what do they do if they see dollars, make a judgement for yourselves. The whole country is in a somber mood, ne celebrations at all because they nothing to celebrate. Can you celebrate corruption, rigging, manipulation, dishonesty, greediness, murderers. These ZANU THUGS will never rig the economy, the social contract, the trust they need from citizens of this country. Mnangagwa lied to the whole world in Nov 2017, He said this is the year of the people, we will hold Free, Fair and Credible elections. We ask today where is the fairness and credibility. You kill people so that they submit to your will. Now you have won, we need the cash in the banks, we need the jobs and remember because you don't have our support we shall be folding our arms while you work to provide what you have promised the people of Zimbabwe. We are going to make noise everyday until the whole world gets the message that we Hitlers of Zimbabwe, they loose but cant humbly concede. You do trickery but please know that we know that you did not win this election.

Bango P - 3 August 2018

This country has been thrown into the abyss by people who are greedy for power and a people we know that and we have known that for sometime. It is the same Mnangagwa who did it in 2008, 2013, 2017 and now in 2018. These ZANU Mafia including Chiwenga have now held four coups because they are in love with power, all they want is VIP treatment at the expense of the citizenry. They can kill as they did in Harare to achieve their goals. Would you like such people to lead you? What these two don't know is you given leadership by the people, you don't give yourself leadership because people will not listen to you. Even Mugabe used to say it that if you want to be a leader let people nominate you, go to the people. Mnangagwa with his hunger for power gets silly ideas from that grade 7 former general. Its not me who said it, its Mugabe who said it that the solders were not educated grade 7s, we thought if they get degrees they will think like educated people, ALAS the education that Chiwenga did was a waste, may be he gave his assignments to solders in the rank and file to do them for him, therefore he is still that Grade seven former army general.

Handson - 3 August 2018

Better luck next time Chamisa.Start preparing for 2023 elections now.You have seen that the rural vote always deny us the change that we want.

widzo - 3 August 2018

Congratulations Mr Mnangagwa/Ngwena for the new post of President Elect, however I hope my soul shares the same feelings with others in this whole nation. We love you Comrade and we love our nation. However, please warn all our fellow comrades in power either in Police, Army, ZEC, Judiciary etc that we love our fellow Zimbabwean Nationals and International friends too. The use of torture, brutality, fire arms and threats is highly unwanted by the people. Even us who elected you do not need to fear you or else in this civilized world fear has vanished and we will never be silenced by a bullet or any threat. It is advisable that you staff develop our State Security Agents that we are disgruntled by the 1st August 2018 disaster where the Army killed people with live bullets instead of peacefully correcting the situation to calmness. I hope this message will help our nation with a new operation "Restore peace". Once again Congratulations and welcome Cde President ED.

eduman - 3 August 2018

ZEC announced that voter turnout was high at 75% from provinces during the voting process. However for the presidential counting voter turnout is 84%. Can someone explain this anomaly.

Dzvuke Muchaina - 3 August 2018

At only forty you made an old man of seventy five sh***t in his pants at the mention of your name.Hence he sought assistance from a bi****h in the name of Chigumba to help him win.You are our President.The onr announced yesterday is for the rural folk especially Mash Central and Mas East. In any case people from underdeveloped rural areas always vote for these fools because they are uneducated.Vajaira kunwa mvura yemurwizi pamwe chete nemombe so they do not see anything wrong with these dictators. Anyway well come on board the murderer in chief.

chimuti - 3 August 2018

At only forty you made an old man of seventy five sh***t in his pants at the mention of your name.Hence he sought assistance from a bi****h in the name of Chigumba to help him win.You are our President.The onr announced yesterday is for the rural folk especially Mash Central and Mas East. In any case people from underdeveloped rural areas always vote for these fools because they are uneducated.Vajaira kunwa mvura yemurwizi pamwe chete nemombe so they do not see anything wrong with these dictators. Anyway well come on board the murderer in chief. In 2023 we will still vote for Chamisa who will be only 45 against an 80 year old donkey.

chimuti - 3 August 2018

I am not particularly enamoured by the policies and pronouncements of the MDC Alliance but I think we are on dangerous political and security trajectory. The playing filed will remain so uneven and skewed as long as we continue to be ruled by illegitimate governments. The degree of economic and social deprivation and poverty has never been lower since our independence in 1980 and yet we are made to believe that normal and sane people can vote for the same party that persists in inflicting such misery and hardship on them. Its also perplexing that the so called observers have not raised the red flag on the election but instead gone on to declare the process credible, free, and fair. The civilians in ZANU PF beware you have sown seeds of your destruction by allowing Chiwenga and military cabal to foist your illegitimate rule on the electorate just like they did in 2008, 2013 and in 2017. They will depose you again before the next election because you have allowed them free reign to conduct coups in the past There is no democracy in Zimbabwe and its unfortunate and hypocritical that the Western countries will standby and look the other way as long as their interests are served by whoever assumes power by whatever means. The independent media should also interrogate the current political dispensation without fear or favour. Fence sitting, ambivalence, silence or indifference could cause more harm and even be considered as being complicit with ZANU PF the principal perpetrators. We need true genuine democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe and the electorate should be spared from this regular farcical ritual of pretending to select the people who will govern us. Under these conditions people could soon feel enough is enough might get tired of having their will consistently subverted by ZANU PF oligarchs and feel justified to take the law into their own hands.

Jaison Maikolu - 3 August 2018

The issue here is that in their very hearts and souls Zanu PF and Chigumba know that they have stolen victory from MDC like they did in 2008, led by Mnangagwa. They know they do not have the blessings of the people of Zimbabwe, that they know. As long as they know, Mwari Musikavanhu ne midzimu yeZimbabwe they also know. Zimbabweans wipe out your tears, nguva ichakwana, zvichaita zvega. Hapana kwavanosvika vanhu ava, they are a big joke and it's so sad to see them fool themselves in this foolish manner. Economy ndiyo ichavashayisa hope, kudoti mari mu mabank pano ne pano zvaramba, kudoti mabasa, zvaramba, ko minda? Muri kuzvinyepera Zanu PF, vanhu havakudei, munotonga sei vanhu vasisakudei? I democracy yekupi iyoyo, nyika vanhu and imi hamuna vanhu. Do an experiment kana muine nharo, divide that country into two and say vanoda Ngwena endai uku vanoda Chamisa uku, muone kuti hamuna kana vanhu vari kuku supportai. May God have mercy on the rural population makavhotera nzara, you voted for hunger, muchaona moto. Ngwena kutotiwo "I am humbled" ke ke ke seka zvako, iwe uchitoziva zvako kuti hauna kuhwina, you cheated the people's president, and you surely think you can get away with it? Anonzi mahumbwe amuri kuita, ini ndini president iwe ndiwe vice president, ngatidyei sadza remavhu.

Tongogara - 3 August 2018

Slim Cat - 3 August 2018

Another 5 years of penniless nation Come rain or sunshine you voters of these thugs you will queue every where with us.

Slim Cat - 3 August 2018

Kkkkkk wandisetsa Tongogara, they are soon going to sober up. Zvakafanana nekukopa in an exam kana kuisa maskills ausina in your CV, ukapiwa basa racho unenge uchazvisungirira. I think there is really nothing Zimbabweans can do to be free unless the playing field is leveled. No amount of votes can take out Zanu PF. It's a sad situation because as long as they are in power they will want the field to remain tilted. But I think Cde Tongogara you are right in that spiritual realm where you are still fighting, that hapana kwavanosvika, vese varwere. They are idiots handiti, to think they are going to lead people without their mandate.

Tatendashe - 3 August 2018

Zvaitwa ne Zanu PF rwendo rwuno "zvinonyadzisira", an abomination that will not go unpunished.

Mwendamberi - 3 August 2018

Those people that started violence are not MDC but are Zanu pf youths and Street vendors sent in to the street and start problems pretending to be MDC so that all the blame could be levelled against Chamisa. Zanu pf are crooks, they are evil. I have 2 friends who were approached and paid money to demonstrate against delay on anouncing presidential election result. Zanu pf knew the general public would naively quickly join in the demonstrations thinking its genuine MDC demonstrating. The plan worked well for Zanu pf. The whole thing was planed by Paul Mangwana and Sten Zvorwadza including Zanu Pf leadership. I have evidence to this through my friends phones communication texts who were paid to take part.

mike - 3 August 2018

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