Is ED about to end whites' hell?

HARARE - On March 4, 1980, Prime Minister-elect Robert Mugabe gave his first ever speech to an independent Zimbabwe which captured the attention of the world as he promised to bury the country’s past after years of conflict with the then Rhodesian government and its forces.

Zimbabwe had just come out of a bitter and bloody conflict which resulted its independence from Britain on April 18, 1980.

In a rousing speech — Mugabe, who is now firmly domiciled at his palatial Blue Roof Borrowdale mansion after his stunning resignation in November last year on the back of a military operation — called for reconciliation and unity.

“Surely this is now time to beat our swords into ploughshares so we can attend to the problems of developing our country and our society.

“My party (Zanu PF) recognises the fundamental principle that in constituting a government it is necessary to be guided by the national interest rather than strictly party considerations,” he said.

And on Saturday, 38 years after making that speech, his long time aide and now successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose ascension to power was on the back of the military intervention, held a historic rally with whites at Borrowdale Race Course.

What was so significant about Mnangagwa’s meeting with the white community was his message of never repeating the mistakes of the past, particularly violation of property rights and ill-treatment of this minority group by Mugabe and Zanu PF in the early 2000.

Mugabe and Zanu PF’s treatment of the white community was a result of their alleged support for the MDC in its early formative years, one of the reasons why Zimbabwe embarked on the chaotic agrarian reforms in 2000.

Mnangagwa on Saturday demonstrated that he wants to lead an all-inclusive Zimbabwe, in the event that he is substantively elected in the July 30 elections, by meeting this group.

It would be narrow-minded to try and paint Mnangagwa as an opportunist seeking for political gain ahead of elections, without looking at the big picture, which is to build a culture of acceptance and unity among Zimbabweans.

One of his rivals, Nelson Chamisa, has shown deep resentment for the Asian community which he promised to chuck out of the country if he’s elected.

What Mnangagwa has done is to turn past hostilities into ploughshares just like Mugabe did with his 1980 speech.

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Speeches mean nothing as Mugabe in 1980 showed.

Young M.A - 24 July 2018

Then the president must buy his farm(s) - hayizi mari yakawanda vashe - 400ha = $1.5Mn-$3Mn , kana riri mu zone one and lesser mu zone two-six. Uye , mapurazi akatorwa nevarungu vezanu vasina kutenga ngaadzoke. Ivhu revamwe vanhu vanemapepa. Property rights crimes are not one sided. Zanu backed whites also took the lands that belong to other people.

Musevenzi wema Property Rights - 24 July 2018

true speach means nothing especialy to people like chamisa. @ least ED is walikng the talk

Riot263 - 25 July 2018

engage and reengage, just what Zim needs

Hondo Zvenyika - 25 July 2018

promoting Diversity and national healing, ED Pfee

Godhoti - 25 July 2018

he is not about toend but he has endded it. all races vote ED

Aladin Aladin - 25 July 2018

Dear Staff Writer, your article assumes that it is only the whites that have been ill treated in this nation post 2000. That's sad....and ignorant. The truth of the matter is that, even today, many blacks are on the receiving end of the overt and not so overt racism in the areas that some white Zimbabweans have claimed to be their territory. Just ask the children in the white run schools about team selections or awards, or administrators and athletes in the sports that whites see as theirs (not netball or basketball of course). So, while an inclusive society is desirable, my prayer is that ED wouldn't only tell the whites that they are part of this nation although that is true. He would hopefully add that their being a part of Zimbabwe places on them a responsibility to treat its indigenous people as people blessed with the same reasoning faculties and rights as them and that where this does not happen, they will not be protected by him or anyone else from the full wrath of the law

Justice For All - 25 July 2018

Thank you Mr President for meeting us the minority. it was quite a progressive interface meeting

Amstrong - 25 July 2018

vele sowakumisa kudala,wathi asibambaneni sonke

madikizela - 25 July 2018

thus why ED is trying by all means neccesary to re engage with the whites

madikizela - 25 July 2018

thus true madikizela

kokerai chisvo - 25 July 2018

lets unite and re-engage zimbabweans

kamba - 25 July 2018

ED akanyanya mhani ncoooh he has my vote

cde masango - 25 July 2018

he is not about but he has already

cde white - 25 July 2018

A govt of inclussiveness is what we want ED good job

Dombo Rakaomarara - 25 July 2018

it was inconsiderate to segragate the white community that contributes 14 5 of our GDP

Chamisa Neria - 25 July 2018

The international white community is happy that their fellas have finaly found cumfort in Zim. Zimbabwe iya yachizova neshamwari kunze uko

Grace Moyo - 25 July 2018

A government for everyone by everyone

Sankara - 25 July 2018

i have a white friend, he called me 1 hr 12 mins just to tell me how he wass pleased with ED's gesture to recognise them as part of Zim.

Django Django - 25 July 2018

I totally agree with the staff writer in this article. Thank you President ED for reaching out to an ostracised part of the Zimbabwean nation. "Justice for All" this was / is about national healing and will be an ongoing process as we correct the abuse and evil Mugabe misrule and our historic imbalances. Engagement is the key word. "Justice for All" there is a grain of truth in your comment but these pockets of "overt/covert" racism are dwindling. The number of white run schools is also next to nil or none existant. Obviously High School Hockey etc national team selections show some biase but this largely due to cultural, historical and personal preferences. Just like a white family would unfairly complain about the largest number of black players in our national soccer teams. Zimbabwean whites, Indians are equally part of our nation and we should let go of our part prejudices and move on with forgiveness and tolerance. So called white run schools (what is that?) team selections are a result of black parent abdication of parental roles in the PTA administration and physical presence when their children chose to compete in sports at the Group A schools. My two children have done their primary and secondary education at these Group A schools and it was painful to be among the couple or three BLACK PARENTS showing up at these events. CAN YOU TALK ABOUT HOW OUR OWN BLACK ADMINISTRATORS HAVE FAILED OUR GIFTED ATHLETES AT NATIONAL LEVEL. OUT OF A TEAM OF EIGHT ATHLETES GOING TO THE CAA African Athletic Championships in Asaba, Nigeria, starting on the 1st of August we only have 2 female athletes (a nation with 50.7% females!). Talk about marginalisation of the girl child!!!!!!!!

Daniel 5 - 25 July 2018

@Daniel5, that's exactly my point ie when black kids are left out of selection for flimsy reasons like non participation of parents, as if either the parents or their children always choose such non participation. Sometimes it's sheer economics. There is a national policy on selection that emphasises that selection should be on the merit of the athlete so why should we allow violation of that in the name of some parents being more available than others? And for the record, there is evidence of maladministration in sports run by whites too - they are just smart enough to help each other correct the mistakes in a way that doesn't expose or embarrass their colleagues. Bottom line is - justice for all, no matter what colour, and where that is not adhered to, people, no matter THEIR colour, should be held accountable

Justice For All - 25 July 2018

Mnangagwa is a logical leader who understand better the issue of social statification which exist in every state

dzimbabwe - 25 July 2018

i dont see any reason for a leader to segregate any class, race or group. Mnangagwa is 100% perfect

panda - 25 July 2018

by segregating another race, this simply means Chamisa will take us back to Mugabe erra. where we are coming from

dombo - 25 July 2018

unity, peace and re-engagement will take us far as Zimbabweans

april tafi - 25 July 2018

we are all human beings, so why they should be discrimination. E.D is creating a better image of Zimbabwe

blade - 25 July 2018

Thank Mr. President. Racism belongs in the past. "Justice for All" maybe you misunderstood my point. BLACK PARENTS SHOULD BE MORE SUPPORTIVE AND VISIBLE IN THEIR CHILDREN'S SCHOOL ACTVITIES AND NOT BLAME THE WHITES WHO ARE VERY INVOLVED. JUST GO TO A SPORTING EVENT AT LOMAGUNDI COLLEGE, WATERSHED etc. AND CHECK THE DEMOGRAPHICS. Our black children lose interest in sports because we are not supporting them. We prioritise academics (which is foundational and very important) but the kids need a balanced life. Some have potential and could make a career out of sport. We applaud your efforts Mr. President to bring healing across our nation, correct the wrongs of the past and destroying the demon of racism. God richly bless you all Zimbabweans.

Daniel 5 - 26 July 2018

Amazing Grace how sweet Zimbabwe..... I once was Black but now I am White....Was Blind and now I see.... ------------- Please give our dear white folks 80ha small farms in Tangwena purchase area with full title deeds.

Chief Rudorwashe - 26 July 2018

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