Door shut on Chamisa

HARARE - The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) slammed the door on MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday, saying there was no going back on poll preparations even as the main opposition party is attempting to put spanners into the works.

At its meeting with observers yesterday, Zec vice chairperson Emmanuel Magade said the dispatch of ballot papers was underway and would be completed in a few days.

The MDC Alliance had been adamant that no elections would take place unless there is a consensus on the printing, storage and distribution of ballot papers to be used in the July 30 synchronised polls.

Today, the Alliance is scheduled to meet Zec officials in last-ditch attempts to extract some concessions.

In light of Zec’s pronouncements, this is now a futile exercise.

Magade told observers yesterday that the printing of the ballot paper had been completed, repeating the commission’s previous stance that the designing, printing and distribution of the ballots was the exclusive right of Zec in terms of the Constitution.

“However, it is also a requirement of the law in terms of the section 52A of the Electoral Act (chapter 2;13) to provide all political parties and candidates including observers with information on the name of the printer, the total number of ballot papers printed and the number of ballot papers distributed to each polling station,” he said.

“This is going to be done after the printing and dispatch of the ballot papers is completed in a few days’ time”.

Magade revealed that Zec has received reports that some observers had accosted its staff with regard to the distribution of electoral material, including ballot paper.

He warned that any interference with Zec’s functions may be regarded as interruption of its duties, which is prohibited in terms of the law.

“All stakeholders are therefore reminded to adhere to their respective codes to avoid flouting the country’s laws,” said Magade.

He said the issue of electoral reforms was a done deal.

“It was done in Parliament. I don’t know if all the parties got what they wanted. This is not Zec’s baby. We only implement laws,” he declared.

Magade also added his voice to concerns over the placement of Zanu PF’s presidential candidate on the ballot.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is featured on top of the second column of the ballot paper even though he should be on the lower end of the list if the alphabetical order were to be followed.

Magade said Zec can no longer comment on the matter as it is now before the courts.

Yesterday, the MDC Alliance insisted they will not back down unless Zec allows them to have a random test of the ballot papers.

Zec commissioner Qubani Moyo said they were considering views from opposition parties that voting booths should be out of reach of officials to maintain the secrecy of the vote.

Moyo said at the start of the printing process, parties were given samples of the paper used to print the ballots.

At their meeting on Friday last week, he said their representatives were also given the full ballot for the three elections — presidential, National Assembly and council — for them to go and test for themselves.

“I can also give you the same ballot papers if you want to go and test as the media. We are differentiating between what politicians say for the purpose of rallying their supporters and factual position,” he said.

“We gave (MDC secretary-general Douglas) Mwonzora and (Chamisa’s chief election agent Jameson) Timba those papers. They know that. What they are talking about, I don’t know. I think they are just playing with the minds of their supporters,” said Moyo.

Mwonzora confirmed the development yesterday, but they doubted Zec’s sincerity.

“Yes, it’s true they gave us what they call samples of the ballot papers. However, they gave us what they wanted to give us without us choosing the ballot papers we want to test. We want a random test and participate in the storage and delivering of this ballot papers,” said Mwonzora.

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Their game was supposed to have been in parliament not with zec; zec only implement laws,they don't make them.If Chamisa failed to convince colleagues in parliament then whose fault is that;that is that;that is what the country's laws say.whatever supposed fairness could be there,is all the game of parliament but I don't think all people including zanu pf got what they wanted there-at the craft of this law in parliament!

addmore gudo - 24 July 2018

nero thot Chigumba was crazy when she said only an earthquake will stop the election

Riot263 - 25 July 2018

only 5 days to go, votED

Hondo Zvenyika - 25 July 2018

instead of making noise, MDC should just focus on campaigns and not wait to loose then complain

Samora - 25 July 2018

surprised we are still discussing stoping election... abaiwa ngaabude

Aladin Aladin - 25 July 2018

hapana anoramba kusaluter anenge awinner nekuti akuwinner agara achito salutwa

Virus Vigoroso - 25 July 2018

Can somebody from the daily news paper explain to me why we are now working up to two to three days old news?

nhemacena - 25 July 2018

yes vele ngangikwazi ukuti akahlanyi uchigumba kangeze atshwelwe okokwenza nguchamisa

madikizela - 25 July 2018

yes chamisa ayizohudza chigumba akamira sani

kokerai chisvo - 25 July 2018

chamisa has to stop interfering in zecs business

kamba - 25 July 2018

haa izvo azvitimisi kuwinner

cde masango - 25 July 2018

haaaa uyo anonzi chamisa anorwara uyoo

cde white - 25 July 2018

haaaa uyo anonzi chamisa anorwara uyoo

cde white - 25 July 2018

People, let us no allow Chamisa to go out of the law. the law is there to protect us

Django Django - 25 July 2018

Ngatienedei kumaelections murunyarararo

Sankara - 25 July 2018

Chwero dei ndanga ndirini ZEC ndaingoramba ndakaguidiwa nemutemo, kwete zvinotaura vanhu vakasiyan siyana. mutemo first

Dombo Rakaomarara - 25 July 2018

Chete kungoti pese panoitika election kwese mashoko haashaikwi

Chamisa Neria - 25 July 2018

But kwaChamisa hakusi kutya heere iku

Grace Moyo - 25 July 2018

proof testing of ballot papers by political parties is not even in the law, but ZEC extended an olive branch to the MDC, now this act of courtesy is coming back to bite them, Chamisa is clearly overplaying his hand, abusing democracy.

Anonymus lawyer - 25 July 2018

chamisa uyo akadhkwa...haafunge sure zvaanoda its not even in the law...#kutya #edpfee #edhasmyvote

tafkondo - 25 July 2018

chamisa ngaasiyane neanhu e zec arikuda kungoshandisa zec ngaaite zvema campaigns

tinokunda - 25 July 2018

chamisa anenge achingoda zve violence zvega zvega zvinotiratidza kuti haasi munhu anogona kutonganyika ikaita runyararo

zvichapera - 25 July 2018

mdc ngaisiyane nezveku vhundusira zec ahhh hazvina kana musoro

flame - 25 July 2018

haiwawo nyangwe vakashungurudza zec vana chamisa vanongodyiwa zanu pf ine vanhu vakawanda kudarika mdc

murenga - 25 July 2018

Emmanuel Magade and your fellow votes thieves are taking the restless povo for granted.This is not about Mnangagwa or Chamisa gentlemen,it is about you ZEC thieves who are hiding behind the "We only implement the law"mantra.If you are that good at implementing the law,then why are you appliny the law selectively or to Mnangagwa's convinience?According to the law the ballot paper should be done alphabetically yet you choose to end it in the middle and begin another one with Mnangagwa on top of it.Why are you denying the opposition parties to know where the ballot papers will be stored before and after elections when it is provided for by the same laws that you pretend to adhere to?You are killing the future of so many people especially the young ones.Dont cry foul when it is payback time you all ZEC thieves.It may not be now,but what goes around comes around.You act as if zanu pf is going to contest against itself.Even if you make the mafia party win by hook and crook,you must know that it is not over until it is over.

Janana bikaz power - 25 July 2018

All those who are castigating Chamisa for demanding a free and fair elections are nothing but cheap biological beings,always ready to do anything to the whims of zanu pf no matter how bad.MDC is not asking for something from the space,but something that they agreed on ,something in black and white.Zanu pf supporters are so blinkered and they have a very short memory.In 2008 elections it took ZEC almost two months to announce the result that should have taken 48 hour at most and the same zanu pf goons commenting on this platform were dead silence.Silaigwana was the chief election officer by then and up to now he still has the same position.Zanu pf treats its supporters the way an abusive husband treats his wife.The wife is beaten every now and then and everytime the wife thinks of running away,the abusive husband promises her heaven on earth and the naive wife is once again cheated into going to bed with the abusive husband ,but before she knows it she is bludgeoned again and it goes on and on like that.

Janana bikaz power - 25 July 2018

i don't see were chamisa is missing it. it is not Zec which is against him but its him who is against the law

dzimbabwe ndeyevanhu - 25 July 2018

Nero should understand that, he is not the only candidate, hence why only himself is not comfortable with Zec

panda - 25 July 2018

we are not fools to an extend of directed what to do with chamisa

dombo - 25 July 2018

the fact is, chamisa is in a panic mood he is aware that victory does not belong to him

blade - 25 July 2018

even if Mnangwagwa was not there, my vote would rather go to khupe than Chamisa a liar

april tafi - 25 July 2018

I now strongly believe the saying which goes like this " all puppies born on the same day will never open their eyes on the same day"

Elliot - 26 July 2018

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