Zanu PF stuck with Mugabe regalia

HARARE - ZANU PF is stuck with a montage of party regalia, emblazoned with the face of its deposed leader Robert Mugabe, the Daily News on Sunday can report.

Last year, Mugabe had appeared to be on track to represent Zanu PF as its presidential candidate for the 2018 harmonised polls.

He was, however, dethroned last November following a soft-coup, masterminded by the top brass in the military.

Zanu PF honchos are now at crossroads on what to do with T-Shirts, bandanas and wrappers adorned with the 94-year-old despot’s face, acquired before his dramatic fall about eight months ago.

Before his removal, Mugabe had already kick-started his re-election campaign, with the teetotaller embarking on divisive youth interface rallies — along with his wife, Grace — which alienated him from his former liberation war comrades.

Sources told the Daily News on Sunday former Finance minister and ex-Zanu PF secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, had facilitated the acquisition of at least five million T-Shirts from China using a war chest put together by ruling party sympathisers.

“Chombo had bought T-Shirts and other regalia from China preparing for the extraordinary congress and also elections, but then that was not to be as Mugabe was removed before the congress.

Now the T-Shirts are gathering dust at the party headquarters,” the source said, referring to the special congress of December 2017, which was supposed to be presided over by Mugabe.

In the wake of the soft-coup, the party still proceeded with the extraordinary congress, albeit to elevate his crony-turned-foe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to the top office.
Taking advantage of its deep pockets, Zanu PF has gone on to order new T-Shirts from India and China, this time with the face of Mnangagwa.

Zanu PF secretary for Information and publicity, Simon Khaya Moyo, could not confirm whether the regalia was still stored at the party headquarters.

Khaya Moyo, however, said regalia emblazoned with Mugabe’s face was no longer welcome at Zanu PF events.

“Why is it still there? Why should it be there and why wasn’t it distributed to the people back then. We have told people that they can wear it at their own time and in their own homes. All we have said is that all who have the regalia please wear it when you go to your fields but don’t wear them when you come to our rallies, we have a new president, we don’t have two presidents,” said Khaya Moyo.

Zanu PF appears desperate to do away with anything associated with Mugabe.

At the party headquarters, Mugabe’s portraits have been pulled down, while those of former vice presidents such as Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda, Joseph Msika and John Nkomo — who are all late — are still adorning the walls and passages of Zanu PF’s offices.

Asked by journalists to explain why Mugabe’s pictures have been removed, Zanu PF political commissar Engelbert Rugeje said the former president was at odds with his former comrades hence the conspicuous exclusion.

“Those who are not on the wall were expelled, they are no longer part of the party,” Rugeje said.

Just as Mugabe’s T-shirts have disappeared, so have the cars which were also embellished with the face of Mugabe or that of his influential wife.

While Zanu PF has not officially expelled its founding father, it wasted no time in expelling former first lady, Grace, last November.

Mugabe has been accused by his erstwhile comrades of funding opposition parties such as the National Patriotic Front and of refusing to recognise Mnangagwa’s presidency.

Comments (24)

Whilist part of Mugabe's legacy is still celebrated, Zanu Pf cant keep on holding on to all of it coz it ened up spoiled. its logical to choose what has to go and waht shld stay

Django Django - 8 July 2018

mhinduro yaDr Rugeje yanyatsonzwika apa

Dombo Rakaomarara - 8 July 2018

Dai vakaramba vachipfeka matshirts ana mugabe taivadya zvekuti dhuu, hahahahah

Chamisa Neria - 8 July 2018

Iii ngatisataurei nezvaMugabe, murume uya dai anga akapa ED chigaro previous term iyo dai tisingatamburi kuda

Sankara - 8 July 2018

Heyii MDC regalia ma1, Chamisa ari kunyanyodya mari nenzendo dzake dzekunana Israel

Grace Moyo - 8 July 2018

ZANU PF musangano wabantu, as much as we celebrate RG as an African icon masambo achinja so we dont need to see regalia with his face kuma party events. it will confuse the masses

Riot263 - 9 July 2018

apa MDC ichitengesa regalia kuma rally, $10 ka tshirt shame

Hondo Zvenyika - 9 July 2018

apa MDC ichitengesa regalia kuma rally, $10 ka tshirt shame

Hondo Zvenyika - 9 July 2018

zvagara MDC is just looking for pocket money, how can u sell party regalia shuwa apa moti party haina mari asi Chamisa achienda ku vacation ku israel kunotora ma selfie

Samora - 9 July 2018

ED is the president and candidate for ZANUPF so it wont be proper to distribute regalia with RGS face.. hapana nyaya apa

Aladin Aladin - 9 July 2018

kkki zveshuwa about regalia lets tok abt how mdc is commercialising everything during their campaign... zvimwe hazviite

Virus Vigoroso - 9 July 2018

mugabe is still the hero of Zimbabwe saka i dont see anything wrong by wearing his regalia

madikizela - 9 July 2018

but mr Rugeje is still saying it clear wani

kokerai chisvo - 9 July 2018

tipeyi zvedu isu tipfeke ma tshirts ayo panekurasa kkkkk

kamba - 9 July 2018

chero zvikaita basa zvinebasa reyi ingawani nemi machinja munongopfeka tsvangirai

cde masango - 9 July 2018

better than buying a party tshrt from the party at $10

cde white - 9 July 2018

why people are concerned about in-house issues of Zanu-pf. anomakwa ndoane bhora

Dzimbabwe - 9 July 2018

then what, does that have anything to do with 30 july. zvingatadzise E.D kuhwina here izvozvo

Panda - 9 July 2018

At least Zanu pf has got enough regalia as compared to MDC which is robbing its supporters through regalia

dombo - 9 July 2018

Why are you not talking about regalia crises in MDC-Alliance.

april tafi - 9 July 2018

chamisa ngaasa tambise mari ngaatengere vanhu regalia

tinokunda - 9 July 2018

regalia ndaingopiswa vanhu vopfeka ya ed

zvichapera - 9 July 2018

but mdc pakutengesa regalia kubhaiza vanoitireyi part kana vasina mari

flame - 9 July 2018

munongotaura nezve zanu pf regali ko mdc hamuitauri ney its not fair ma mdc arikuto tengesa regalia

murenga - 9 July 2018

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