Eddie Cross commends ED

HARARE - Former Morgan Tsvangirai’s ally Eddie Cross believes his former mentor’s nemesis President Emmerson Mnangagwa has turned a new leaf and is on the right track, subtly endorsing him as a viable candidate for the July 30 polls.

Mnangagwa plunges into his first presidential election at the end of this month with the prospect of facing stiff competition from the country’s biggest opposition coalition, the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance. Cross, who as an MDC official spent close to two decades trying to dislodge Zanu PF, says since the military-assisted transition in November last year which dislodged former president Robert Mugabe and led to Mnangagwa’s ascendence to the presidency “our world has certainly changed and it is very noticeable.

“We have more freedom than at any time since the Rhodesian government clamped down on the nationalists and detained most of them in 1964. The repressive laws adopted at that time were never dismantled by ... Mugabe who then used them to repress all opposition in his efforts to establish a one party State,” Cross wrote on his blog.

“… We do not have to ask the police for permission to meet, we do not feel that we are being watched or followed when we go about our business, the sense of repression and fear has almost dissipated. It’s a process that has not been formalised (and it’s not permanent until it is) but it’s real and even our visitors from abroad feel the difference when they enter the country.”

For good measure Mnangagwa has also opened his door to advice from the renowned economist.

“….We have 40 000 or more people trying to win a seat in these elections, 23 of them want to be president. The other day I had an appointment with our current President at 09.00hrs in the morning. I eventually saw him at 11.30. He was not well, had a streaming cold and was completely exhausted. Just look at the above and ask yourself, would anyone want this burden?” Cross said.

“Not me, but the key element is discovering how to work together and get the best minds and people on the job. Zimbabwe will not overcome its many difficulties and problems unless we learn to work together as a great big team.”

The sitting Member of Parliament for Bulawayo East who is not standing in the forthcoming elections however, noted that there are still problems with regards to access to the Zimbabwe Electoral Servers.

He is also concerned with the freedom of the voters to exercise their democratic rights in secrecy in a polling station and not face retribution afterwards.

“…many essential reforms to ensure a free and fair election are still not implemented. However, despite that, my friends in Zanu PF tell me with a big smile — this election will be better that those in Kenya! They also say that it may not be free and fair in the classical sense, but it will be ‘smart’,” he said.

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misleading heading we deserve the freedom kwete kuti gurwe akatipa. also here there is no talk of economy so it is neither here nor there

josphat mugadzaweta - 3 July 2018

yes he is in the rght track and because of that he has my vote

madikizela - 3 July 2018

he is a man wth his people at heart.we love you

kokerai chisvo - 3 July 2018

unity and peace wll keep us moving under our president ED Mnangagwa

kamba - 3 July 2018

ED is really following the legacy of father ZimbabweKEEP IT UP COMRADE.

cde masango - 3 July 2018

indeed E.D deserve a credit for the peace that is prevailing in Zimbabwe

Dzimbawe - 3 July 2018

it really takes a mature leader to lead zimbabwe like ED MNANGAGWA

cde white - 3 July 2018

those who sayed that, it is their mandatory right to have that peace, yes, but why is it that during Mugabe era they failed to enjoy that right. E.D is just a peaceful person

dombo - 3 July 2018

Eddie Cross is being fair and thats a good analysis which shows political maturity

panda - 3 July 2018

yes, E.D represents mature leadership, he stands for peace and unity

april tafi - 3 July 2018

this is why we are saying, E.D has all votes. he deserve that.

Blade - 3 July 2018

E.D has managed to make the political ground even for all political parties, hence a room for free, fair and credible elections.

riot263 - 3 July 2018

E.D has proven beyond doubts that, he is more than capable to lead us.

zvichapera - 3 July 2018

what more would we want in Zimbabwe, freedom and economic development has come with the new dispensation

Django Django - 3 July 2018

i respect E.D for availing such an enabling environment

Sankara - 3 July 2018

we owe Mnangagwa for such a great initiative that, he has done

Chamisa Neria - 3 July 2018

moti chamisa angazvigone zvekuunza runyararo rwakadai nenhema dzake dziye ha hazvibudi

Flame - 3 July 2018


Dombo Rakaomarara - 3 July 2018

Zimbabwe for the first of its time has exprienced a conducive environment for free, fair and credible elections. we thank you E.D

Evans charira - 3 July 2018

pakadai chero usingadi kumuvhotera E.D unotozongomuvhotera

haince - 3 July 2018

Hativhoteri ngwena isu kuvhotera nhamo.this time tasvinura.tosangana pama elelections .akawana 10%ngwena wenyu ane raki

adon - 3 July 2018


caleb garati - 3 July 2018

Why should freedom be given in piece meals?ED does not own people's freedom and giving it in bits and pieces is like denying us in a diplomatic way.Eddie Cross and others who think like him should be made to understand that accepting bits and pieces when the whole cake should be available for everyone is what has brought our country to its knees.The "at least" syndrome has destroyed our country over a long period.You will hear people saying "At least we are getting tape water once a week,At least people are not being beaten up towards elections even if they are going to steal elections through ballot papers"At least bread is available in shops even if we cannot afford to buy it" At least opposition parties are being allowed to hold rallies in rural areas even though ZEC is going to steal the votes of behalf of zanu pf by not implementing the necessary reforms for a credible election"At least we are still able to get 20 dollars if i stay in the bank queu the whole day"At least this, at least that!We demand everything in full not in bits and pieces.We dont owe Mnangagwa anything,and by implementing the reforms,he wont be doing us any favour.Thats what he is suppose to do.Thats what he must do according to the electoral law.Why should we applaud him for the little and insignificant changes when he should be implementing all the reforms as agreed?With people of Eddie Cross's thinking,who happens to be the majority,we will always be stuck in the middle of nowhere for generations.

Luke Munya Mabika - 4 July 2018

What peace has ED brought?The same idiots are the ones who used to say we were peaceful when Bob was at the helm.All zanu pf supporters did not feel the heat because all violence was always directed to opposition supporters,so what peace are these zanu pf goons talking about because when people were abducted,murdered and raped these are the same people who used to say Zim is a peaceful country.Do you think victims of political violence are smiling seeing their tormentors walking up and down the streets scotfree?Do you think people who lost their loved ones are happy to see murderers of their dear ones roaming up and down campaigning for the same president whom you are applauding for changing tactics of stealing the vote?Peace is not the absence of war,but the presence of JUSTICE!

Luke Munya Mabika - 4 July 2018

I agree with you Cross, good things are good. Its not like we are approaching elections. We are enjoying the peace.

Munya - 4 July 2018

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