Chamisa cries foul over Zec

HARARE - MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to do everything possible to stop the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) from manipulating the July 30 general elections in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Opposition political parties have been demanding a raft of electoral reforms that they argue will guarantee a free and fair election.

Part of the demands include that Zec must avail an electronic copy of the Biometric Voters’ Roll for audit, observing the printing of the ballot papers, adding them in terms of their chemical composition as well as monitoring their safe keeping and transportation to voting centres.

While Zec invited political parties last week to observe the printing of ballots, Chamisa’s election agent Jameson Timba yesterday said what happened at Fidelity Printers was far from what they were demanding.

“Zec is fooling not only the MDC Alliance but Zimbabweans in general, they are fooling the international community that there is commitment to ensure free and fair elections because what is obtaining has left us wondering who is in charge of elections, is Zec in charge and who is in charge of Zec? So we are saying we must stop (Zec chairperson Priscilla) Chigumba because we have said it is either Zec reforms or there is no election,” Timba said.

Suspicions of rigging were raised when exiled former Cabinet minister and Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo sensationally claimed last month that he has unearthed
an elaborate plot, where the ruling party had colluded with the Zec to rig the July 30 general elections using hired Chinese cyber experts.

“Government has seconded to Zec a team of Chinese BVR [biometric voter registration] & cyber experts from the People’s Liberation Army linked to a top Chinese university. Their remit is to manipulate the voters’ roll through shadowy & virtual polling stations and fake voters,” he said in a post on his Twitter handle.

Chigumba, however, strenuously denies the allegations insisting that the electoral body was as independent as it must be according to the law.

But Timba accused Chigumba of speaking with a forked tongue saying they have since noticed serious discrepancies in the voters’ roll.

“We are utterly dismayed by Zec’s continued attempts to manipulate the election in clear violation of the Constitution. Our preliminary findings on the voters’ roll ... show discrepancies including that there are people who are 150 years old and registered as voters... Others share the same ID numbers but with different names on the same polling station. We have also demanded to observe the ballot printing process but that has not happened as parties were only allowed to look on from a balcony about 20 metres away and to us that was not observation as we were mere tourists visiting government printing facilities.

“We were not given access to the specimen ballot paper which we thought would be part of the observation. Now we do not know if the paper that we were shown as the one that will be used is actually being used or if there is any printing taking place at all. We were only invited after the process had already started three days before,” he claimed.

Comments (27)

We applaud Chamisa for his efforts. If anything history must record the machinations of ZANU pf and its affiliate ZEC. But the war is not lost. We can still galvanise a major victory for the people of Zimbabwe by engaging Zimbabweans in semi-liberated areas like cities and those in foreign lands to interact with their town and rural kinsman so that they too can exercise their votes freely. The only victory that will work is a total technical knock out. The people must totally pulverise the ZANU pf regime so that not even Chigumba will be able to serve it. This requires a high turnout and the liberation of the rural areas in every way possible. Together we can achieve the Zimbabwe we want. If you fail to heed my call Mukupe and Mustvangwa will stuff your pockets with useless Zim dollars by year end.

Diaspora Proxy Vote Strategy - 3 July 2018

Chamisa must leave zec to do its job kwete kudakungopindira zvese zvese ngaziye zvekunomobilizer vanhu ,hunge ayinavo futi vekumobilizer vacho.

madikizela - 3 July 2018

what gurantee does chamisa needs hasi ma SRC elections ka aya mfana dako.

kokerai chisvo - 3 July 2018

kusagutsikana kwemdc that won't stop elections to take place.if thats what you think mukai mubike doro muti midzimu yenyu yakurashayi.

kamba - 3 July 2018

iwe chamisa zec ayisi yambuya vako wanzwa avangaiti zvaunoda iwe.

cde masango - 3 July 2018

People like Cross just acknowledged the fair electoral ground in Zim but Chamisa still complains, we know he is after discrediting the election

Django Django - 3 July 2018

chamisa ngabviswe pavoters roll zvinganetsa vosiya khuphe.

cde white - 3 July 2018

Zvinozopedzisira zvava kubhohwawo, Chamisa shld man up zvanyanya izvi

Sankara - 3 July 2018

I think he is afraid of the fair play that is there ongoda kuhwanda hwanda

Dombo Rakaomarara - 3 July 2018

This is an insult an a disappointmen to the MDC supporters by Chamisa. They are saying they have a leader yet leader wacho ari kutotyawo kudarika ivo?

Riot263 - 3 July 2018

futy futy Chamisa achisi chinhu

April taffy - 3 July 2018

Kusvika musi welection Chamisa achingodai. Maobservers vari kuti zvakanaka asi iye

Panda - 3 July 2018

Vana Nkosan Moyo havsi vanhu here, sei iwewe wega? itsotsi chete

Grace Moyo - 3 July 2018

Saka nyaya yemamillions aya atakadya toibuda sei.I hope vana Biti vatakazotora ava havana kuita tsika yavo iya yavakaita pNSSA

Chamisa Neria - 3 July 2018

akavenga nyika yedu Chamisa. Moziva here kuti ari kuda kuedza kushaisa shamwari muinternational system umu ?

Cde Dombo - 3 July 2018

aaaah uyu anorwara uyo.

hondo zvenyika - 3 July 2018

Why should you dictate to ZEC how she must do her work? indipendence yayo yozova papi

Flame - 3 July 2018

Chamisa anogona kuna kuZEC ndokumbirawo mvura yekumwa, aknzi hapana mvura oti vandinyima mvura kuti ndife kuti Zanu ihwine

Tinokunda - 3 July 2018

Mamwe mataurire aChamisa hamuoniwo kuti maturity hapana?

Blade - 3 July 2018

ubosihlonipha wena nja

zvichapera - 3 July 2018

Chamisa kana uchingoda basa kuZEC just seek it zviri clear

Dzimbabwe - 3 July 2018

chamisa tsaaa ukwane wanzwa

samora - 3 July 2018

Everything is rigging to Chamisa, everything.

Aladin Aladin - 3 July 2018

chamisa hasi akupenga here timbomendesa kungutsheni hospital

virus virgorosso - 3 July 2018

People of Zimbabwe. This not just an election. It is a choice regarding the way Zimbabwe will be governed. How the economy will be stimulated. If you believe ED is the best man then campaign freely for him. Tell your relatives to Vote for him, Explain how he is going to deal with cash, bread and butter issues and how his Zimbabwe dollar will work for the country. As for us we are telling our relatives especially in the rural areas to Vote for a US dollar economy. To Vote for a party that is better able to engage the international community including the World Bank and IMF. I am fully convinced we have a better future, a better Zimbabwe under President Advocate Chamisa. Chamisa PFEE

Diaspora Proxy Vote Strategy - 4 July 2018

If ZEC refuses to imlement the electoral reforms as agreed by all parties then all self respecting opposition parties should just boycott the sham elections and let the mafia party have the elections by themselves because participating would be endorsing the rigged results.ED has promised to deal with corruption when he is voted into office, my question is,what is stopping him from letting the police arrest all criminals most of them around him now rather than waiting after the elections?What is stopping him now from doing all that he is promising us now rather than waiting after elections?The powers that he has now are the same powers that he will still have as a president after the elections.Right now the war vets who stood with Mnangagwa during his fall out with Bob and his wife are now telling anyone who cares that Mnangagwa is still sorrounded by the same criminals who used to surround Mugabe and no significant changes have been made yet,politically ,socially and economically yet some dander heads are applauding failure.

Luke Munya Mabika - 4 July 2018

atanga chamisa uya kunetsa....kunetsera pasina futi kutya ndokunonetsa chete

disgusted member - 4 July 2018

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