Zec, Khupe, Zanu PF plotting to rig vote: Chamisa

HARARE - MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has threatened to demonstrate against an alleged plot by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), Zanu PF and opposition leader Thokozani Khupe to rig the forthcoming elections.

Addressing party supporters in Kadoma on Sunday, Chamisa claimed there was an unholy alliance of his rivals including President Emmerson Mnangagwa to confuse his supporters by allowing Khupe to use the MDC name, logo and symbol during the July 30 general elections.

“We must therefore be careful when voting because there is a ghost open palm in the election, look out for your candidate and make sure,” said Chamisa, adding “(Zec chairperson Priscilla) Chigumba you must listen to what Zimbabweans want.”

“If they continue, we will call for a national shutdown. We will bring this country to a standstill and if I make the call, nobody will move until we get what we want. If they don’t want dialogue, we will take action.

“We have told Sadc, the whole world, the US and Europe all know we want free and fair elections,” he said.

Khupe’s spokesperson Witness Dube said Chamisa was seeking media attention.

“It is not anything new from Chamisa to make sensational and unfounded claims just to grab media headlines. Our party operates on a higher paradigm than that has no appetite whatsoever to engage him on his levels of futile banter,” Dube said.  

The courts are yet to determine who the bonafide owner of the MDC trademark is between Chamisa and Khupe after the former lodged an application at the High Court.

Khupe, who broke away from the mainstream MDC after losing her battle with Chamisa over who should succeed the late party founding president Morgan Tsvangirai, now leads a faction of the MDC-T and is one of 23 presidential candidates in the July 30 election.

The situation has not been helped by the fact that Khupe is being represented in the legal fight with Chamisa by another opposition leader Lovemore Madhuku of the NCA.

Chamisa claimed that Madhuku and Zanu PF were also involved in the plot saying “it is impossible that Madhuku is Khupe’s lawyer to fight Chamisa just for the sake of it.”

“It is a plan that we know is being handled by Zec to give Zanu PF advantage over us but we will not allow it. They stole elections before but it will not happen again. Zec should not have allowed Khupe to register as a candidate for the MDC-T after us,” Chamisa said.

The former ICT minister urged his supporters to be vigilant to avoid voting for his rival owing to the anticipated confusion in party names.

He said there was no way any other person who is not him will win the elections if they were to be held in a free, fair and credible manner.

“It will be a miracle for Zanu PF to survive this election. I know that if I don’t win then it is not a free and fair election.

“The bullet must be guided by the ballot. Politics must be controlled by the people and politics must control the gun. It is an anomaly in our politics that we must correct and we will,” he said.

He also took a swipe at the country’s war veterans for approaching Tsvangirai last year with a view to working with him to dislodge the then president Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF from power only to make a U-turn now.

“We worked with the war veterans leadership and they spent so much time at Tsvangirai’s house as we worked together to remove the evil spirit but once the army took over they sold out. So our people are aware of the likes of (war veterans secretary-general Victor) Matemadanda,” Chamisa said.


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now im convinced my president is a cry baby. in as much as we may rally behind you president chamisa, apa makungoyemawo apa

isabel biti - 26 June 2018

hahahahahaha takutovati Mrs Chamis a. MUNONGOCHEMA hahahahaha

viruss vigoroso - 26 June 2018

chamisa uchatinetsa y is that u think that people are planning to rig its beacuse you have nothing to offer to the people of zimbabwe. Hapana kana chawamboita so far chawangoita so far kungopa vanhu maempty promises ED is offering tangible alternatives definatley people will vote for him. usati wabirirwa iwe usina chawapa vanhu.

flame - 26 June 2018

Chamisa sit down. MDC logo constitutionaly belongs to Khupe saka hauna nyaya

Riot - 26 June 2018

why are you the only one complaining Mrs Chamisa? are you the only one running in this election? please give us a break nhai ka.

isheanesu marima - 26 June 2018

So you are the only one not intending to rig zve..Accusation after accusation i wonder what goes on in your power hungry mind

Django Django - 26 June 2018

Mr President you make us all look stupid. No one is rigging anything we can see it musatya

The Voice of the MDC - 26 June 2018

chamisa stop kuda kuwana attension from the crowd and media uchinyepera vamwe nothing new we know you you have been a liar since day one.

madikizela - 26 June 2018

Even if you keep on rigging yourself you always complain hey Nelson if i were you i could have just supported ED kkkk always complaining cause you no longer have confidence about yourself

dombo - 26 June 2018

signs of defeat are now manifesting. dont even expect a miracle czy zanu is now leading with 10%

Sankara the great - 26 June 2018

be mature in politics we dont have room for kids, i feel like you aint fit for to be the presidential candidate. unofanira kuita councilor

Tary Aula - 26 June 2018

how can a normal person think of rigging elections this early...iwewe ndiwe ukuda ku rigger thats why ukungofunga izvozvo

april taffi - 26 June 2018

ZEC is not your competitor stop putting her in the line.

tesely manho - 26 June 2018

chamisa go hang my guy u just an incompetent piece of shit

murenga - 26 June 2018

ive said this before, chsmisa was supposed to run in the mdc primary elections as a councilor

benjamin - 26 June 2018

be mature in politics we dont have room for kids, i feel like you aint fit for to be the presidential candidate. unofanira kuita councilor

flame - 26 June 2018

Above comments against chamisa were made by the same fool using different names. What an idiot. if it was a case involving Zanu PF they will not take long to resolve. ZEC and Zanu are the same and would make every effort to make sure Zanu wins. That is not a secret.

DZIMBABWE - 27 June 2018

I was also going through most of the above comments and stopped reading before reaching midway mark. They sound stupid and belong to the same person who hide behind different names such as Isabel biti, flame, benjamin, murenga etc. You want us to think that so many people share your idiotic view. Shame on you.

LINDA NDLOVU UZ - 27 June 2018

Now I see Zimbabweans have not benefited from acquiring lucrative degrees in education. Their education have made them so myopic that they cant distinguish good from bad. Chamisa you are right dont be distracted by those sell outs of the people's struggle who sold out for a few pieces of silver. We are fully behind you.

Andrei Mafeso - 27 June 2018

Nhai chamisa watanga futi kunyepera Trump. Paya wakazovhunzwa kuti wakamuonepi Trump ukange woda kuchema. Wakambonyep zve paya uchiti wakamhorresana naKagame ukamugadzirira computer yake. Siyana nekunyepera vana veZimbabwe. ED chibaba hachinyepe chikati ndiri kugadzira mabasa chotogadzira chikati rimai chototi endai kucommand agriculture. Ichi ndotochivhotera chete kwete zvekamwana aka kemacartoon.

fogofire - 27 June 2018

i agree with you fogofire dai chimwana ichi changoita zvekidznet coz hakana kana direction. ED ano taura zvinhu zvaunovimbawo kuti zvinoitika chero akazozvitadza hake ini ndichatongomuvhotera. Zvemwana anongochemawo bodo ngaaende kunotamba nevamwe kucastle jump uko. kana achida yoghurt mupei apote achinanzvira

kid marongorongo - 27 June 2018

Chamisa is spot on. All these shenanigans by ZEC indicate theres indeed an unholy alliance between Zanu PF and Chigumba.

Samaita Dube - 27 June 2018

You MDC alliance are too dull . You are ganging against Zanu PF but still cry foul if any other party appears to be on the same side with Zanu PF .

Hayibo. - 27 June 2018

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