Turnout blow for Zanu PF

HARARE - A Zanu PF rally at Robert Mugabe Square in Harare meant to counter Tuesday’s MDC Alliance demonstration attracted a lower than expected turn-out yesterday, with the event sullied by a scramble for T-shirts.

The Zanu PF youth league had hoped to flex its muscle at the solidarity march with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for peaceful elections by marching in the capital city, but was devastated by a turnout blow.

The league’s secretary for the commissariat,  Godfrey Tsenengamu had a torrid time trying to enforce discipline among the youths who almost exchanged blows during a scramble for T-shirts.

“There is no reason to be violently stampeding for the T-shirts because there are too many that you won’t finish them. Now we are calling on all those who are on the stage to go down and let us start our march because we cannot continue giving out the regalia when we are so disorganised,” Tsenengamu appealed to the youths amid howls of disapproval.

The league’s secretary,  Pupurai Togarepi also expressed his disappointment with the chaos that took place.

“I feel so embarrassed by the chaos that characterised the manner the regalia was distributed. We could have done better than that by ensuring that we are more organised,” Togarepi said, adding “we have a problem with youths who have hoarding tendencies and were running away with two T-shirts each.”

Togarepi also slammed the opposition MDC for staging an electoral reforms demonstration on Tuesday that attracted a bumper crowd, easily dwarfing the Zanu PF conclave.

“We have political elements who know they will lose the election and now resort to insulting the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) an independent body because they did not do their job,” he said adding that the MDC had failed to push for reforms while they were in the inclusive government “as they were enjoying the perks that come with being public office holders”

“Now they want Zec to vote for them but that is not possible, it is just a neutral referee. We worked with the people for the past five years and people are saying ED has my vote. They won’t vote for you because you lied that the US had promised you $15 billion dollars”.

The Zanu PF youth league boss also accused the MDC of harassing Zanu PF supporters when they passed through the party’s headquarters in the capital.

“When we keep quiet it is not because we are cowards but because we are choosing to be peaceful, otherwise we can be more violent than you. We can double that, so please when you see us putting on our T-shirts in town, leave us alone just as we also don’t harass you when you pass through our headquarters,” he warned ominously.