HCCL boss up for conniving with Zimra officer

HARARE - A Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officer reportedly connived with Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL) corporate secretary to conceal vehicle registration details of a car that was supposed to be in neighbouring South Africa.

The Zimra officer, Kenedi Ganyiwa, aged 57, appeared in court yesterday and was remanded by Harare magistrate Edwin Marecha to June 12 for trial.

He was being charged with criminal abuse of duty as a public officer.

The complainant in the matter is the State represented Thomas Mabgwe of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters Special Investigations.

Prosecutor Ropafadzo Bosch alleged that on May 6, HCCL company secretary Allen Masiya was arrested for extortion while driving a South Africa-registered car.

He was asked by detectives to present the Temporary Import Permit (TIP) and was taken to CID Headquarters on May 8, accompanied by Tichaona Samuriwo, with the TIP and other documents for the car.

However, after going through the documents, Mabgwe discovered that they had been generated that same day and an enquiry was lodged with Zimra.

It was alleged that the following day Mabgwe went to Zimra Kurima House offices and established that Ganyiwa had generated the paperwork since his stamp and signature appeared on them.

The embargo number written on the TIP and purported to have been done at the airport was fake and had not recorded the transaction on the registers as required.

According to State papers, Ganyiwa allegedly generated a single copy of the TIP despite specified requirements that it should be produced in duplicates as prescribed by Customs and Excise procedures. It was further alleged that it was a requirement that a client produce his passport to confirm identity and visit duration.

Ganyiwa then issued a TIP for Masiya in the name Allen Manyengavana and avoided producing it electronically although that system was functional that day.

According to Zimra system, the said car had exited through Beitbridge into South Africa in November 2017 and there were no indications that it returned into Zimbabwe.

Ganyiwa’s conduct was allegedly contrary to his duties as a public officer.