UK feels the heat over Chamisa

HARARE - Britain has been forced to come clean on allegations that it is backing President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to win the forthcoming polls a week after MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa had broken with diplomatic etiquette by cautioning Number 10 Downing Street against cosying-up with the ruling Zanu PF party.

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    junta - 17 May 2018

    Britain feels the heat? Really? Slow day news at the Daily News.

    Diaspora - 17 May 2018

    Heat from where? From Chamisa the liar? I was shocked to hear him (addressing a rally in Chipinge) say that he will take money from NSSA and build hospitals. Is he going to behave like Robert Maxwell who robbed pensioners of their money?

    Ndiani Ndiani - 17 May 2018

    Whty should it be difficult for ZEC to disclose who and where the ballot papers will be printed. Which constitutional law prohibits transparency. ZEC needs to be neutral and transparent, it should not let down the people of Zimbabwe again.

    nhemacena - 17 May 2018

    ZEC to allow political Parties to observe Ballot Paper Peinting bla bla Is it not Mr Stephen Sucjer pre emptied the issue by saying Ballot PaPERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN PRINTED on Hard Talk so be careful for a Dummy by ZEC be very careful Oppositon parties get experts on this one

    SUCKER - 17 May 2018

    Sucker thought he was being HARD TALKING not realising the after effects of his programm taku analyser zvedu ma Zimbo yes some think he was very hard talking but to me he was very careless in his interview Ballot Papers have already been prined by who ???????????????? tel us Sucker

    SUCKER - 17 May 2018

    Mr Chamisa must know its not a curse to declare your support for a political party. The US did it when MDC petitioned for sanctions. The ZCTU has done it. Why can't do it. What is wrong is to punish people with sanctions. And a leader going to court to have 20 000 employees fired without notice and ZCTU thinks they have a correct candidate. What remedy can those people have for their suffering? This is what is wrong. Over and above that lying is not acceptable. Yhe US and UK are hotting up to the new dispensation because they are free to express themselves. More so they are warming up to a government and not a party. Mwonzora and Mudzuri are sleeping on duty. They need to advise on some of these pronouncements. Anyway Zimbabwe is now more democratic than ever so anyone is free to express himherself in any reasonable manner. Just an observation.

    Senior - 17 May 2018

    Why and how would Britain ever feel the heat from a novice pathetic serial liar like Chamisa?

    GoldFinger - 17 May 2018

    Nxaa, heat from where?? you people stop fooling us.We are tired of you brainwashin us.Uk feeling heat cz of Zim, shame on you the writer of this article, we no longer want to hear about all This.Whats special about Zim?? You think they care much about Zim. We Zimbabweans are the one who cares much.Pliz stop fooling us.

    c - 17 May 2018

    UK may not be convinced with what chamisa said on hardtalk recently, so how can they feel the heat??

    MJA - 17 May 2018

    UK has already started giving money to Zimbabwean companies through Standard Chartered Bank and CDC. Announcement made nezuro that £100 million has been released. This shows that UK is supporting the new dispensation. UK cannot give money for bullet trains from Murehwa to Masvingo.

    Ndiani Ndiani - 17 May 2018

    Daily news Live is simply turning into worthless trash. There is nothing more than the headlines these days.

    Sub Zero - 17 May 2018

    If proven true that the UK is supporting zanupf then yes there will be a lot of heat. This will be direct interference with another sovereign State's electoral processes. Right now the US is investigating alleged meddling by Russians in Donald Trump's rise to power.

    Sinyo - 17 May 2018

    It now is very clear Zanu PF and ED are simply out, come July. I have never known them to be news readers, but here they are, following every Chamisa news (even pursuing Daily News?) and trying to shoot arrows. Sorry, the reality is this: for 20 years the people of Zimbabwe sought news and vented anger and frustrations on private media platforms until a day like today when they stood up; you know the evidence week by week as they come out for Change rallies in the urbans and deep country-side - their faces and voices clear! Zanu chimboitai zvema commentaries, yambovawo nguva yenyu......

    point blank - 17 May 2018

    eeiish daily news what's this you talking about???? the british are underfire from who and if so..what does that really mean to us and this election...does that validate chimasa's ambitions...and in turn nullify Ed's....chaizvo chaizvo what are you saying????

    nehanda nyakasikana - 17 May 2018

    Nqaba kaMatshazi hates ED and ZANU PF with a passion. Check all his articles on local politics and you will get the drift. He spews in the Newsday and then blocks readers from posting comments on his reactionary and stupid rantings. He will have to go into hiding again in July out of shame.

    Masilo Bhebhe - 17 May 2018

    Ndiani Ndiani is correct about the release of 100 million pounds to Zimbabwean companies. If this benefits the country then I guess that is good. Britain feeling the heat? Am not sure what that is supposed to imply though.

    Diaspora - 17 May 2018

    Chamisa will deliver on his promise, give him a chance not to those who failed the masses for 38 years. The country needs a turn around strategy and its in the hands of the young.

    Eddy - 20 May 2018

    its now obvious zanu is going to win like it or not ,even a blind man can c it...

    seizure - 21 May 2018

    The problem with us Zimbos is that we are now very comfortable with poverty to the extent that we prefer going to bed with the very same people who have runied our country for almost 4 decades. When sitting government lies about 15 billion, we dont care, when they lie about creating 2 million jobs, we dont care, when they ruin all sectors of the economy, we dont care but we are so quick to demornise and rule out a real opportunity, a real chance for Zimbabwe to prosper again. Zanu pf doesnt take people seriously to the extent of clapping hands while an old president is reading an old speech,, surely something is wrong with us.

    Farai - 21 May 2018

    if u thot yo zanu pf is going to change iare mind that utter rabbish CHAMISA is the face of zimbabwe third from trinity GOD JESUS & HOLY SPIRIT on the perspective of zimbabwe situation

    desmond chikuvire - 21 May 2018

    there are there on poll position so wat the fuzz about there will b constructing roads and cash shortages elimination while there are already there

    desmond chikuvire - 21 May 2018

    vanopenga vanoti chiwenga is our zanu pf 2nd secretary coz we respect him for the stance he took against the godem motherfuckin pis of shit who is mugabe but he no nothin about politicks

    desmond chikuvire - 21 May 2018

    he saved in world war 2 as mujibha not atrue cadre of war liberation stop it stop it stop it general ambi u know nothin

    desmond chikuvire - 21 May 2018

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