Mapfumo blasts ED govt

HARARE - Chimurenga music maestro Thomas Mapfumo on Tuesday took a dig at the change of guard at Munhumutapa Building, saying the ouster of former president Robert Mugabe and his replacement with President Emmerson Mnangagwa only ushered in “cosmetic changes”.

Popularly known as Mukanya, his totem, the Chimurenga music icon is in the country after more than a decade in self-imposed exile in the United States.

He is set to perform at the Glamis Stadium in Harare on Saturday, his first show since the fall of Mugabe last November.

In an interview on Tuesday, the musician was cautiously optimistic about the country’s future, saying its prospects were doomed without the youths playing a leading role in its affairs.

“This is not the change that people are looking for,” he said of the new dispensation that swept to power following a soft-coup by the military, which facilitated Mnangagwa’s dramatic ascendancy to power.

“The people want a good leader — a man who is not a thief, a man who does not steal from the people, a man of the people, a man who will stand for the people, a man who will stand for the poor,” thundered the outspoken musician.

Mapfumo, 72, said this was time for the youths to rise.

He said it was not possible for the current crop of politicians, who are in the twilight of their careers, to clean the mess they created in nearly four decades.

“These guys are now old and I urge you youngsters to rise and stand up. This is your future, this is your country and do not let them destroy it because then you will not have any country,” he said.

“Just unite as a people and rebuild the economy of the country, stand up and say ‘enough is enough’.”

He said if the transition was done in good faith, then the people’s will should prevail.

“If they did this for the people then they should make people forget about the past; they have to work for the people and make them think of a good future. They should promote the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.

“And there is a lot to be revisited; there are a lot of issues,” he said.

Mapfumo is disturbed by the poverty prevailing in the country as people have been turned into vendors.

“After 14 years away in the US, I come back to see people living in squalor, people are selling anything on the street and everywhere there are potholes. Amidst the poverty, you have others smartly dressed in suits and driving beautiful cars,” he said.

He called on Zimbabweans to unite and turn their swords into ploughshares.

“We are still one people, this country is beautiful but there are people who are destroying it,” said Mapfumo. “Where we are today, let’s put our heads together and build Zimbabwe, we have to love one another and unite,” he added.

Mukanya last visited his home country in 2001 when he staged a memorable concert at Boka Auction Floors, attended by over 8 000 music fans.

Also referred to as the “Lion of Zimbabwe”, Mapfumo championed the plight of rural masses during the 1970s by singing protest songs that included Hokoyo and Pfumvu Paruzeva which were banned by the colonial Ian Smith government.

In 1989, Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited released the album Corruption which criticised Mugabe’s authoritarian regime.

It was followed in the year 2000 by Chimurenga Explosion album comprising hard-hitting singles Mamvemve and Disaster, which were banned by State broadcaster ZBC.

He then lost five of his posh cars, which he said were confiscated by government on what he claimed were trumped-up charges of him having received stolen property.

After the banning of his music and this car incident, Mapfumo decided to take his family to the US where he chose to live in exile.

Mapfumo’s recent return to Zimbabwe has been welcomed by his music fans.

The dreadlocked singer said he would like to meet Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa among others.

“We want to meet Mnangagwa and Chamisa so we can tell them what we think they should do for the people. Actually, we want to meet everyone,” he said.

Mukanya recently dedicated his World Music Award to the people of Zimbabwe for their resilience over the years despite the difficulties they have been going through.

He also called on African leaders to fight for a united Africa with a single currency. “Africa is divided and this division has brought about poverty and corruption when actually the continent is one of the richest.

“In the West, they know that Africa is rich, hence they want us to remain divided. If we get united then these countries would come to us begging.

“I am advocating for one Africa, let there be no borders; one should easily be able to just cross into Zambia, Malawi or South Africa — wherever you want to go in Africa.”


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Ana Mapfumo, makuda kuti ED akakuitayi zvamakaitwa mo extenda makore ku exile, chidzokai kumusha zero renyu harichada kugara muhupoteri

mukanya - 26 April 2018

This is utter rubbish , we can not have Africa as one country- administrative and politically its a dream far fetched - who will lead the Big Country? Infact we must expect more new countries to be born!!! He must shut u and concentrate on his music, politics to politicians otherwise he will find himself runnng back to the diasporaa like Uncle James kkkkk

Foolish - 26 April 2018

Soko I think kuti mine point but Janina kubata corner yacho zvakanaka. Mukagumbira warume awa munodzokazve ku diaspora. All am saying is Mukanya the statement you said on your arrival was very good. To unite all parties and form a government of national unity toshandira zimbabwe way forward. I think ED is doing a good job but not enough with people digging at one another. We all must concentrate on mother Zimbabwe rather than individuals. Sekuru Mukanya better be the unifier than critic. Your music unifies Zimbabweans so go stand in the middle of the politicians and say Zimbabwe first

Syd Chiwambu - 26 April 2018

Let Mukanya share his opinions its not a crime in new dispensation and after all we have got freedom of speech in Zimbabwe shut up u the above critics

Jola - 26 April 2018

I take off my hat to all those Zimbabweans who stayed home faced the agony of life under sanctions, misrule, unemployment, political tirmoil, hyperinflation, lack of money and other hardships. While others fled the country either afraid to face prosecution or for economic reasons. Once again to the brave people who remained home i say BRAVO!!!!!!!!

Kambiri - 26 April 2018

Thomas Mapfumo is a giant of the nation . His music is hard hitting. He is very objective and does not curry favours with anybody. The paranoid former despotic and satanic Machiavelian regime of Bob banned his songs because he sang the truth. Bob destroyed the country and Mukanya pointed this out in his furious lyrical punches. Mugabe is gone . Mukanya is now in Zimbabwe. Hats off to Mukanya!

Argus - 26 April 2018

Absolutely MISLEADING headlines!! Positive criticism and offering advice on the way forward is not the same as blasting. Only a 3rd rate wanna-be journalist would insinuate otherwise. Trying to sow division Maxwell? Nice try!

Temba - 26 April 2018

do not forget also that there are some unforseen circumstances that will force people to run away from their mother land. last year it has happened in November wani, leave mapfumo alone he has freedom to expression. Make things balance rather than opposing everything 'coz it's not of your side.

facts - 26 April 2018

@Temba thanks for bringing that up. The headline is VERY misleading. There is always a danger of the private press degenerating into mediocrity like Herald.

Moe Syslack - 27 April 2018

He is entitled to share his opinion, but let's not forget, that he lives in the smooth road safety of the USA and has not been in the scrum, with the 'people' he supposedly speaks for, all these past difficult years.

sipendu - 27 April 2018

I like these words "mucheka dzafa". Chiwenga and ED almost got killed by RGM and they took the decision to remove him. Now within a short time other people want to push these 2 guys aside and lead the country. Give ED 5 years and Chiwenga 5 years to lead. After that ana "mucheka dzafa" will take over.

Ndiani Ndiani - 27 April 2018

Sekuru Mapfumo, what has been mentioned in the article above why you went out of the country is mere speculation, if you are to tell the nation what really transpired we will all zip our mouths. ZANU PF yakanga iri chiwororo varume nevakadzi. let us not forget that our own ED SURVIVED BY GRACE, OR OTHERWISE HE IS ON A SLAW PUNCTURE like was done to Mahofa and others. Zimbabwe yacho yatiri mairi nhasi, not all of us went to kunorwa hondo to liberate ourselves but we open our mouths to express our feelings and no one critisise us for that. The War verterans have never said you people you never went to war saka nyararai, no they will never do that because fought the war to liberate all of us dispite our differences in all dimensions. So when our elders are talking, lets pick the sense. I like the comment from someone whos said Mr. Mapfumo you are a unifier, I like that part. Its unfortunate that we all come from different classes of age. Some of us writing today you never saw Salisbury, Hartley, Gatooma, etc. If we say people must not run away from a country when they are being persecuted for no wrong doings, I think we are not being fair to the individuals. right now where is Strive Masiiwa and why is he there. Did this man do anything wrong at all. Our past is full of terrible things people, dai zvai taurika nyore taivara Zimbabwe. Ian Smith who killed our own brothers and sisters probably could not have done as bad, nguva yehondo futi, ko zvedu izvi in a free Zimbabwe. Cde president MUNANGANGWA YOU HAVE A BIG JOB TO DO. POINT OF ADVISE; STOP THE ELECTIONS, CALL ALL THE ELDERS AND PARTIES AND SIT DOWN AND TALK TO EACH OTHER. YOU SAID ZIMBABWE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS, MAKE IT OPEN FOR GOOD AND CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE WITH EVERY ZIMBABWEAN. FIGHT FOR ALL OF TO BE IN ONE ACCORD. WHEN WE ARE UNITED, WE WILL ONLY HAVE ELECTIONS TO CHANGE LEADERSHIP NOT PARTIES AND THIS CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED BY ENGAGEMENT.

Matingindi - 27 April 2018

Chamisa is promising Zimbabwean voters heaven on earth if he wins the elections. Harare City Council is run by MDC-T councillors. Why have they failed to supply clean water in Harare? They are giving us cholera instead. Is this a political party which can run a government??

Ndiani Ndiani - 27 April 2018

Many thanks Kambiri for the post.

Diaspora - 27 April 2018

So is it a crime on the part of Mukanya to state that corruption has destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe! Come on you Zanu PF apologists don't pretend not to know what is happening... where is the Zim dollar and was not your adorable Ngwena part of the gravy train.. was he not Zanu Pf's chief election agent in 2008 when they stole the people's victory.. was he not the then Defence Minister whose soldiers killed innocent civilians for their political opinions????

Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza - 27 April 2018

mnangagwa can write his on sweet history if he decides to hold free and fair elections ,who will dispute his hand in removing the tyrant BOB ,kana tikamubvunza 15 billion takes a lot of money to stage a "soft "coup Mr president just take your sweet time in hiding your loot then give us free and fair elections .You are already a saviour and hero ..dont let this chance slip away

maurice - 27 April 2018

@Ndiani ndiani, of course the majority of the council is mdc but remember that it is hard to run it while you are an opposition, you need executive powers.

facts - 27 April 2018

Gushungo muripi vanhu vaye vatanga

G40 - 28 April 2018

If you only read the headline you will get the wrong impression, vaMukanya has remained true, his message has remained true, and I'm sure we can all benefit from it if we just but listened. Please stop insinuating your own motives from his statements, after all this comment section is for commenting on the above article please do not deflect. Having said that, I believe vaMukanya's exile has given him or simply kept alive an ability most Zimbabweans have lost during our years of suffering and corruption... the simple ability to dream and I believe through his music he can reawaken that gift in all of us..#Zimbabweans

Musapenda - 29 April 2018

mana - 30 April 2018

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