MDC Alliance outlines sweeping economic reforms

HARARE - The MDC Alliance has kickstarted its bid to reshape the Zimbabwean economy for a post-Zanu PF government, anchored on Transformation, Opportunities and Prosperity (TOP).

Former Finance minister Tendai Biti unveiled a blueprint for sweeping reforms of the Zimbabwean economy at an MDC Alliance rally in Chipinge at the weekend, as the opposition front-runner looks to implement MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa’s agenda to promote economic growth by slashing red tape.

The so-called TOP blueprint recommends a raft of measures to encourage democracy, inclusive participation, a stable micro-economic system, public service reform, industrial transformation; broad-based economic empowerment agenda, the creation of a balanced economy, FDI and the greening of the environment.

Biti said the MDC Alliance’s economic blueprint that is pinned on TOP is meant to bring about a holistic transformation of society. He said the blueprint aims to grow the national cake for the benefit of all people.

Biti said Zanu PF had created an economic model which does not celebrate growth and said TOP is set to deal with the moribund economic situation that Zanu PF perpetuated.

He said the ruling party had created a system of patronage and a crisis of misalignment of policy and action.

TOP’s thrust is set to increase the growth rate exponentially, further reduce inflation, deliver a $100 billion economy, improve electricity generation and build a social contract.

This comes as Zimbabwe’s economy has deteriorated to levels of catastrophic proportions, with almost three generations never having been employed formally, Biti said.

He said should the opposition be elected into government in forthcoming elections set for no later than August, its top priority is job creation.

“Our children have no jobs and we now have three generations that have never been employed formally,” Biti said, adding that “parents sell livestock, their cows to send their children to school and they go on to graduate with degrees only for them to sell airtime and second hand clothes on the streets.”

He said Chamisa’s government will prioritise creating opportunities for Zimbabweans to be able to work towards the “obligation to live in prosperity.”

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader said it was unacceptable that university graduates roam the streets doing menial jobs or vending.

“If you throw a stone among vendors at Sakubva market in Mutare, for example, chances are high that you will hit a graduate.

“Jobs are the nexus between development and transformation. We need to transform our road infrastructure and energy supply by creating 6 000 megawatts, constructing metro rails and all this creates employment for our people,” he said.

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This seems sensible not that proffered by chamisa

addmore gudo - 24 April 2018

Simply because biti says metro rail instead of bullet train , you all saying sensible , sensible

Ashley - 24 April 2018

Ashy hausikuona here kuti anonzi gudo. Woda kuti aite sei idzo pfungwa mumusoro dzisimo. Chamisa pinda utonge hako iwe!

Biggie - 24 April 2018

Mike Tyson once said."Every boxer has a game plan until he gets hit hard". Mr. Biti is talking of adding 6000 megawatts, transforming our road infrastructure and constructing metro rails but forget to tell us how we are going to pay for it. Could it be that he is counting on the 15 billion from the US as claimed by Chamisa and the Americans had to disavow?

Order - 24 April 2018

Iwe Order did you even bother to read the document to see where the money is coming from? You just want to criticize. Given Zanu's track record this far even gudo chairo can fix this economy better than these thieving leaches. 38yrs of pure mayhem and plunder apa moda kuvhoterwa kuti mozoitei? Heartless

Moe Syslack - 25 April 2018

The best option for Zimbabwe is to take Ngwena or Mujuru at the presidency-they seem mature &experienced after Mugabe's mistakes ;they also have all the options after observing Mugabe's mistakes at a close range;then who ever wins must employ Biti at finance he seems a sound man with vision;can actually help the economy;vana Chamisa ngavadzokere kuchikoro to learn politics & economics haatombozive kana kwe zvinoenda or must remain in the side lines learning; may b next time.Lets not put all eggs in one basket,Chamisa pa hu president bodo,nyika inozochema mangwana.Nyika we-ee ngatisa teedzera ma ABOVE idiots -kunyangwe kuitirwa wet mumusoro na Chamisa vachangoramba vachingomuuchirira-habatsiri nyika

addmore gudo - 25 April 2018

Only experience,wisdom& skills will rescue us,if we the electorate become fools,it will still take us long;lets only accommodate what is sound & throw away rubish

addmore gudo - 25 April 2018

edzaiwo vamwe...we want purely new arrangement

shebks - 25 April 2018

some zimbos are either very slow learners or are beneficiaries of the current thieving and corrupt government!!!! Where were MUJURU and Mnangagwa when zimmbabwe"s economy was being ruined by Zanu PF. Who in their sober senses still believes Mnangagwa will fix the mess that they have authored for 38 years?? Isu HATICHEUKE

madiba fan - 25 April 2018

After 38yrs of castaphoric failure anyone who still thinks Zanu is the answer is mad and should not be allowed to breed let alone to vote.

Galore - 25 April 2018

Interesting arguments. May I digress and send a note to the MDC Alliance. ZANU PF has succeeded in influencing the Vote by separate the rural folks from their city and diaspora brothers and sisters. It is said that ZANU has sent an army 0f 5000 into the rural areas to influence the rural vote by any means necessary. The question is how do we counter this move. 1) Taking the family as the basic social unit unleash 55 000 diasporans to engage their families back hope. Discuss the economic and political situations and agree that those at home, rural home take the place of diasporans as their proxies in the next vote. 2) Get urbanites to spend time with their rural folks and agree on a way forward for the families, for the country

Diaspora Proxy Vote Strategy - 25 April 2018

I don't think politicking here works;no one including Ngwena & Mujuru is happy with the status of the economy;all people are at pains to see how it could b recovered & we must all acknowledge that Mugabe then, was the only boss ever happened to zimbabwe since 1980,it can accepted that some of his subordinates then had other plans which not come through bec the final word was always with the boss;and further more we must all accept that the majority of our people still support pro black & pro-poor economic empowerment policies of the Mugabe regime despite the fact that the same policies have reached us this far,now everybody has turned around including Ngwena & Mujuru;so only politicking is not what the suffering people are after but real solutions.We currently only want to see who is serious with viable solution as we move forward;we know now that all people-opposition or the incumbent are now looking in the same direction-we only need to choose wisely

addmore gudo - 26 April 2018

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