Biti attacks Zanu PF over fake promises

HARARE - As the country hurtles towards the watershed 2018 elections, with less than four months to go, People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti has attacked Zanu PF for failing to fulfil promises it made to the electorate in the run up to the 2013 election.

While Zanu PF seeks to extend its 38-year uninterrupted rule with another five-year term — five years have gone and its 2,2 million jobs promise has not yet been achieved.

Biti and his party are members of the MDC Alliance, a coalition of at least seven opposition political parties that are set to battle it out with Zanu PF in this year’s election.

Addressing MDC alliance party supporters in Murewa over the weekend Biti said the ruling party’s promises remain a pie in the sky.

He said in the run up to the 2013 elections, Zanu PF had promised 2,2 million jobs, more schools and over 300 clinics, all which has not been achieved.

Biti’s sentiments also come after his party through its spokesperson Jacob Mafume issued a statement, claiming Zanu PF had made false promises to the electorate.

“Infinite promises were made in a deliberate attempt to woodwink the electorate into feeding Zanu PF’s selfish power retention agenda, these promises include the following: 2,2 Million jobs in five years, an average of 440 00 jobs a year, economic growth rates of about 9 percent per annum, 250 000, low cost houses, 310 new clinics and 300 new schools in five years, a new Parliament complex, 1 250 Public buildings and houses refurbished, a shift from an extractive economy to value addition, dealing with corruption.”

He said instead, the reality is that the economy is in turmoil and suffering serious stagnation, massive de-industrialisation, informalisation and a crippling cash liquidity crisis.

“As a result negative growth rates have been recorded for the past four years, more than 8 000 companies have closed and over 100 000 individuals have lost their jobs.

“A crippling strike has been arresting the public health system; the authorities have failed to resolve the impasse. The State is now using threats instead of addressing the concerns of the doctors who are earning a paltry $329 a month,” Mafume said.

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I would like to access your online paper

P. Chari - 26 March 2018

As the oposition , you seem to miss what campaigning is all about . Please do not tell us about Zanu Pf at your rallies . Tell us what you have for us . Talking about Zanu PF is campaigning for Zanu PF. Stop it !!!

Hayibo. - 26 March 2018

Thank you Hayibo. The opposition is not selling itself properly to the electorate. Instead of sharing what they stand for and what they are promising the people they are busy denigrating Zanu PF. They are also telling us about grandiose pie in the sky stories like bullet trains, a civil service that earns more than the private sector, comparing themselves to the Cyril Ramaphosa transition government (where Ramaphosa is an accomplished businessman and politician) something that is foreign to Zimbabwean politics. We watch as our lawyer politicians from opposing camps verbally bash each other.

Daniel 5 - 26 March 2018

Too much noise and no substance. Mr. Tendai Biti needs to explain to the Zimbabwean electorate why his first impulse was to run to Washington DC in November 2017. Mr. Biti, Nelson Chamisa and company ran to campaign for continued sanctions on Zimbabwe. Please stop playing games with peoples lives, the people have suffered enough.

Order - 26 March 2018

It's clear that @Hayibo, @Daniel and @Order are one person. Biti is right that ZANU PF must account for its electoral promises. That is what integrity is all about. Politicians must not just lie to the electorate as Zanu PF always does.

Somandla Dube - 26 March 2018

You are right Mr. Biti, ZANU PF is full of liers and lies now catch up with them.

Bango P - 26 March 2018

It's clear that @Hayibo, @Daniel and @Order are one person. Biti is right that ZANU PF must account for its electoral promises. That is what integrity is all about. Politicians must not just lie to the electorate as Zanu PF always does.

Somandla Dube - 26 March 2018

Thanks Somandla, there is a trend of having these comments against any article that's discussing MDC statements. It seems there is a team that was set up to flood all Daily news articles with poisonous comments that are quickly issued ahead of all others by smone who is clearly doing a job for which he's being paid.

El nino - 27 March 2018

I foresee a stalemate, a re-run if parties think its obvious that the electorate will vote for who n who. Robust marketing of agenda is required. A re-run will not be good enough.

Chief - 27 March 2018

Somandla Dube, El Nino point of correction, Hayibo, Order and Daniel 5 are and will never be one person. I am certain I am thousands of kilometres away from these two and many more who share similar values. A democracy allows freedom of thought and speech. For the record I am neither for Zanu PF, MDC Factions or the other 105 parties registered for the forthcoming elections. I find all of them wanting in what Zimbabwe deserves in leadership. We have an acute dearth in leadership - this hero / idol worshipping will not really take Zimbabwe with her enormous potential where she should be. Accountable, visionary leadership with character is what we need not the mudslinging, fingerpointing, flip flop, inflated ego and selfish ambition that is rife in Zimbabwean politics. Further we want an accountable government, that respects our constitution, compassionate, that lays a levels playing field for the PRIVATE SECTOR to do business, a government that allows equitable utilisation of the nation's resources. A government that is not in competition with the private sector. The civil service is a legislated monopoly but the private sector is market driven competition with commensurate remuneration as one brings added value. People join the civil service for other reasons. Our politicians should be rising above base level politics of promising jobs, we are open for business etc. Let us have tangible well thought programs of empowerment, beneficiation, entrepreneurship development and support. If you get a factory worker job, how are you going to progress from there, or at retirement you will still be a facory worker, with the circle repeated for generations. Our educational systems, curricula, mindsets and national vision (DOES ZIMBABWE HAVE ONE???????????) should clearly be articulated by those calling themselves leaders and yearning to be. "Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Daniel 5 - 27 March 2018

If for some reason there was no ZanuPF, would these parties have anything to talk about???

DangerBoy - 27 March 2018

Well said Somandla. I am tired of supporting parties for their name. I want substance. I am fed up with the selfishness of our politicians- opposition included. We want to know what these parties have to offer. We KNOW what ZANU Pf has done .What have you got to offer thats different?SO FED UP!!!! TIRED!!!

Chokwadi - 27 March 2018

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