Mai Patai bounces back

GWERU - Gweru-based gospel diva Respina “Mai Patai” Patai has bounced back in showbiz with a new studio project titled Punish the Devil after years of keeping a low profile.

The album Punish the Devil to be launched on Saturday at Gweru Cathedral Hall will be her first album since 2010 when she released Samulena.

“I am happy to unveil another new project after years of hibernation. I invested a lot of time in this project; I am convinced it will go a long way in reviving my musical fortunes. In short, it’s a hit album to say the least,” Mai Patai said.

The album is made up of songs: Moyo Munyoro, Ndinodavira, Usatye, Shoko RineSimba, Dai Asiri Jesu, Ruvengo, Denga Rashe and Anokomborera.

Mai Patai, who spent much of her time in Namibia searching for greener pastures after releasing Samulena, will be supported by Mathias Mhere and Midlands State University during the official launch.

Apart from launching Punish the Devil, I am also going to unveil new videos for the album Makanaka.

The DVD album is made up of videos such as Nguva Yakwana, Kutenda Kusina Mabasa, Moses, Jerusarema, Ndinotenda, Mweya Mutsvene and Anokushandura among others.
Makanaka is Mai Patai’s debut musical project released in 2008.

Mai Patai ventured into the music industry in 1999 as a backing vocalist in The Voice of Prophecy, a band led by her husband Ephraim Patai famed for Mazambara song off the group’s 2002 project Rumbidzwai.

The album Mazambara propelled the group to dizzy heights in showbiz, making it one of the most sought after musical groups in the country then.

The Voice of Prophecy became a regular component on national galas and enjoyed the lion’s share of airplay on radio stations, thanks to the popularity of Mazambara.

After Mazambara, The Voice of Prophecy went on to release another commercially successful album Mabhiravira.

“I am fully aware that a number of things changed in gospel music industry during my absence but I have since adjusted to suit modern times but without losing my trademark style and beat,” she said.

Mai Patai will take the album to different parts of the country through concerts after the launch.