Chill Spot Records defends riddim

HARARE - Mbare-based Zimdancehall and reggae music production house Chill Spot Records has defended their newly-released riddim Panoma*a Munhu saying the musical beat was strictly for Zimdancehall.

One of the stable directors Rodger Kadzimwe aka Levelz told the Daily News that there was nothing sinister about the name of the riddim as it reflects the ghetto lingo.

“It’s lingo popular with modern ghetto youths, zita iri rinoita kunge vulgar but haasi manje, ilanguage yemazuvano. Taireva pamic.

“This is how dancehall is, it leaves no stone unturned. Dancehall genre is different from other music genres because of its bluntness,” Levelz a producer with Chill Spot records said. 

“It is important to note the riddim was specifically meant for Zimdancehall fans not gospel or sungura.” Levelz told the Daily News that despite the controversy the riddim has attracted in some sections of the society, the musical beat is commanding thumbs up among the Zimdancehall artistes, thereby making it one of the most successful riddims on the market.

“The riddim has received overwhelming response in Zimdancehall circles. So far a number of artistes such as Ras Caleb, Seh Calaz, Kinnah, Master H, Dobba Don, Ricky Fire, Andy Muridzo and Shinsoman to mention just a few have used the riddim.

The Zimdancehall powerhouse who previously recorded Jamaican musician I-Octane’s track Summer Season also boasts of producing a number of riddims that have an international appeal.

Some of these riddims include My Boss Riddim, Ghetto Story Riddim, ‘O’ Levels, Tsvagai Mabasa and Emotion among others.

Chill Spot is celebrated for being the hub of Zimdancehall and reggae music in the country.

The stable is also credited for nurturing young artists.

Despite economic challenges that affect the country, which hinders the stable from raising enough money for advanced studio equipment procurement, the officials at Chill Spot still believe they have what it takes to conquer the world.

“We are also aiming at recording music that matches international standards and continue to contribute material to international television channels such as Trace and Channel O among others,” he said.