'Expelling Khupe will be disastrous for MDC'

HARARE - Expelling MDC vice president Thokozani Khupe could be disastrous for the opposition party ahead of the 2018 elections, analysts have warned.

This comes as the opposition party’s president, Nelson Chamisa, says Khupe has been given an extra three days — after defying a seven-day ultimatum — to repent or face automatic expulsion.

There has been embarrassing and humiliating squabbling before and after the death of Tsvangirai — a long-time and fierce former president Robert Mugabe’s rival — who succumbed to colon cancer.

Analysts canvassed by the Daily News believe that the two leaders — Khupe and Chamisa — “need each other” ahead of the elections and the late Tsvangirai’s succession was badly managed.

“I think the matter was poorly handled. Firstly, the whole issue was messed up by Tsvangirai who appointed two other deputies when Khupe was there. Secondly, Chamisa did not do well by avoiding an opportunity for stockholders of the party to vote for their leader at an extraordinary congress, instead he opted for appointment by an exclusive club of praise singers in the national council,” political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said.

“But I expected MDC elders to mediate a dialogue between the leaders and come up with a win-win solution. But they opted not to do their duty and left a conflict resolution strategy that left a winner and a loser. And this is not sustainable,” he said.

“They can expel her (Khupe), but she will go with those that believe in her. MDC will also win or lose national elections as an intolerant party that does not know how to deal with dissenting voices and still remain as one party.  The party needs to have everyone and also attract more supporters. Expelling Khupe will leave an intolerant and less cohesive party,” he added.

Eldred Masunungure, also a political analyst, said it would be unfair for MDC to expel Khupe.

“What is happening in the MDC is embarrassing and disappointing. The president is acting in a manner which shows that he wants to consolidate power ... through eliminating enemies so firing  Khupe will be another sign that the MDC leadership needs to consolidate power,” he said.

“Khupe is an elected deputy president and I think it’s unfair. Instead of expelling each other, the party must unite ahead of elections. They need to engage elders within the party and settle their differences,” Masunungure said.

United Kingdom-based political analyst Alex Magaisa said the ambiguous MDC constitution caused the serious fights.

“What is happening within the MDC is a reflection of the pains of transition. It was never going to be easy to transit from the reign of its founding leader Tsvangirai to a new era under his successor.

“The pain of transition is characterised by both law and politics, with a collision between principle and expediency and between popular will and legality. The party was reckless, however, not to attend to its constitution, which is farcical,” he wrote on his blog — Big Saturday Read.

“The current situation would have been an easier affair if the party had a clear constitution. However, the current constitution is incomplete, vague and elusive.

However, another political analyst, Shakespear Hamauswa, said Chamisa must expel Khupe before it is too late.

“It is very fair and in fact too late. Khupe has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that her mission was to destroy Tsvangirai and she is simply looking for a strategic exit from MDC. That is one that will give blame to Chamisa on one hand and on the other hand that which will leave a web of network for future assignments to work against the party,” he said.

“She is simply building sympathisers who will remain in the party but her actions have shown that she accomplished her mission.

“If she was serious about mending relations, she could have shown willingness to negotiate with the other team,” added Hamauswa.

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ngaaende tione anumuvotera

g40 - 12 March 2018

Takakanganisa here kuti tiite appoint mai ava sa Vice President we party? Kana takakanganisa kubva tovadonhedza neavo vanovatevera mumazuva matatu anotevera.

Sadza - 12 March 2018

Khupe will not be expelled but will expel herself if she does not follow the majority's choice and there will never be any disaster because people have now learnt that forming an breakaway faction from the main MDC will not yield anything hence the comeback of the likes of Biti and Welshman.

Luke Munya Bikaldo - 12 March 2018

MDC (PF)!!! kkkkk

Sagitarr - 12 March 2018

We are sure main matabeleland MDC-T electorate is going with Khupe;they definitely sympathize her after the treatment of the ndebele side of leadership has bn done in this political party;of course some ndebele defections who see personal opportunities in the chamisa camp will stick with him;the national party rank &file is likely to b shaken as well,with disgruntled elements within becoming exasperated with the unfairness & also hopelessly leaving

addmore gudo - 12 March 2018

It is foolhard to think that pple of Mat will follow Khupe when they actually said she must be fired long before Morgan died For your own info you half baked analysts pple of Mat are the most matured pple in the country they are not Thathekile easily blown by wind Gibson Sibanda was more popular than Khupe but when he walked out of the party they remained and as usual voted for it resoundly . Makhupe walked out of the party long ago she is not in she is there just to bring confusion but hey she pressed wrong number haamba mani nxaaa go now .

Diibulaanyika - 12 March 2018

There is a huge difference on the circumstances which led to Gibson and other people's departures. If being called a dissident and told to go back to Matebeleland does not move one's conscience then it doesnt mean all supporters of MDC t are fools who can not read between the lines. Khupe was the rightful successor of the late Tsvangirai but because she is Ndebele she is being pushed aside. That is the difference. People wanted to burn her alive; that is the difference; she was attacked twice in Bulawayo that is the difference. People like Diibulaanyika have to have their substance between the ears checked for abnormality.

mzwazwa - 12 March 2018

fortunately we ppl in Matabeleland are learned enough to read btn the lines.we know for sure that all those outpouring their fake sympathy for Khupe are Zanu pf suppoters who want to use the tribal card to divide the mdc.we will never vote for zanu pf because we rejected them since 2000.Do u think we can vote for uMnangagwa the greatest tribalist of all,the one who butchered our parents.as for khupe its not what happened to her in Buhera that matters.its her conduct long before Tsvangirayi died.she openly defied tsvangirayi and was already setting up her parallel structures for her selfish interests.she is on record saying she is in politics for money and will not care where that money comes from.she was on a mission to divide the party and we know that very well.let her go and u will see if she wins a single seat

bongani - 12 March 2018

bongani vapedza when Tsvangirai appointed to deputies he has long noticed that maKhupe is not with us and he kept her bcoz he was afraid to be called a dictator the way you labeled him when W Ncube, Mangoma and Biti left the party

johngorowa - 13 March 2018

Of course we can not rely on Bongani & Dilbulaanyika 's attitudes to measure Matabeleland's possible reactions to Khupe's treatment in the MDC-T, neither do we underplay it,it might b true, but we know the two might b at the same time only mere Chamisa apologists in that party;many such elements in Matabeleland are of course abound;we hv never denied it;lets only see when Khupe leaves;no one is urged to vote n political party;is yr secret;but we know main land Matabeleland is not happy with the general treatment of ndebeles especially in a nation wide politics including khupe in the MDC-T

addmore gudo - 13 March 2018

Khupe wants to divide the party on tribal lines only knowing very well that even if the constitution is followed, she is on the wrong side of it because she started boycotting meetings long before the death of Tsvangirai which was out already. Because of unity is power, she is being persuaded to be in it. Personal opinion!!!!!!

Tawanda - 13 March 2018

boycotting is no constitutional sin but only a signal of disapproval but appointing two other people to her job was;when she was still the incumbent;itz even disgusting& provocative at personal level; & disrespectful too

addmore gudo - 13 March 2018

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