Churches push for ED, Bob dialogue

HARARE - Some apostolic churches converging under the banner of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council (Zacc) are trying to bring together President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the country's former leader, Robert Mugabe - in a bid to diffuse rising tensions between the two.

This comes as Mugabe stands accused of trying to scuttle Mnangagwa’s electoral prospects later this year, by working with all forces opposed to the new president’s administration.

Zacc patron Jimayi Muduvuri told the Daily News yesterday that they had engaged a director who had close links with the former president, in an endeavour to try and bring Mugabe and Mnangagwa to the negotiating table.

“What the former president is doing is wrong. He owes the current president support because the two have been together for more than 50 years. If anything, they should be able to talk.

“The former president should not be used by some people to fight a man who regards him as a father. Back in 2003, I was told by the late vice president Simon Muzenda that Zimbabwe should not have tribal politics, adding that all tribes were equal and the former president should not be used to push for a tribal agenda.

“Now as the Church, we are saying that whoever is pushing Mugabe back into politics is wrong. It is evil to abuse such an elderly person . . . and all churches are behind the new president,” Muduvuri said.

The attempts by the churches to bring the two men together follow similar manoeuvres by former Cabinet ministers Walter Mzembi and Makhosini Hlongwane, who have sounded Mugabe and his wife out about making peace with Mnangagwa.

The Mzembi-led initiative — that was first revealed in the Daily News last week and which was presented to Mugabe three weeks ago at his Blue Roof mansion in Harare — followed a sharp escalation in hostilities between the two leaders.

The two former ministers have reportedly asked Mugabe to reflect on the possible consequences of his intransigence as a founding Zanu PF leader, as well as about the results of his failure to reconcile with his successor.

The Daily News understands that these talks have not been easy, although Mugabe is said to have conceded to the team that it had tabled a “superior argument” and went on to assign the duo to hammer out a discussion document.

Mugabe fell out with Mnangagwa when he fired the 75-year-old leader both from being his deputy in government and from Zanu PF in November last year, as his long-drawn succession war boiled over.

The tables turned on Mugabe when he resigned the same month following a military intervention which paved the way for Mnangagwa to take over the reins at both government and Zanu PF level.

Mugabe and Mnangagwa had until then shared a very close relationship that dated back to the days of the liberation struggle when the latter was the former’s aide.

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the church must be busy preaching and helping people these are the somemapostori who lied mugabe will die in office look mugabe is a criminal there will never be war he cannot fight it alone he must just go dont be scared the old man a thief who wants a thief a destroyer only educated fools mugabe is gone dont nurse the devils mugabe .grace .moyo .kusukuwere all the devils destroyed zo down with new zanu viva mnanagagwe fear not fear not fear not

dave - 12 March 2018

@Muduvuri speak for yourself - who told you that "ALL" churches are behind ED? Churches are not political parties, members support political parties & leaders of their choice.

Sagitarr - 12 March 2018

Nonsense its Mnanagwa who offended Mugabe by abusing our army to get rid of the old man .We wanted to remove Mugabe by vote not coup .The church is f......kin useless and it must not deceive us .Mugabe has a right to revenge and revenge is sour .

Chimedza matombo - 12 March 2018

Before accusing anybody of tribalism one must also look at the other side. For example, who appoints his relatives and homeboys from his village, region or tribe in senior positions? One must first check to see if there is tribal and regional balance in all positions of authority e.g. in the parties and government. Check the balance in senior party positions, among ministers, etc. Without fairness then people are bound to protest and start their own parties to fight tribalism.

Fairness Mateuu - 12 March 2018

Well done for your efforts Cde Muduvuri. Mugabe is wrong and must be corrected. In the 1940s, Mugabe was given shelter, food and protection by Mnangagwa's family. During the liberation war, Mnangagwa worked for Mugabe and ensured his safety. After independence, Mnangagwa continued to work for Mugabe and helped him consolidate his power. But when it was time to quit politics, Mugabe preferred Grace to take over from him ahead of Mnangagwa who was the longest serving ZANU PF leader after Mugabe himself. Mugabe humiliated Mnangagwa by expelling him from both the party and the government. Mnangagwa has done more for Bob than what Bob has done for him. Bob wants a Zezuru to take over from him but he forgets that the ZANLA commanders who paved the way for him take over from Sithole were mostly Karanga. If Tongogara, Tungamirai, Zvinavashe, Chingombe and many other Karanga commanders had blocked Mugabe's way to the top, Mugabe would not have succeeded in becoming the new Zimbabwe leader.

B. Maricho - 12 March 2018

The church and all these people are wasting their time.Mugabe should just rest and write memoirs , books and everything he knows about the liberation struggle for the benefit of the future generations but not to suggest that he and Mnangagwa should have dialogue.Dialogue for what , Mugabe's political career had long over due been forced onto him by young and selfish Grace.He should have retired long back and some people you surprise by saying he is causing any tension.Tension yepi that Mugabe is causing.He is only being used by Grace and Mzembi will take the opportunity to laugh it of taking we all Zimbabweans for fools.Nokuti a lot of zimbabweans had become tired of Mugabe's rule and its an insult to this whole lot to fathom the Mnangagwa/Mugabe discussion.If Mnangagwa is foolish enough to have a meeting naSekuru ava naiye anenge akutopengavo.The time was there but Mugabe didn't want any of that , and Mnangagwa must also be clever enough not even to consider that useless meeting.Mugabe is a closed chapter like what he Mugabe would say ,"BACKWARDS NEVER, FORWARD ONLY"

tawanda - 12 March 2018

Actually, it was Mugabe's cabinets that were dominated by Zezurus and Korekores. Mnangagwa's cabinet is actually still dominated by Zezurus. There are only five Karangas in Mnangagwa's cabinet including Mnangagwa himself. People must do their analysis properlly. Mnangagwa has never been known to be a tribalist. The army generals who overthrew Mugabe i.e. VP Chiwenga and Perence Shiri are 100% Zezuru but they would not allow an act of ethnic injustice to take place.

B. Maricho - 12 March 2018

kkkkkkkIf Mnangagwa is not a tribalist what is he ? In the 80s when he single handedly led gukurahundi he did it with total hate of pple of Mat who are not only ndebeles but vendas kalangas twsanas sothos tongas nambias he just killed them bcoz he has total hate of pple who do not speak like him . The guy is satan .

Diibulaanyika - 12 March 2018

@Chiedza Matombo Mugabe had to go How many times did he lose elections. How many victims assassinated by him. Zvimwe shandisayi pfungwa kwete kumedza matombo. Munodzipwa nematombo aya nekuti haadyiwe

tongesai - 12 March 2018

both Mnangarwa and mugabe are evil old men who ruined our lives.we all know and will never forget how mnangarwa was used by Mugabe to crush any dissenting voices how his thugs torrorised villagers burnig houses and property.This must never ever be allowed to happen again and these two old men have no place in morden day for chivengwa and his army i used to respect them until the day when they decided to pursue their factional agenda.If they were really serious about change they would never have imposed mnangarwa to rule us.But we shall see !

tafara - 12 March 2018

you tribalists are talking nonsense. there were preceding triggers to gukurahundi. a lot of people died as a result. both ndebeles and shonas. if the situation was allowed to degenerate we going down the angola or the mozambique way. also you aware even white people (tourists) 5 of them British lost lives as a result of the dissident activities, we should not forget the ugly scenes at entumbane camps, the various arms catches up to now zim would not have known peace, also remember the commanger in chief was bob, minister of defence that ordered solders was enos nkala. there was general consensus in zanu to respond in a way that would put an end to the developments that were meant to be a zero hour that would capture the govt institutions with the zipra forces that thot had armament superiority supplied to it by russia a similar trend had taken place in angola.

G M - 12 March 2018

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