'ED has failed'

HARARE - In spite of claims by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that his first 100 days in office have been successful, analysts are not convinced, citing the plight of the long-suffering majority of Zimbabweans which has remained unchanged.

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President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has not failed in my view and opinion. 100 days is just a small space of time. The situation in Zimbabwe cannot be changed in 100 days as the majority may come to think. I understand and know that the majority is waiting to to be employed. The first stage is calling for investors and give them confidence that we are ready to take off. This cannot be done in 100 days. But focussing on the 100 days and its results, i think the president has tried his level best. The issue of price reduction on fuel, the introduction of new locomotives, new deals with the world's most popular business people or investors. Let us give this man a chance to deliver. Let us do away with emotions if we want progress as a nation. Let us corruption together so that investors can have security.

DAVID NHAWU - 1 March 2018

Ummm, hameno, lets see. If the reformation of the man and the party is not a political strategy just to blind us, then if it is a real thing it will just end right.

EMaran - 1 March 2018

I agree with my bru D NHawu please give the man a chance. There is this saying that we can destroy what was built in a hundred years in one day but will not be the same other way round. We can spend a billion in one hour but cannot earn it in an hour. All am saying is this man inherited the burnt to the ground Zimbabwe where three quarters of its intellectuals are living in diaspora and will not go home today coz of family and work situations, the investors are on the wait and see situations. ED is not able to bring this as he wish,coz this is a convincing and trust game and cannot be done in 100 days. No one ever convinced the woman who is your wife today in 100 days, it takes long to be trusted. ED got loads on his plate reasons being with Mugabe for long time and could not be a fighter because he was gonna find himself in the cold. Similar situation in South Africa,Ramaphosa was there when Zuma looted but could not say a word coz he was gonna get booted or taken out. The African situation is “wait for your turn “ to do things differently. Ini zvangu ndoti Garwe riri kuchinja zvinhu ndozviziwa kuti zvichatirwadza more. We need to work harder for ourselves and not to expect miracles from ED. Magufuli made noises in Tanzania but didn't turn things overnight,ED is not a populist

Syd Chiwambu - 1 March 2018

Yes, let's give ED and his team a chance. A chance to go on leave and rest whilst other more capable people handle the affairs. After all at 75 and your collegues being of the same age group one can only be so fast at hitting the ground running.

Citizen - 1 March 2018

In my view Ngwena has failed ,why i say so is because there are quite a number of things that could have been improved without using money at all.Their usual reasons for failing to achieve is that the govt has no money to do this and that but my question is "Do we really need money to tell the political violence thugs to "Stop It"?Do we really need money to tell the Chiefs not to meddle into politics?Do we really need money to arrest all who have been fingered in corrupt activities so that they clear their names in the courts it at all they are being wrongfully accused?One big example is Obert Mpofu who was ironically chosen by the same president to be the Minister of Home Affairs and has been fingered in quite a number of corrupt deals including looting of diamonds in Chiadzwa and demanding bribery.Do we even need 100 days to make the necessary electoral reforms that were agreed upon by all concerned parties?Condemning corruption is not enough if action is not taken against the perpetrators.Arresting Chombo and Chipanga and leaving all other thieving characters within Lacoste and G40 is not by any figment of imagination a sign that the President is serious in fighting corruption.This is nothing but a political vengeance and we all know it.All other aspects of progress hinge on these issues which do not need any money to address.Roads have become death traps due to pot holes that have now graduated to gulleys and you never see any road maintanance workers filling these gulleys with rubbles as a stpo gap measure yet there are road departments in the govt and municipalities.What do these road maintanance workers do day in day out when they report for duty?They only tell you what you want to hear and it becomes sweet music in your ears and it ends there.Ngwena is a huge failure because he has failed to address issues that do not need money.

Luke Munya Mabika - 1 March 2018

The only area he has failed so far,and Iam afraid its the key area I am looking forward to him to address, is on ill-gotten wealth i.e.corruption. At least within 100 days we should have seen concrete,tangible steps, taken to recover all wealth the country was robbed of. Is he has cold feet on this one he may not last never mind who may want to prop him. Otherwise he had struck the right tone and correct map. Any other areas people are judging him as a failure e.g. the economy cannot under the sun by anybody, even the miracle performer, be sorted out in 100 days - even in 2 to 3 years. Every uncle Tom who was/is in government, gov.institution, parastetals,companies or mines expoloiting Zim resources should come clean and outline how they got filthy rich overnight. Pasina izwozwo Ngwena neni tasiyana.

Masamba Asiyana - Cremora - 1 March 2018

The croc has only selected one gear in his proclamation: how the country should move forward. The other gear to recoup all what the country was robbed of he is saying let by-gones be by-gones. No, it can`t ! Thieves have to be made to return all what they stole without fear or favour. Restoration of what Zim was robbed of is the essential first step for people to believe in his sermon. I am not interested in the 3 month moratorium for people who may have taken their clean money outside Zim for safety from Mugabe. Instead of focus for Garwe should be stolen and misappropriated resources chiefly by Mugabe, his wife and their cronies.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 1 March 2018

My opinion is Ngwena has not failed. As i agree with all your sentiments, but i think we need to realize that changing things is a process and we all need to support the process. Lets give him a chance, but i feel he is in the right direction

mawonero angu - 1 March 2018

Mazimbo muno shupa sitereki nekudzidza kwenyu. He Hee Change is a process chero mukamupa 20000 days hapana chinochinja apa the system remains the same only faces have change but the system is solid and being perfected and oiled. PaGNU takaona zvinhu zvichisanduka chimbi chimbi wani sei zvirikunetsa this time. Isu toda maresults chete on the ground. Don't tells us that the "externalised funds" have returned when we are not seeing it in banks. Gadzirisai ipapo kana muchida vote yangu neyemhuri yangu kwete kungo vukura mechihukura isu tichifa nenhamo.

grade two - 1 March 2018

@grade two l agree with u vanomira nagarwe izanu tinozviziva manje handei kumavote.which investor will come to zim with the current situation?

g40 - 1 March 2018

I think its to early to judge since it was a crisis, ED is on the right way and he revive zim

Dinya Thata - 1 March 2018

ED Was there for the past 37 years for the same Gvt , hapana 100 days apa its now 37 year & 3 months ruling

Bradely Winsor - 2 March 2018

ED is right anga agadzira nyika nguvai 100 days ishoma hama dzangu

byron mude - 2 March 2018

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