Govt abandons Moyo's Stem route

HARARE - Government has abandoned the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) drive as previously adopted by the regime of former president Robert Mugabe.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development minister Amon Murwira issued a statement yesterday to the effect that funding for prospective “A” Level students looking to take up science subjects has been suspended with immediate effect.

“Kindly note that the review is meant to strengthen the initiative and ensure that it brings benefits to Zimbabwe’s industrialisation and modernisation agenda... No funding for new enrolment for ‘‘A’’ Level Stem students shall be made for 2018. Secondly, stop the irregular funding for students at private schools that was previously obtaining,” Murwira said in his statement.

The Higher Education minister said students currently enrolled on the Stem initiative, that is, those in Upper 6 will continue to be funded up to the completion of their “A” Level studies.

He said funds unlocked as a result of these adjustments shall be channelled towards the development of Stem teachers at higher and tertiary institutions, construction and equipping of science laboratories at higher and tertiary institutions and selected underprivileged schools on a need basis.

“(It will also go towards) establishment, equipment and operationalisation of innovation hubs at higher and tertiary institutions, (as well as) expand skills development through increased apprenticeship enrolment (and) support for higher and tertiary education students on attachment,” Murwira said.

“The ministry remains committed to the development of human capital and infrastructure that will ensure that our economy is able to meet the increasingly rigorous and technically focused demands of the 21st century as well as drive the country’s modernisation and industrialisation agenda.”

The Stem thrust was initiated by former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, who is now in exile and believed to be behind the formation of an anti-President Emmerson Mnangagwa party named the New Patriotic Front.

The initiative was introduced after the uptake of the science subjects at “A” level subjects had declined.

At its peak, 10 students who registered for Stem subjects in 2016 stood a chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Microsoft and other Silicon Valley Stem companies in the United States.


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What is good is good.Why do you hate both ,the idea and the person. PLEASE SEPARATE THE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PARADZAI - 14 February 2018

With such a team player you'll have some say ED has my vote!? Just improve on STEM, support the students and industry. What's wrong with this minister???

Citizen - 14 February 2018

The Former government was wrong, how can you say some subjects are superior than others, it was just a way of swaying Mugabe failure to create jobs. His point was we lack science skills, where and how. it was mere politicking. The same with nurses issue, one minute the government is saying we have nursed shortages due to nurses going to western countires, the following day we have more than enough nurses and we can not absorb them, same with doctors , kkkk. all subjects are important and no field is superior to the other, they are all good in their diferent areas!!!

Stop Dirty Politicking - 15 February 2018

Sciences should have an upper hand in this global village. Jones' idea is good just perfect it, do not fight the idea minister.

Ndebele - 15 February 2018

Gud move minister it was waste of resources,the idea is gud at university level not seconadry.

kumushakure - 15 February 2018

Cutting your nose to spite your face is silly & regressive. These people have no clue what they are doing. You need children as young as primary and feeding through secondary school to love doing maths and science so that by the time they choose their A'level subjects they should be in a position to do those science subjects at A'level. You can do MPC at A'level and then decide to do law, commercials or arts at University if you dont want or cant do medicine, other sciences, engineering, computer science etc but you cant study history, divinity, languages and then pursue STEM at University it is just not possible. Jonso's idea was brilliant in that it created an incentive for able and smart kids to pursue sciences and then provide a feeder program into Universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Galore - 15 February 2018

Honso's idea was good but it was misplaced. in as much as we need science and technology we also need industries to absorb STEM students otherwise with the state of our economy we will have thousands of uneducated STEM students. We need not only industries but laboratories and many other equipment to run STEM. The program was elitist considering most of the beneficiaries are from op class schools (A schools) were fees are high implying the government was paying fees for students whose parents are capable of paying for their children's education. so it was not of grfeat benefit especially considering students from poor backgrounds whose parents could not afford sending their children to schools were they can do science subjects

observer - 15 February 2018

Thanks Minister!!! Thats a well deeply thought & logical decesion. STEM prog is good yes, parents can still fund themselves but the idea of equipping the schools and looking at underpreviledged is the BEST. There is nothing wrong in scrapping fees funding and channelling the funds to those in needy. If parents have managed to sent their children to O Level what then can stop them from continuing to do the same, NOTHING!! So those funds can be used to do more progressive initiatives without greediness or favour. However, if there are ones who are failing to meet fees requirements, they can be directed to offices that specialises in that area of scholorships for less previledged, orphans etc....

Masabhuku awanda - 16 February 2018

Well said Observer, I concur with you! Paradzai & Citizen urge you to be sober and start to think straight before you comment, remember ZIMDEF is not BEAM. all students should be treated equally iregardless of subjects undertaken. however industries should come in offering scholarships for students in their line of industries. in fact if i was to decide, industries should come in to assist schools with equipment- eg lab equipment, Law firms bringing in their help + public lectures and textbooks, commercals doing the same, help schools with text books and where possible buy textbooks and much needed equipment and machines. Bakeries promoting schools to start bakery classes and even open mini bakeries. Dont expect that advise from investors who want to take every $1 from you daily for bread. be open minded and build a working economy for the future!!!!

Masabhuku awanda - 16 February 2018

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