What ED must do to improve economy

EDITOR — President Emmerson Mnangagwa must realise that to achieve remarkable rates of economic development is not a stroll in the park.

It is not just about carrying a begging bowl all over the world as there is nothing for nothing in the international world.
Zimbabweans must have been ashamed of Mnangagwa who showed high propensity/tendency to beg at the Davos-Switzerland. What Mnangagwa needs to do is to embrace science and technology as a vehicle for economic development right here in Zimbabwe.

It needs commitment, dedication, individual capability and scientific literacy together with sufficient academic stamina which Mnangagwa himself lacks.

The more Mnangagwa stays as president, the more the ordinary people will see his failures. In addition, those who take over from Mnangagwa must: 

— Eliminate corruption by government officials

— Prioritise Stem education and Stem employment in the productive sector to ensure scientific leadership and technological advancement and or development in the following sectors of the economy e.g. (a) aeronautical (b) hydraulic and pneumatic (c) automobile (d) pharmaceutical and (e) computers and cellphones.

— Scientific industries must be headed by qualified scientific personnel at ministerial level.

— Criminalise the use of spikes by national and municipal police.

— Reduce employment in the non-productive sectors e.g. the security guard industry, president’s office (CIO), police and army and absorb them in the productive sector.

— Ensure accelerated employment creation in housing construction, orchard development, fabrication and welding industries.

— Join the Commonwealth family of nations to harvest accumulated benefits of colonisation and improve international relations.

— Trim Cabinet size from 22 to  three (ministry of Arts, ministry of Commerce and ministry of Science)

— Reduce international trips by the president and members of the Cabinet.

— Trim presidential entourage to three cars and four security operatives.

— The Constitution must be re-written in order to promote optimal and increased capacity utilisation of private and government assets e.g. automobiles, offices, farms and industries etc. All laws must pass the national prosperity test before assent. The Constitution must outlaw interviews and psychometric tests and introduce recruitment sciences.

— Educate citizens on the disadvantages of democracy and carry out a referendum to ban elections as a method of choosing leaders whilst ignoring proven educational attainments, talent and experience. The move will save millions of dollars being wasted in value subtracting elections.
There must be citizen education on the disadvantages of democracy and then government must carry out a referendum to ban the foreign practice of democracy and replace it with meritocracy or knowledge-based autocracy.

Tendai Peter Munyanduri.