Vendors remanded in assault case

HARARE - Three men who allegedly assaulted traders at Zimpost Flea Market and stole property worth $13 127 were released on Friday on $100 bail each.

The trio — Tatenda Chendambuya, 25, Bullet Kaitano, 29, and Tafadzwa Zuse, 25, who are vendors who sell books in the city centre were remanded to January 22.

The court heard that in the morning of December 30 last year, the three men approached Rosemary Hazvinei Muzizi and threatened her together with her fellow vendors that they were not going to work, however, no reason was specifically given.

According to the State, later on the same day, the three men and 15 other accomplices including one only identified as Rasta connived to engage in public violence at the complex.

It is the State’s case that they assaulted the complainants with sjamboks, broom sticks, hose pipes and stones indiscriminately with some of the assaulted people sustaining injuries.

“The accused went on to steal the complainants’ property comprising various items that include cellphones, USB cables, head chargers, power banks, groceries and clothing,” read the charge.

Meanwhile, traders at Ximex have distanced themselves from the violence that erupted at the MDC headquarters last Tuesday night.

Deadly clashes reportedly erupted near Harvest House after suspected MDC youths clashed with cellphone traders at Ximex complex.

The battles were quelled after an hour-and-a-half when riot police arrived on the scene and dispersed the two groups.

In a letter to MDC Youth Assembly, the Ximex traders said they were infiltrated by some political elements that went on to attack Harvest House.

“We the traders at Ximew do hereby write this memo in respect of the recent clashes that happened in the CBD.

“It is our outmost and sincere belief that the disturbances that took place have a bearing on the good image of your party and us as traders.

“We wish to point out at this point in time that we as Ximex traders are apolitical and have no interest in pursuing partisan and political issues. All we concentrate on is to fend for our families as we believe in the honest hardworking for our families.

“We met as informal sector members operating at Ximex due to the unusual events that took place on 02-01-18 in which the MDC offices were attacked by a group of thugs that infiltrated our legitimate fight with certain individuals that had been abusing the name of the MDC through harassing us and confiscating our cell phones, clothes and smashing cars.

“Our legitimate attempt to recover our stolen items was apolitical and had no political connections whatsoever and we wish to distance ourselves from the attacks that were targeted at the MDC Headquarters.

“We have made a commitment to ensure that both the dealers and the MDC Harare youth leadership will propagate peace and ensure there is no fight.”

Zanu PF and MDC youths traded accusations over the violence that erupted at the opposition party’s headquarters last Tuesday night.