Bosso fans fume

HARARE - Highlanders fans have not taken lightly the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) directive barring their club from conducting elections early next month.

The Bulawayo giants are scheduled to elect new office bearers at the start of February following the expiry of the term of office for the current executive.

Zifa insists that Bosso cannot hold elections since the disciplinary matter regarding their suspended chairperson Peter Dube has not yet been addressed by the association’s congress which is due to meet in mid February.

Highlanders chief executive officer Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube told the Daily News the club is taking the matter under advisement after receiving the shocking letter from Zifa on Thursday.

“Right now we are in consultation with the other stakeholders within the club and we will respond to the Zifa letter in an appropriate manner and time,” Dube said.

While the Highlanders boss was diplomatic, it was not the same case with the club’s fans, who lambasted Zifa for their actions.

Radio personality Ezra Tshisa Sibanda had no kind words for the Zifa executive led by president Philip Chiyangwa.

“Chaotic Zifa at it again! This madness is now out of hand. This ill advised decision to tell Bosso that it can’t hold its AGM to choose new executive because the suspension of Peter Dube hasn’t been lifted, is not only criminal but idiotic. Highlanders is not...Dube, we are a football team, a community club and Zimbabwean football team not a political party,” Sibanda wrote on his Facebook page.

“We are bigger than Zifa itself as an organisation. Your job is to run football not run clubs, you have no mandate on the goings on at the clubs. We won’t allow you to run all over Bosso, let alone use our club as a doormat.

“We are having our AGM whether okay like it or not. If you have no business to do and nothing to say, close your business, offices and go home. Bring it on Chiyangwa and your Zifa, we are Highlanders and we will rather die for this club. Chiyangwa is running Zifa and making decisions alone ignoring Zifa Board. Enough is enough, withdraw your rubbish letter to Bosso or go to hell.”

Bosso fan Thembie Banda told the Daily News Zifa was trying to override the club’s constitutional obligations.

“This is utter nonsense by Zifa. They don’t realise clubs have their own constitutions that guide them when and how they should hold their elections,” Banda said.

“Honestly speaking the ministry of Sports must dissolve Zifa as they did with the rugby board. We Highlanders will never be told what to do by Zifa. In fact we understand football better than the undeserving Zifa leadership.”

Another Bosso fan Thulie Moyo said: “I am surprised that Zifa had the audacity to write Highlanders a letter especially referring to the Peter Dube issue and our elections. They suspended him and they have never bothered to call him for any hearing. To us they just want to sabotage Highlanders and put puppets that they can control. We as Highlanders will hold our elections and we are ready for any actions from Zifa.”

Wilson Belo accused Chiyangwa and his executive of sleeping on duty regarding the Dube issue.

“Chiyangwa’s administration has failed. They are trying by all means to destroy the Highlanders brand. It is a matter of time before we start demonstrating against Zifa,” he said.

“They suspended Dube now they want to stop our elections and their reasons are so silly to say the least. The letter on its own shows how Zifa thinks and it is a direct reflection of the Zifa administration. We won’t be surprised to see them withdrawing the letter. That’s the circus at Zifa.”

Another Bosso fan Judith Moyo felt that there seems to be more behind the scenes that what meets the eye.

“This has nothing to do with football. They are people pushing their own agendas. Remember Zifa elections are coming soon and they know people won’t vote for them,” she said.

“They want to position themselves and put their own people who will vote for them. That will not work at Highlanders, we are not puppets and we won’t vote for sell outs.

“Zifa must not take people for granted and I just wonder if they really had a meeting with a proper quorum to write such a letter.”