Zanu PF youth ruffles feathers

BULAWAYO - Zanu PF youth leader Magura Charumbira has made more enemies than friends in the short period President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been in charge.

Charumbira became popular after he led a team of disgruntled Zanu PF youths that booed former first lady Grace Mugabe at White City Stadium during the party’s ninth youth interface rally, at the height of factional fights in the ruling party.

Recently, he had brushes with MDC youths who accused him of interfering with council by-laws by placing illegal vendors on bays in the central business district.

The youths also threatened to mete out instant justice on him after he allegedly manhandled one of the MDC councillors, Charles Moyo, during an argument over vending sites.

Two weeks later, Charumbira is facing serious threats from Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) which accuses him of taking part in the torture of eight of their members who were released on Tuesday after having spent two days in detention.

The eight were arrested at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Hall on Sunday during a church event addressed by Mnangagwa after they lifted placards inscribed with harsh Gukurahundi messages.

As hundreds of MRP supporters gathered at the Tredgold Magistrates’ Courts, waiting for the court appearance of the eight, one issue that stood out was the “plan to deal with Magura”

“Mr President, please if there is anything that we are not going to tolerate is to allow the Charumbira thug to walk scot-free in town, we are going to finish him off,” said one of the members during a protest as they were being updated on the court proceedings by party president Mqondisi Moyo.

“He is in good books with the army and the police so they will never arrest him but we will do it for ourselves, we can’t be reduced to that level by a kid,” said the protester as he received huge backing from fellow protesters.

However, the party refused to take that route.

“It is not in our MRP culture to respond with violence we are not a violent party. Yesterday (Tuesday) it was an emotional moment as people were angry over the actions of the State against our people,” MRP spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo told Daily News.

He, however, said they will take a lawful route rather than taking the law into their own hands.

“Now that our Comrades have been released tempers have gone down and we will deal with Charumbira constitutionally. Today our members who were attacked by the State security and the Zanu PF youths will open a police case at the Bulawayo Central Police Station,” he said.

Lawyer Dumisani Dube who is representing the eight confirmed to the Daily News that they were seized with the matter.

“We are in the process of filing our papers against those who we feel violated the rights of my clients, we will update you as soon as everything is done,” Dube said.

Contacted for comment Charumbira appeared unmoved saying he was ready for any action declaring that he was no pushover.

“They are hallucinating let them try but at their own peril. Besides it’s a waste of time and energy for nothing,” Charumbira said.