Mugabe package a bitter pill

HARARE - Last week, we published an exclusive story — which angered and disappointed many long-suffering Zimbabweans — that deposed president Robert Mugabe had been awarded a lavish and hefty package.

Apart from a cool $10 million which the long-serving 93-year-old leader had been given following his forced resignation — President Emmerson Mnangagwa approved a golden handshake for him.

Mugabe, and his family, literally retained the presidential benefits and privileges, except loss of power.

This infuriated many Zimbabweans, who have braved decades of untold suffering and grinding poverty at Mugabe’s hands.

Most Zimbabweans strongly feel Mugabe did not and does not deserve such an award, let alone any retirement package.

They feel that in his long and disastrous rule, the stubborn and defiant Mugabe and his cabal plundered and self-enriched.

And the angry Zimbabweans are justified.

While they wallowed in poverty, Mugabe and his cronies lived large. Mugabe amassed a lot of wealth, known and unknown.

He lived a lavish lifestyle, totally in contrast and detached from the lives of his people. He built a multi-million dollar mansion — popularly known as “Blue Roof”.

He established a state-of-the art dairy company — Alpha Omega Dairies, boasting of multi-million dollar latest equipment imported from overseas.

Mugabe and his family sought medical treatment from affluent health institutions overseas.

He made frequent flights to distant Singapore for medical check-ups.

His daughter, Bona, even gave birth overseas, while his wife, Grace, bought a diamond ring for a staggering $1,4 million.

And just before his celebrated demise, Mugabe’s sons — Chatunga and Robert Junior — made international headlines, as they went haywire, blowing cash and bragging about it on social media.

There was so much profligacy by the former first family.

So, for Mugabe to be given a golden handshake is a hard pill to swallow for ordinary Zimbabweans.

To them, it brings back the sad memories of the infamous July 2016 Supreme Court ruling, which saw scores of workers losing their jobs and getting literally nothing after decades of toil.

And today, that same Mugabe, who caused workers to walk away almost empty-handed, is given a golden handshake.

It’s rewarding mediocrity and incompetence.

It’s unbelievable.