BVR mop-up blitz to commence Saturday

HARARE - The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) is set to commence voter education for the biometric voter registration (BVR) mop-up exercise this Saturday.

The final registration blitz will then begin on January 10.

Zec acting chairperson Emmanuel Magade told the Daily News on Tuesday that the mop up exercise will run until February 8.

The registration will, however, remain open until 12 days after the nomination court has sat, according to Magade.

“As you know the voter education officers precede the registration officers. The voter education will run from January 6 to the 4th of February, while the mop up will start on January 10 to the 8th of February,” Magade said.

“We received a substantial amount of money from government to kick-start the process although it’s not the full amount of what we had requested, which was $7, 9 million for the mop up exercise. Negotiations are still going on and I believe that by the time we finish, we will be able to pay all our liabilities. We believe that government has not left us in the dark and they support us fully.”

According to Zec, 4 879 482 people managed to register during the BVR blitz that ended on December 19.

The voter registration began on September 18, 2017 at 63 Zec district offices, with the national blitz commencing on October 10, with 2 697 kits deployed and 303 as back up.

The extension of the BVR exercise was activated after civil society and political parties lobbied for the exercise to go on after noting lower turn out in some provinces. The commission is expecting to cover those who did not manage to register including those that were being considered “aliens”, people who did not have national IDs as well as those who are turning 18 this year.

This comes as there have been several impediments to the registration process such as power outages and adverse weather elements.