Better future for Zim possible

HARARE - Blue print to getting Zimbabwe back on-track is within the manifesto of Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) whose simple 10-point plan starts with God and ends with Him as the ultimate blesser of nations.

ZIPP believes strongly that Jeremiah 23 verses 1 to 8 are prophesying about our nation of Zimbabwe.

God is at the apex of everything that we should do as a nation. He is the king and Lord of heaven and earth. All that is visible and invisible is for His glory.

Leadership Code: ZIPP shall institute a strict leadership code for all senior government officials just like our elders had in the early 1980s in Zimbabwe.

We shall implement measures to ensure the independence of all Zimbabwean constitutional and democratic structures including the judiciary, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, army, police, traditional leaders and all other security structures.

ZIPP shall strengthen property rights in line with our generational outlook and the national identity of our country.

We shall define 200-year plans for the exploitations and utilisation of our country’s natural resources including land, minerals, water, wild-life and environment in general.

All natural resources are strategic national assets requiring a full audit before implementation of any utilisation plans.

Road, rail, energy and telecommunications are the primary links that need to be revived before we even open any of the industries already closed.

The main arteries of the Zimbabwean transport and communication systems must be rehabilitated, revamped and modernised.

We shall implement a full e-government solution across all proposed 15 ministries of government to ensure efficient government delivery of service.

All government services shall be electronic and real-time where applicable.

Included in the ministries shall be a monitoring and evaluation directorate within the ministry of the State President.

Performance measurement shall be a standing agenda item in the Cabinet meetings of the government of Zimbabwe.

Research and development shall be a priority in the ZIPP- led government.

Our government shall bring in technologies and strategies into the market to ensure that we are not just followers but trendsetters in all fields of study and technology.

Our nation is already blessed with arguably the most educated human resources on the continent.

ZIPP aims to attract back into the country the brilliant brains that we have produced as a country to lead us into the prosperity and posterity.

This strategy also includes creating the right conditions for investment by Zimbabweans themselves within their country of origin.

We truly believe that a bring-back-the capital campaign aimed at Zimbabweans in the Diaspora is key for the capitalisation of all key strategic industries that will catapult Zimbabwe to the apex of nations in Africa and the World.

Our identity as a nation is paramount for the sustainable development of Zimbabwe.

ZIPP shall facilitate discussion around our Zimbabwean and African identity and this will assist our nation in curving their own place among the community of nations.

We need to protect our languages, culture, religions and immediately celebrate our heroes past and present in all areas of accomplishment including sports, literature, education or politics just to mention a few.

We believe that the points mentioned above are the foundation for a successful nation.

We shall over the next few weeks share on each of the points mentioned above.

Today I will take the opportunity to share the ZIPP Leadership code.

Kasiyamhuru is president of ZIPP