PDP responds to MDC Alliance's US trip

HARARE - People's Democratic Party says the current government has benefited from lies peddled over MDC Alliance’s US trip which it says is an attempt to run away from a commitment to the democratic obligations provided in our Constitution.

Contrary to reports, Tendai Biti and the team from the MDC Alliance are on a round trip meant to engage the international community to engage Harare to commit to the following; a free and fair election including allowing election monitors at least three months before the election; a return to legitimacy with soldiers returning to attend to duties provided in section 212 of the Constitution; addressing human rights violations of the past through a full enquiry including accounting for missing persons like Itai Dzamara; honest Economic reforms as opposed to half-baked sound bites ridden ones presented in the budget; full commitment to the rule of law and constitutionalism; put an end to the land question; open a full inquiry into the Marange diamonds and the missing 15 billion on dollars; align the laws to the Constitution including the implementation of devolution of power. ... among others, said PDP in a statement.

The party said it will not apologise “for saying that the current government is unelected and cannot be allowed to incur new debts on behalf of our people as there is no evidence that they will account.”