Zvorwadza challenges remand placement

HARARE - National Vendors Union leader Sten Zvorwadza has challenged his placement on remand in a case in which he is accused of undermining the authority of former president Robert Mugabe after he criticised him for removing vendors from the streets.

Zvorwadza’s lawyer Jeremiah Bamu said the State had failed to prove a basis for prosecuting his client under section 33(2) which criminalises undermining the authority of, or, insulting the president.

“It is submitted that insufficient facts have been alleged to enable the court to objectively find the existence of a reasonable suspicion of his/ her having committed, or being about to commit a criminal offence,” Bamu said.

“The facts alleged in the Form 242 do not disclose any offence. No allegation is made with regards to the falsity of the statement alleged.”

Bamu further said the statement made by Zvorwadza was actually backed by Zimbabweans during demonstrations that rocked the country for him to step down.

“…even if that allegation had been made, it could not have had been a sound allegation. It surely cannot be false that a 93 year old person is old. The statement could only have had been false if it alleged that a 93- year-old was “young”.