In transit to Canaan

HARARE - Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (Zipp) was launched in South Africa on December 16, 2016 as a youth party and today we celebrate our 1st anniversary with pride at the ground work that we have covered around the country through our various campaigns and programmes that have resonated with many.

As Zipp’s founding president I am ready to serve Zimbabweans as its next president after the 2018 general elections and this is a dream that we all should share as we move towards next year’s crunch vote.

With the grace of God and the tireless efforts of our partners, we now have provincial and district structures in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces and we have penetrated into ward structures.

Prosperity and posterity is at the top of our agenda, and we believe Zimbabweans can only be free when there is no more fear of our government, when every Zimbabwean has access to the country’s national resources regardless of their political, religious, tribal, sectorial or racial group and when foreign economic colonialists and opportunists are out of Zimbabwe.

I personally believe that the understanding of good governance and fear of God is what is required to run a country in the 21st century.

I am glad that several partners are already sharing our vision towards our parents, brothers and sisters in all the major urban and rural constituencies within Zimbabwe.

Our message is irresistible to Zimbabweans because it is practical, solution-based and addresses their previously-dashed dreams and aspirations.

Our partnership is growing almost uncontrollably in Zimbabwe.

As the 2018 general election fast approaches, Zipp challenges the youths in Zimbabwe to rise up and vote in numbers as this crucial vote will help shape their future.

The first step is for them to register to vote and show up to vote on election day.

While young voters notoriously neglect the importance of voting, their voice is an important one because democracy doesn’t work without citizen participation.

Their vote does matter, so much because history has shown that a collective youth vote could actually sway an election.

Voting gives the youths the power to make important choices as they decide what they like, don’t like and their voices are heard.

If they fail to vote they are yielding the ultimate power to adults to make decisions about the leaders and laws that will shape and lead society for decades.

We also believe that the purpose of a government, as God created it, is a noble one.

With the current political, social and economic upheavals in the country we challenge the church to be bold and forthright, constructive and innovative. The church has to be “salt and light” in Zimbabwe’s political policy formulation.

The church involvement in politics should be through its prophetic ministry which speaks into policy in the name of God; engaging with government on justice, corruption, leadership, education, health care and security.

The Zimbabwe we dream of is the same Zimbabwe that our forefathers died for in the first Chimurenga.

It is the same Zimbabwe that our fathers, brothers and sisters died for in the second Chimurenga.

The Zipp leadership is young and confident in their God-given mandate to deliver Zimbabwe as a nation to the Canaan of socio-political and economic prosperity.

We have among us fearless implementers and captains of industry who have proven themselves in large corporates all over the world.

We believe we are equipped to deal with the demands of the 21st century leadership and we know what our children want in a new Zimbabwe. (Blessings Kasiyamhuru)