Give ED a chance

HARARE - Zimbabweans across the political divide should give President Emmerson Mnangagwa enough time so that he can see through his vision in the seven months that he will be head of State.

But for all intents and purposes, just like Mnangagwa said, the voice of the people is the voice of God, hence this is not time for him to sit on his laurels and hope for a miracle to happen.

Now that he has named his Cabinet, though heavily criticised, he has to prove the people wrong and justify his appointments, failure of which 2018 which is an election year would be a different story.

Yesterday, Mnangagwa was formally endorsed as Zanu PF presidential candidate for next year’s elections at the party’s extraordinary congress and this gives him all the legitimacy he deserves. He also has been endorsed as the party’s first secretary and replaces former president Robert Mugabe in both government and party.

The extraordinary congress has also put its structures in place by endorsing several other resolutions which paves way for his party to function smoothly.

We urge the president to learn from his predecessor’s mistakes and implement the necessary reforms that would ingratiate him with the general populace.

He must listen to the concerns being raised by the people, the opposition and civil society.

People are demanding that soldiers who were once the darling of the people when the military took over recently should go back to the barracks as they are now reportedly harassing innocent civilians going about their business. The military played its part and every Zimbabwean is appreciative of the role it played. The president has to respond to these calls with urgency.

Mnangagwa’s government should also address the issue of retailers who are hiking prices beyond ordinary people’s reach.

In as far as people would appreciate the president’s efforts to turn around the country’s economy through austerity measures and his attempts to fight corruption, this alone will not be enough as people are demanding their freedoms which over the years have been curtailed by a cocktail of bad laws that need to be repealed.

Time is of essence for Mnangagwa as he is expected to implement electoral and security sector reforms before the 2018 elections.

Many people are waiting to see him walk the talk and deal with corruption effectively and not on factional lines.

He is rushing against time, as his actions now will be a determining factor on whether the people will vote for him or not come next year.