CBZ donates to ZimParks

HARARE - CBZ Holdings has mobilised resources aimed at empowering the Zimbabwe Parks and Wild Life Management Authority (ZimParks) to promote sustainable wildlife management.

The financial institution’s acting chief executive Peter Zimunya said the $2 500 donation will enable ZimParks to conduct nationwide conservation education wildlife clubs in schools.

“Our smart partnership with ZimParks will help promote wildlife clubs in schools thus enhancing awareness within the local communities that wild life must be preserved for our future generation.

“This will also help young Zimbabweans to learn the knowledge and skills and develop attitudes they need to help conserve their wildlife and environment,” he said.

ZimParks director-general Fulton Mangwanya said the donation by Zimbabwe’s largest financial services group would help implement the most important facet for conservation and peaceful co existence with nature through outreach awareness programmes.

“Through this generous offer by CBZ, the authority intends to intensify and amplify its advocacy of living in harmony with nature especially in communities surrounding protected areas,” he said.

“The material we attain today will help and act as a motivational catalyst in promoting participation in schools and communities in issues related to wildlife and environment conservation,” he added.

This comes as the issue of sustainable wildlife management in all its dimensions — ranging from sustainability tools and engagement of local communities to food security and sustainable livelihoods — is receiving growing attention from biodiversity conventions such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna.

“While there has been significantly growing international attention to poaching and illegal wildlife trade at the international political level in recent years, there is an urgent need for more work to be done to ensure that the related issue of sustainable wildlife management receives similar profile and attention,” conservation expert Sabri Zain said.

Zain stressed that for efforts aimed at tackling poaching and illegal wildlife trade to be effective and sustainable in the long term, they need to be complemented by efforts to ensure the sound management of wildlife species that takes into account the socio-economic needs of human populations and other ecosystem functions.