Mashingaidze in trouble

HARARE – Jonathan Mashingaidze appears to have stirred a Hornet’s nest in his battle against Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) with the soccer mother body pressing ahead with criminal charges against their former chief executive.

This comes as Mashingaidze who claimed he is owed $80 000 in outstanding salaries is actually facing a host of charges from Zifa bordering on alleged theft and fraud.

Zifa armed with a report from their auditors Tilly Barker a copy of which was sent to the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC), the period during which Mashingaidze presided over the association, is the time which the football body could not account for $700 000.

This has prompted Zifa to probe their former chief executive further.

Mashingaidze who this week was slapped with a life ban from all football activities,  is also accused of colluding with some creditors to siphon funds from Zifa and bleed the association to its knees.

During his time as chief executive Zifa just didn’t seem interested in clearing their debt which later ballooned to $7 million in just five years.

“The Zimbabwe Football Association Executive Committee has sued and indefinitely banned its former general secretary, (Jonathan) Mashingaidze, on charges of theft and fraudulently accruing a huge debt for Zifa during his tenure as the head of secretariat,” reads part of the statement by Zifa.

“Apart from the life ban, Mashingaidze has been summoned to answer to a charge of theft of association funds in excess of $700 000 which the plaintiff (Zifa) is claiming, with interest.

“Reference is made to the decision of the Zifa Executive Committee on December 12 2017 where it was resolved that in terms of Article 34(n) of the Zifa constitution, you are forthwith expelled and banned for life from participation in association football in Zimbabwe in any role, position, or capacity whatsoever, subject to the confirmation of your expulsion and life ban by the Zifa congress in terms of the Zifa constitution.”

“Reasons for Mashingaidze’s expulsion are as follows:

“Theft of Association funds in excess of $700 000 as established by the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) Committee of Inquiry Report dated September 2015.

“Fraudulently creating a $7 million debt on behalf of the Association through unilaterally signing acknowledgements of debt where no services were rendered … as established by the SRC Report.”

The Cuthbert Dube-led Zifa board appointed Mashingaidze chief executive officer in 2010, but somehow, along the way Dube virtually ceded the executive committee’s responsibility to him with devastating consequences.

Dube and Mashingaidze stand accused as the main reason why Zifa is saddled with huge debts.

The administration of football during that time was completely dysfunctional and Mashingaidze’s penchant to settle personal grudges cost the association situated at 53 Livingstone Avenue in the Capital a fortune.

The Zifa house now resembles a ghost house after most of its property was attached by the Messengers of Court following several lost legal battles due to Mashingaidze’s poor administration.

The association is currently saddled with many legal suits involving former employees and coaches, who have all been granted writs by the courts to attach property.

Among many of his blunders, Mashingaidze also misled the nation on the true status of Zifa’s case with Brazilian coach Valinhos which saw Zimbabwe being expelled from competing at the 2018 World Cup.