Mugabe inspires Sulu once more

HARARE – Former President Robert Mugabe appears to be an enduring source of inspiration for dendera music star Suluman Chimbetu.

A year after composing a song titled Chirombo which borrowed the statement “Ndiri kunzwa masimba ekupinda muzana, kuita kunge munhu uya ari kumhanya race...” from Mugabe’s birthday interview, Suluman has done it again.

This time around the dendera star has composed a song titled Asante Sana once again quoting the veteran nationalist. After a meeting with Zimbabwe Defence Forces commanders headed by Constantino Chiwenga, who were pushing him to resign, Mugabe shocked many when he simply said “Asante Sana.” Loosely translated “Asante Sana” is a Swahili phrase that means “thank you a lot” in English.

Asante Sana, which has become a common phrase among Zimbabweans largely thanks to Mugabe,  has now formed a basis of a song that Suluman hopes will be a hit.

The dendera artiste sampled the song during his concerts over the weekend much to the delight of his fans.

“I was inspired by mdara Bob (Mugabe) to pen the song Asante Sana. The song is found on my forthcoming project. I haven’t yet decided on the title of the album.

Suluman Chimbetu

Suluman Chimbetu

“The song will remind people of what the former president said: ini newe tine basa rekushandira Zimbabwe (We have a role to play in building Zimbabwe)...,” Suluman told the Daily News.

The dendera artiste is hopeful that Asante Sana will follow in the footsteps of Chirombo which was one of the standout tracks of his latest album Jamboree.

Sulu’s latest album, on which he sang about the deteriorating political and economic situation in the country, has been hailed by music critics as the dendera artiste’s best to date.

The politically potent album includes the track “Moses” which he pleads for a Moses to take people away from Pharoah’s cruelty and bondage.

Another favourite of many is “Tiringwe” in which Sulu calls for God’s intervention and guidance to rescue people from the harsh economic conditions prevailing in the country, adding that people are working tirelessly in a bid to make ends meet.