Kambo Boys drops new song, video

HARARE – United Kingdom-based Kambo Boys has released their third sungura single titled Merry Christmas "Gebha Time."

The just-released track, which is accompanied by a swanky video, was produced by Mono Mukundu with Munya Vialy doing the mixing and mastering.

Kambo Boys, whose earlier singles Melo and Sweet Larrisa garnered considerable popularity in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora, is convinced that the latest single will go a long way in adding an international flavour to sungura music.

“We have been making subtle inroads towards presenting sungura in a modern way; our art has been well-received,” said Kambo Boys publicist, Frank Brians.

He added that all the three members of Kambo Boys- Simba Mupfudze, Tonde Maheu Nembaware and Nigel Farai-contributed to the vocals.

“Mono Mukundu our producer did all the instruments and id the heart of our sound. We then engaged Munya Vialy-an external ear to do the mixing and mastering,” Brians told the Daily News.

Interestingly, the music trio, which is inspired by legends like Oliver Mtukudzi, Aleck Macheso, Khiama Boys and rising stars like Sulu chimbetu and Jah Prayzah, has never met Mono.

“We do everything online. We have never met but we communicate almost every day and that keeps us in the same mindset. Since we work online, God knows what will happen when we do a face to face recording in the studio,” Brians said.

The swashbuckling United Kingdom-based band is hopeful that the just-released track will make them more popular in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora.

“Christmas is always a time when people in Zimbabwe celebrate. It’s a time when people unite as families and everyone is in a good spirit, so for such a moment we decided to dedicate this song.

“It is for everyone who will be celebrating Christmas this year and the years to come. Our song celebrates the good spirit of giving, loving, sharing and togetherness that comes with it,” he said.

Kambo Boys plans to make its maiden performance in Zimbabwe next year.

“We hope to perform a lot in 2018 and if all goes well we will do our debut performance on home soil-in Zimbabwe.

“We hope to be more consistent in 2018 and beyond. We have many plans but it will take a lot of commitment patience and hard work before we can make a permanent mark in the industry,” said the Kambo Boys publicist.