Minister clears air on Rimuka Post Office

HARARE - Rimuka Post Office in Kadoma is actually operating as an off-counter for the Kadoma Post Office contrary to claims that it has been shut down, the minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security Supa Mandiwanzira has said. 

The minister was responding to a question by Kadoma Zanu PF MP Fani Phiri what plans were in place to re-open the Post Office “which closed down several years ago.”

Mandiwanzira said the Rimuka Post Office is currently operational and is offering a full range of postal services to the public.

“There was an incident however, when the clerk manning the post office counter was unavailable and his replacement delayed in rendering services resulting in the post office not offering services for three days and that was in August,” Mandiwanzira told the National Assembly last week. 

“When we heard about this, Mr Speaker Sir, we asked what disciplinary action had been taken because this is unacceptable to government because services must always be delivered and people must go to post offices and get services as is expected on a daily basis. 

“So, we have been told that the person concerned was charged for withholding information that is pertinent to the discharge of another member’s duties and also was charged for conducting oneself or behaving in a manner that brings or likely to bring the name of the company and in this case Zimpost, into disrepute or to tarnish the image of the company.”

The minister said the officer was also charged with gross disregard of standing procedures and rules resulting in potential financial loss or prejudice to the company and this matter was heard by a hearing committee in Kadoma on November 17, 2017. 

“The outcome was that the postal manager, a Mr Madi, was found guilty and the penalty was a final written warning valid for 12 months,” Mandiwanzira said.