'Mashingaidze should just shut up'

HARARE - As an avid follower of football I have been noting with interest the developments that are unfolding at the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa).

It appears the same old voices that cause problems whenever elections are looming at Zifa have come out of hibernation and spiritedly so.

But what worries me most is that the latest of the noisemakers is one Jonathan Mashingaidze, the former Zifa chief executive, who appears to have a lot of sour grapes after failing to have his contract extended beyond August 2016.

Jonathan Mashingaidze

Jonathan Mashingaidze

Mashingaidze surprisingly now wants to tell the world that the same Zifa election he took a huge part in two years ago was flawed that it should invite Fifa sanctions.

He alleges that Chiyangwa came into office using unorthodox means but is it not the same Mashingaidze who was fighting in Chiyangwa’s corner to succeed Cuthbert Dube? It is also important to note what preceded Chiyangwa’s elevation to become Zifa president was the dissolution of the previous executive committee led by Dube.

It was actually the first time that the Zifa Congress passed the vote of no confidence in the executive committee.

And of importance is the fact that the same congress that passed the vote of no confidence to Dube remains in office to date, and surely if there were any flaws as alleged by Mashingaidze these men would never let Chiyangwa continue in this esteemed office.

Why would be the same people who bared their teeth at Dube and cut him loose not do the same to Chiyangwa if he is as bad as Mashingaidze claims?

They have shown that they are very ruthless in dealing with problems. In any case Mashingaidze should be grateful to Chiyangwa for letting him walk free having committed several breaches during his time as the Zifa chief executive.

Mashingaidze was sullied by the findings of the Sports and Recreation Commission Inquiry which gave a damning report on the state of football during the Dube tenure where Mashingaidze was chief executive.

The findings on Mashingaidze in that report are appalling as Zifa was technically considered insolvent with the association’s finances in shambles. A summary of the findings further revealed that Mashingaidze had paid himself $735 000.

The administration of football during that time was completely dysfunctional and Mashingaidze’s penchant to settle personal grudges cost the association a fortune.

The Zifa house now resembles a ghost house after most of its property was attached by the Messenger of Court following several lost legal battles due to Mashingaidze’s poor administration.

The association is currently saddled with many legal suits involving former employees and coaches, who have all been granted writs by the courts to attach property. Zifa has a gigantic $7 million debt incurred during Mashingaidze’s time at the football association.

Mashingaidze should not take us for granted and we haven’t forgive you for several blunders you made during your tenure include misleading the nation on the true status of Zifa’s case with Brazilian coach Valinhos which saw Zimbabwe being expelled from competing at 2018 World Cup.

So please Mashingaidze stop painting yourself as a saint, instead shut-up and sit down!