ZRP sets up cameras around road junctions

HARARE - Zimbabwean police are setting up safety cameras in high risk locations in Harare where smash and grabs from vehicles have been rife.

Offenders will be snapped at selected intersections, with the CCTV system already installed at a hotspot around Avondale.

“We are live and rolling out cameras at strategic points/intersections in Avondale,” the ZRP said in a statement.

“This particular one we are still tweaking so we get a good view and we can identify perpetrators menacing the public through smash and grabs amongst other things...”

Crossing roads legally can be a hair-raising battle of nerves at the junction with oncoming cars disinclined to give way to pedestrians.

“We have embraced technology in our crime-fighting initiatives although behind, we are catching up and at speed. We would like to thank all the individuals and companies that have partnered the police to fight crime, particular mention to this local Avondale company that has donated and launched this project with us making use of the powerful night vision, Dahua IP Cameras.”