Masvinu reclaims Mr Ugly title

HARARE – William Masvinu, 43, landed his third Mr Ugly contest crown on Sunday night at Ruwa-based Mtangaz Hideout located about 40 kilometres away from Harare.

Epworth-based Masvinu, who was victorious in the same contest in 2012 and 2013, was adjudged to be “naturally” uglier than four other contestants.

Masvinu, with 98 points on the board, beat Fanuel Musekiwa, 61, into second place.

Musekiwa had scored four points less than Masvinu.

The 2015 winner of the contest, Mison Sere, could only land third place after netting 91 points.

The Sunday night victory was particularly sweet for Masvinu who refused to concede defeat to Sere two years ago after blasting the adjudicators for crowning a winner whose ugliness was based on missing teeth.

This time around, not surprisingly, Masvinu had no complaints.

“It was a tight competition since all the contestants were potential winners.

“Last time, complacency cost me a lot but this time I came well prepared for the contest  and I am happy I have reclaimed my trophy,” he said, adding that his latest Mr Ugly crown was a source of immense pride for him.

“I am proud of my ugliness as I was born ugly.”

Winning the Mr Ugly contest entitled Masvinu to an ox but he opted to be given cash instead.

Mr Ugly

Mr Ugly - William Masvinu

Masvinu’s manager, Michael Gundo, said an ox won’t be of much use to his charge since he lives in an urban environment.

“We opted for money which amounted to $500 instead of the beast,” said Gundo.

Second-placed Musekiwa pocketed $200 with Sere taking home $100.

Unlike Masvinu, who threw curse-laden tantrums after losing the Mr Ugly contest two years ago, Sere gracefully conceded defeat.

“When you take part in a competition you either win or lose.  I accept the result and I am confident that I will reclaim the title at some point in the future,” he told the Daily News.

“In every competition it’s either you win or lose; I am comfortable with the outcome and I hope one day I will reclaim the Mr Ugly title,” Sere said.

The Mr Ugly 2017 adjudication team was an all-female affair which included Abigail Mataranyika, Evelyn Chimonyo, Ruth Shava, Patience Mamhiwa and Florence Munderwa.

Mataranyika, the spokesperson for the judges, said they added new elements to the selection process this year.

“Unlike the previous editions of the pageant, this year we introduced three phases which guided us to make an informed selection.

“The first phase was a simple face where the contestants just showed their natural faces before the adjudicators and the crowd, the second one was the smiling face and the third one was the ugly face where the contestants contorted and twisted their faces. 

“Some contestants who were potential winners failed to make it to the top as they failed to show off their ugliness in all the three faces,” said Mataranyika.

Mr Ugly founder and organiser David “Apama Styles” Machowa was happy with the way the contest was held. 

“The contest exceeded our expectations and I owe this to the fans and sponsors who included Isaac Mutangadura and Ngoda Breweries among others,” Machowa said.

Jah Prayzah, Suluman Chimbetu, Killer T and Apama Styles took turns to entertain the crowd.